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In the Metro parking lot, Will refuses to let Allison take him to the hospital to have a doctor look at his bleeding hand. Will is upset and asks Allison to leave him alone. Allison refuses to leave until Will tells her what happened between him and Gwen.

At Alís diner, Celia admits to Casey that he is the first guy who has ever given her a kiss. Casey is surprised at this admission; Celia is so beautiful that he was positive a lot of guys wanted to kiss her. Casey is happy because he considers he won the prize of a kiss from her.

At the police station, Jack shows Carly their compass to encourage her to have faith that she will find her way back to her family. Carly is afraid that she will go to prison for being Lilyís accomplice in Juliaís death.

At the courthouse, Lily makes it clear to the judge that she knows exactly what she is doing and doesnít need a legal guardian. The judge tells Lily to calm down while he considers the petition for guardianship. Keith tries to persuade the judge that this is a trick on the part of Lily and her family to keep her out of jail. Keith also asks the judge to put Lily in jail for the rest of her life. Lily tells the court she killed Julia because she felt threatened by her. Jessica presents the court with documents from Dr. Michaels which state that Lily suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder and has been on the brink of an emotional breakdown for months.

At the police station, Carly tells Jack she is sure that Juliaís death was an accident. Carly apologizes once again for lying to him and protecting Lily. Jack assures Carly that he believes Juliaís death was an accident. Jack also tells Carly that if Lily is lying the police will discover the truth. He says he loves her and he will not lose her, and he encourages Carly to have faith that she will be able to return home to her family. Jack fears that Les will gain custody of J.J. and hurt him again. Carly encourages Jack to do whatever he must do to keep J.J. safe. Jack promises to do everything possible to make sure that both J.J. and Carly are safe with him.

At the courthouse, Lily flashes back over everything that has happened in her life since Rose died. Lily admits to the judge that the death of her sister was very hard on her, but it has nothing to do with why she killed Julia. The judge postpones Lilyís hearing until a psychological evaluation can determine if Lily is competent enough to decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty. Lily blasts Lucinda and Holden for doing this to her, telling them that they ruined her life and she will never forgive them.

In the Metro parking lot, Allison struggles to understand why Will didnít get along with Gwen. Will gets angry because Allison set him up with a new girl and expected things to work out between them. Will continues to explain to Allison that she left him alone with a girl and went back to her own life. Allison suspects that she is the reason Will hurt his hand. Will explains to Allison that he feels awkward around people because he is always wondering what they will think about him. Will admits to Allison that he is angry with himself because he couldnít have fun with Gwen without second-guessing his every move. Will wishes he could be like Casey and have fun without worrying about every little thing he does in his life. Allison wants to take Will to the hospital so they can bandage his hand. Will refuses to go to the hospital because he is worried that his family will make a big deal about his injury. Will does accept Allisonís offer to go to her place so she can bandage his cut properly.

Outside Metro, Casey and Celia say goodbye to each other, but each of them is reluctant to leave the otherís side, so they linger outside talking.

At the courthouse, Lucinda warns Keith not to mess with her family. Keith thinks this is just a stunt to get Lily free of murder charges. Lily tells Keith she wants to pay for Juliaís death and she had no idea that Holden and Lucinda were applying for guardianship of her. Keith vows to get justice for his sister and make sure someone pays for killing her. Keith also tells Holden and Lucinda he will tear their family apart in the same way they have torn his family apart.

At the police station, Carly goes to her bail hearing. Jack wants to go with her, but Carly persuades Jack to stay and ask for Jessicaís advice about J.J. Jack explains to Jessica about J.J.'s situation with his abusive father Les. Jessica recommends that Jack contact Michael Baldwin in Genoa City. Jack informs Keith about Jessicaís advice to him. Keith asks Jack to keep him informed about the lawyer, because he isnít leaving town until J.J. is safe and he has gotten justice for Julia. Lily tells Keith she wants to go to jail for killing Julia. Keith suspects Lily has another reason for being so eager to go to jail.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucinda wonders how things could have gotten so out of control with Lily. Lucinda doesnít blame Holden for what happened because Lily changed after since Rose died. Lucinda thinks Lily is clinically depressed and has given up on life. Holden thinks that Lily is scared that if she is cleared of murder charges the police will begin to suspect Luke again.

At the police station, Lily explains to Keith that she understands how he feels, because when her sister died all she wanted was for the killer to pay for his crime. Keith asks Lily to tell him the truth, because he suspects she didnít kill Julia and is protecting Luke. Lily sticks to her story and tells Keith that she killed Julia because she considered her a threat to her family.

At Allison and Aaronís place, Will has a flashback of when he kissed Allison. Allison puts a bandage on Willís hand. Will tells Allison that when he kissed her, it was the only time he did something without thinking about it too much. Will admits that he would like to kiss her again. Allison tells Will she appreciates his honesty, but she doesnít want to have a romantic relationship with him because it would destroy their friendship. Allison makes it clear to Will that she doesnít regret the kiss they shared because it made them better friends. She offers to soak Willís shirt in water to get the blood stain out. Will fights the urge to kiss Allison when she helps him take off his shirt.

Outside Metro, Casey and Celia prepare for the worst when Rafael asks why they have been outside so long. Celia and Casey explain they went on a double date with Will and Gwen. Rafael thanks Casey for caring about Celia. Casey thanks Celia for a nice time and the two say goodbye. Celia wonders why Rafael is being so nice to Casey. Rafael tells Celia he is happy that she has friends, even if they are boys. Rafael makes it clear that he doesnít want Celiaís friends who are boys to become boyfriends until she is twenty-five years old.

At the police station, Keith explains to Lily what a special person Julia was and that she was a very caring nurse. Keith tells Lily that Julia would also be protecting J.J. in the same way Lily is protecting Luke if J.J. were in the same situation. Keith makes it clear that if the charges are dropped against her because she is protecting Luke, he will go after Luke to get justice for Julia.

At Allison and Aaronís place, Allison gets a call from Aaron telling her he is on his way home. Will is surprised Allison didnít tell Aaron he was there. Allison explains Aaron has enough to worry about, and tonight is going to remain a secret between the two of them. Allison makes Will promise not to hit his hand against the dashboard anymore. Will goes outside and smiles as he thinks of Allison.

At the police station, Carly is happy to be going home on bail. Carly thanks Jack for his encouragement and calls him the love of her life. Jack and Carly kiss each other and then they head home.

At Holden and Lilyís place, Luke continues to worry about Lily, but Holden assures him he is doing everything possible to help her. Luke gives his father a reluctant hug, but by the look on his face it is obvious he doesnít believe Holden wants to help Lily.

At the police station, Lily apologizes to Keith for killing Julia because she now understands Julia was a human being. Lily explains that she never thought Julia was human when she was killing her because if she thought of her as a human being she would have had to let go of the anger she felt toward her. Keith vows to discover who killed his sister.

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