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Celia is concerned because Allison hasn't arrived yet, but then she comes barreling into Al's restaurant. Casey comes in and bumps into Gwen, a waitress, and the two apparently know each other. Then Casey sits down with Allison, Will and Celia.

Jack tries to get Les to back off a bit because J.J. is afraid of him. Keith tells Les he's supposed to be in prison, and Les tells them he's paid his debt and he's a changed man. He tells them that he's lost his wife and a lot of time, and he's here to get J.J. He shows Jack and Keith the custody papers he has for J.J. and states that the law is on his side.

At Holden's house, Holden tells Lucinda that Lily wants to plead guilty to premeditated murder. Lucinda tells him there's no way that Lily would deliberately cause someone's death. Holden tells her he doesn't know what to believe anymore.

In their cells, Carly fidgets with the tape recorder Emily brought her. She tries to get Lily to tell her what really happened the night Julia died. She tells Lily it might help her to talk about it. Lily notices that Carly is fidgeting in her pocket and tells her that there are things she should get off her chest; she agrees to tell her the whole story.

Lucinda tells Holden she doesn't care what Lily says, she is sure Lily didn't murder Julia. Holden insists he's tried to get Lily to tell the truth and asks if maybe Luke was trying to protect Lily when he confessed to the murder. Lucinda tells Holden they've got to act fast or they'll lock Lily up for the rest of her life.

J.J. stays back from his dad. Les asks what happened to J.J.'s leg, and when Keith tells him it was an accident Les points out that J.J. had no broken bones when he lived with him. He tells Jack and Keith that if a judge thinks he's a good person and can have J.J., he should have him. Jack confirms the papers are legal but tells Les he's not going anywhere with J.J. Les tells Jack that Keith only wanted J.J. after he found out he had inherited money from his grandparents. J.J. cries to Jack to make him stop fighting.

At Al's, Gwen (the waitress) comes to take the order at Allison's table and the two know each other. Allison introduces Gwen to Celia, Will and Casey. Celia is impressed because Gwen is in a band. She wants to go see her band some night, but Casey isn't interested. Allison excuses herself from the table, telling them she'll be right back.

In their cells, Lily tries to reach into Carly's pocket. Lily starts to tell Carly the story about the night Julia died. She tells her that Julia was alive and talking when she left her that night. Carly tells Lily she couldn't have killed Julia, but Lily tells Carly there's more...much more.

Jack tells Les if he's changed his life he should start by not frightening J.J. Les apologizes to J.J. and adds he just wants them to be together, better than before. He tells J.J. he brought him a present and tries to hand him a stuffed animal, but J.J. tells Les he doesn't want it because it's for babies. His dad tells him he thinks they just need time to get used to each other and he loves him. J.J. blurts out that he hurt his Mom. Les tells him he was sick, but he went away and learned to be a better person and a better dad. He tells J.J. he doesn't need to hit people anymore. He says he's sorry about what happened to Julia and tells J.J. they've got each other, and the two of them can be a family. J.J. cries and asks him to go away. Jack wants to talk about it, but Les tells him J.J. is his son and he's going with him. He brings in the Federal Marshall to make sure he'll get J.J. The Marshall tells them he's there to enforce the law, and they need to hand over J.J.

Allison picks up the tab at Al's restaurant, telling them that she's got to go back to work at Metro. Will is disappointed when Allison announces that Gwen will fill in for her as Will's date. The four try to figure out what they'll be doing for the evening.

Holden asks Lucinda exactly what they should do, since Lily doesn't want to save herself. Holden calls Jessica and tells her he'll be right over to the courthouse because he has an idea of a way to help Lily.

Lily continues her story with Carly. She tells Carly about an accomplice who went back and made sure Julia was dead. Carly is engrossed in the story Lily is telling her. Then Lily tells her that the accomplices name is Casper. Carly asks, "Like the ghost?" Lily adds that he's not friendly, and with that she reaches into Carly's pocket and pulls out the tape recorder. Angry, Lily asks if she got all the information she was trying to get. Lily throws the tape recorder on the floor and stomps on it. Lily yells at Carly to shut up and stay out of it. Carly asks what Rose would think if she could see her throwing her life away. A policeman comes in and removes Lily, telling her it's time for her arraignment.

Allison returns to Metro, and Aaron is thrilled to see her. Allison apologizes to him because she's been spending a lot of time worrying about other people, but she tells Aaron that he always comes first.

At Al's, Gwen tells them she knows of a club she can get them into for free. Casey doesn't think it's a good idea and tells Celia that if Rafael finds out she won't be allowed to date until she's forty. Will and Gwen decide the two of them will go out and leave Casey and Celia to themselves.

As Les tries to take J.J., Jack asks for a minute to say goodbye. The Marshall asks Les to step away and give them five minutes. Jack tells Keith they've got to get legal custody, but Keith wants to run with J.J. J.J. begs Jack to not make him go with his dad. Jack tells him that Keith will get custody and his dad won't hurt him, and he tries to reassure J.J. by telling him everything will be okay. They hug, and J.J. leaves with his dad.

Will takes Gwen to Metro and parks outside. Gwen asks, with all the clubs they could go to, why Metro, but Will asks who said he wanted to go to Metro. Gwen thinks Will brought her there to go parking and starts to kiss him. Allison's face keeps flashing into Will's mind and he tells Gwen to back off. Gwen gets angry and tells him he's a freak, just like everyone says. She calls him a loser and leaves. Will, frustrated, punches the steering wheel until his knuckles are bleeding.

Inside Metro, Aaron tells Allison he should be thankful because Allison could be coming home with animals instead of helping people. Gwen calls Allison on her cell phone and tells her that Will freaked out on her when she tried to get friendly with him and he is parked outside Metro. Allison quickly runs outside to find Will.

Parker tells Jack he wants J.J. to come back and promises he won't get mad at him anymore. Keith tells Jack he's on his way to see Jessica about getting custody of J.J. He tells Jack that he'll do anything for J.J. because he loves him, and Jack wishes Keith good luck.

Lucinda tells Jessica that it seems too extreme to try a mental defense. Lucinda runs to Lily as they're bringing her into court. Lily tells her she's fine and knows what she's doing. Lucinda tells her she understands she's trying to protect Luke but insists it's the wrong way to go about it. Lily tells her if she wants to help she should stay out of it, but Lucinda makes it clear that she'll do what she has to do because she loves Lily more than anyone.

Allison finds Will in the car and takes care of his injured hand.

Celia tells Casey she'll go back on her own so he doesn't have to face Rafael. She turns back around and asks which chapter they studied, then tells him she feels like there's one more thing they have to do. Casey agrees, and they kiss.

Jack brings Parker to see Carly at the police station. Parker tells her that J.J.'s father took him. Jack sends Parker for a snack so he can talk to Carly. Jack hugs Carly and tells her he doesn't want her going through all this alone. He tells her that he and the kids need her.

In court, Tom reads the charges against Lily. Jessica asks to approach the bench when the judge asks if Lily is ready to plead to the charges. Jessica tells the Judge that she's filing for guardianship, at least until Lily is found competent to enter a plea. Keith comes in and starts yelling at Lily, but Lily gets upset and yells back that this is not what she wanted.

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