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In the holding cell, Carly is very angry with Lily for confessing to a crime she did not commit to save her son who, if he is guilty, should be getting help instead of having his mother cover for him. Lily angrily responds that Carly should know he wouldn’t get the right kind of help in a jail cell. Carly just wants Lily to realize the position she has now put them in.

Jessica visits Holden, who wants her to plead that Lily is not guilty by reason of insanity. Jessica is worried that it is a hard plea to prove, but Holden explains how Lily was acting. He tells her how calm, cold and angry she was acting, and how now that he looks back he sees she had been this way for some time. He is concerned Lily is not aware of the difference between right and wrong, and for that reason they should go the insanity route. Jessica is willing to try but warns Holden that first they will need a psych evaluation, and for that Lily has to agree.

Katie shows up to see Mike. Jen is there, and Katie tells her she will wait to talk to Mike regarding Jen’s infidelity. Jen tells a surprised Katie that Mike already knows. She then tells an even more surprised Katie that she was going to leave, but Mike wanted her to stay. Katie is disbelieving, but Jen sings Mike’s praises on how he handled what Jen had to tell him. Jen then wonders if Katie came over just as a friend or to help pick up the pieces for Mike.

Mike punches Craig in the jaw for sleeping with Jen and blackmailing her. Craig tells Mike to act like an adult and talk to him as a man. He tells Mike he was not to blame because he is free and single, it was all on Jen. Mike is amazed by Craig’s lack of culpability. He tells him he would love to “beat him to a pulp,” but he has more fun in mind for him. He tells Craig that since Jen has told him the truth Craig has no leverage, and now Mike can go to Sierra and have Craig kicked out of the company. He thinks it will cause Craig the most pain to lose everything in his professional life, because his work is all he has. As Mike gleefully leaves, Craig is busy trying to formulate a damage control plan.

Carly is still trying to appeal to Lily’s maternal instincts. Carly tells Lily her confession may cause her to lose her own kids. She asks Lily if she is really aware of what admitting guilt will do to her as well. Lily will have children who will be growing up without their mom. Lily is upset at that notion but does not waiver in her confession. Lily is adamant that she will protect Carly by saying Carly didn’t know anything and that she manipulated Carly to help her cover a murder. Carly leaves on the pretense of calling her lawyer, but we see that she has someone else in mind to call for help.

Katie realizes that she may be acting judgmental and tells Jen that if Mike chose to have her stay then that will be good enough for her. She also assures Jen that she was there just as a friend and wants only the best for Mike, and she was never that for Mike, so she can’t throw stones. They bond as Katie tries to help Jen work through her feelings. They commiserate over their dysfunctional family members and the fact neither had a lot of close girlfriends. Katie offers her support as a girlfriend, which Jen happily accepts. She advises Jen to stop crying and acting like she doesn’t deserve forgiveness. She tells Jen to buck up and act like the girl Mike fell in love with.

At the coffee shop Jack has sat down with Parker to try to explain to him why Carly had to be arrested. He tells Parker she was trying to help a friend, and Parker is confused about why that would be the wrong thing to do. Jack, still at a loss, explains that in this specific situation she went about it the wrong way.

Keith goes to visit Lily in jail. Lily tells him he can feel free to leave town because it won’t be long before she pays for Julia’s murder, since she intends to plead guilty. Keith still feels a little odd at how determined Lily is to take the blame. He wonders again if this is all done to protect Luke, since word is she would do anything for him. As usual, Lily makes herself sound cold so Keith will be convinced she killed Julia. He leaves, telling her he will see her at the sentencing hearing, because he is going to make sure her connections don’t get her out of doing time even if she confesses.

Emily meets Carly in the interrogation room. She has brought a digital recorder for Carly to tape her conversations with Lily. They do a trial run because Emily is worried for her. Carly is determined to save Lily from herself and to get her to admit to writing the letter after the fact so they can both be released from jail.

Holden and Jessica visit Lily in jail to discuss her case. By their questions Lily figures out they must be trying for an insanity defense, and she tells them she just wants to be left alone and for this to be over. She doesn’t want any help, and going to trial will be a waste of time. Holden wants to know why she is doing her best to ruin her life.

Craig goes to find Barbara to ask her if her offer to buy him out of Street Jeans is still on the table. Barbara will not discuss it further until Craig tells her what happened to bring him to her. He claims he and Sierra had a disagreement and he wants his freedom. Barbara agrees to draw up a check under one condition: that he stay away from her family members. Craig agrees. As he goes to leave he bumps into Kim, who is there to have lunch with Barbara so they can work on their relationship. After Craig leaves, Kim wants to know why Barbara looks like the cat that swallowed the canary. Barbara alludes to it being about helping Jen, and Kim can’t understand why Barbara continues to hatch these plans that will blow up in her face. She wants Barbara to see that she is continuously looking for redemption.

Jen and Katie continue to bond and joke around, and even share a hug just as Mike walks in. Katie tries to cover up why she was there, but Jen tells him that Katie knows. Jen asks Katie to stay for dinner, but Katie has to go, and Mike walks her out. As he does, Katie tells him what she told Jen. After they talk, she asks Mike if he can ever forgive Jen for what she did but then changes her question to a statement, saying that she hopes Mike can forgive Jen. With that, she kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Jack and Parker are leaving the coffee shop when Keith and J.J. enter. Keith wants to talk to Jack alone. Keith is interested in Jack’s take on the letter. Jack tells Keith that him finding the letter after his police team had been in there twice is too hard to swallow. Jack goes one further and tells Keith he thinks he had a part in the letter. Keith poses a final question to him: does he think Lily is innocent? Jack answers that he thinks she is. As Keith and J.J. turn to leave, Julia’s ex, Les, shows up with a foreboding, “Daddy’s home.”

As Craig is clearing out of Street Jeans, he takes some of Jen’s sketches. As he is walking out the door, he turns back and takes some of the clothes that are hanging up as well.

When Holden gets home, Luke wants to know if he helped Lily. Holden touches upon the fact that Lily is fighting his help. He assures Luke he won’t stop trying to protect and help Lily, but they will need another plan.

Carly is back in the holding cell next to Lily. She turns on the recorder and tries to get Lily to talk about Julia. Carly claims Lily can tell her the truth because it is just the two of them. She does it by asking Lily if she was really involved in covering up an actual murder. Lily looks as if she may talk, and the episode ends with Carly repeating herself and asking Lily if she purposely killed Julia.

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