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At the cottage, Katie and Henry discuss Mike and Jen. Katie wants to go talk to Craig to tell him to stop bothering Jen. Henry is adamant that Katie leaves well enough alone. He is feeling insecure about Katie getting involved in Mike’s love life considering she is his ex fiancée.

Craig has summoned Sierra to Lucinda’s. Sierra wants to know what he is up to, and Craig tells a surprised Sierra that he wants to talk about the two of them. Craig feels that she still doesn’t trust him fully, with it going back to Bryant and Lucy, and she is still waiting for him to confirm her worst fear of him failing her again. He wants her to know that even if he fought being in the monastery at first, he finally gave in and reflected upon his life, and he is now a changed man. With that in mind, he wants Sierra to now allow herself to trust him and to let him go.

Jen is preparing to leave Mike’s home after admitting to her night with Craig when Mike stops her. He tells her that she can’t leave like this, but Jen doesn’t know how to look at Mike knowing how she has hurt him and that even with how sorry she is she can’t make it better for him. Mike is not sure about what their future holds or if they will work everything out, but he has made mistakes, too, and he is trying to understand how they got to this point. Jen can’t imagine Mike ever forgiving her because of what she went through with Jordan. She could never get past it, no matter the reasons, and she can’t imagine Mike getting past it either. Mike can’t say anything about that, but he feels that they should try and communicate through their problems.

Carly is pleading with Keith to admit to the truth about how he got the letter Lily supposedly wrote to Julia. She thinks it is ridiculous that he wants people to believe that, after the police and forensics teams went over Julia’s home with a fine-toothed comb, he suddenly found this letter. Carly is worried that, with Lily admitting to the murder, the police are done looking for the real killer. She questions whether Keith really wants to know whom the real killer is. She is convinced that Keith feels he let Julia down, and he is desperate to put Lily behind bars even if she is not Julia’s murderer. Carly poses the question as to why Lily, a mother of young children, would willingly risk being separated from her family by hurting Julia. Keith seems a bit moved by her argument, and he wants to know what Carly wants. She tells Keith that she wants him to go to the cops and tell them how he really got the letter. He pauses for a moment, but then he tells Carly he will not help her or Lily.

Luke finally breaks down and admits to Jack and Holden that he did not kill Julia after they confront him with Lily’s letter. Just as he does, Lily walks in, set to be arrested. Lily goes through the motions of admitting to the murder to get Luke released. She tells Luke that he now has to protect and look after his sisters. Luke runs from the room, upset over his mom now claiming that she planned to kill Julia and it was not really an accident. Holden goes after Luke to calm him down.

Katie wants to know why Henry doesn’t want her to talk to Craig. Henry tries to come up with a cover story, but Katie realizes that Henry still feels insecure about Mike. She tries to make Henry understand that she is happy and he needs to start believing in that. Henry finally admits to seeing Jen leaving Craig’s hotel suite after they had obviously spent the night together. Katie is shocked, knowing how upset Mike was looking for her that morning. She thinks that they should tell Mike, but Henry balks, and Katie wants to know why, since he is his friend. Henry is worried that if Mike finds out Jen cheated he will become desperate, lonely and vulnerable, and that may make Katie want to help him through it. Again, Katie assures Henry that she is happy with him and their relationship, and she seals it with a kiss. She tells him that she is going to find Mike and tell him what Jen did, and she wants Henry to trust in her that she will be back right after.

Mike and Jen continue to try to work through their crisis. Mike isn’t sure what their titles should be, but he knows that they need to try to work through this problem before they decide they should be throwing in the towel. He wants to know if Jen is willing to try. An elated Jen can’t believe how Mike is reacting and tells him she is willing to do anything to work it out. Mike has one last question: why did Jen tell him this specific day? Suddenly Jen’s elation turns to sadness as she tells Mike that her reason for telling him today may make him never want anything to do with her again.

Holden visits Lily in lock-up, trying to understand what is going on. He wants to know if she really is a murderer or if she is confessing to get Luke off. Lily has to keep up pretenses and persists with her story of deliberately setting out to murder to Julia. She speaks coldly about how she is happy with what she did, because after Rose was taken away from her she wasn’t going to allow Julia to take away Holden as well. Holden doesn’t believe that the girl he met so long ago would do this, and Lily responds that the girl he knew is gone, and in fact she would do it again; her only regret is that she got caught.

Carly and Jack are arguing in the interrogation room because Carly doesn’t understand why Jack believes the letter and that Lily is a killer.

Tom interrupts their discussion to tell Carly that she is being charged with destroying evidence and impeding an investigation. Tom tells her to say her goodbyes to Jack, because there is a warrant out for her arrest.

A moved Sierra tells Craig that old habits die hard. They decide to try to learn to be friends and seal it with a handshake. She tells Craig that if he works hard and proves himself to be honest and trustworthy, then maybe Lucinda will hire him to run Worldwide.

Jen tells Mike she planed on telling him, and tried, but she was so afraid of losing him. She couldn’t stand the thought of working with Craig on a daily basis and went to Sierra for help in getting Craig out of the company, but Craig found out and was angry and threatened Jen that if she didn’t get on board again with him at Street Jeans he would tell Mike about their night. A furious Mike hugs Jen but has a look in his eye as he runs out the door, telling her he needs some air and a bite to eat. He says he will be back soon, and they can talk some more.

Jack and Carly discuss the charges, and Jack promises to call Jessica and get Carly out as soon as possible. Carly stands firm that Lily is innocent, and the way to fix this is to prove that. They share an emotional goodbye as Carly is led away to the holding cell right next to Lily. Lily is shocked that Carly is there, because she told everyone Carly wasn’t involved, but Carly is adamant that Lily stop this madness and admit to writing the letter after the fact, because she is not going to lose her husband and kids for Lily.

Katie arrives at Mike’s place prepared to break the news about Jen, but when she knocks Jen answers the door. Katie tells Jen she is looking for Mike, and Jen tells her he stepped out, but it is not a good time. Katie responds by asking if it is not a good time because Jen is sleeping with her brother.

Craig is finishing up a phone call when Mike shows up and punches him out.

At home, Luke asks Holden what he is going to do to help Lily. Holden is unsure because he doesn’t know what to believe. Luke tells Holden that he knows Lily well enough to know it was an accident and that she is not a “psycho killer.” Suddenly, Holden seems to have figured out a plan. Luke asks him what he is thinking. Holden runs to the phone, telling Luke he may have figured out a way to save Lily.

Tom is talking to Jack about the case. Jack doesn’t believe that Carly should be in as much trouble as she is, but Tom tells Jack that as long as Lily’s confession holds up both Lily and Carly will be heading to jail for a long time.

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