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At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Jennifer opens the plans for her new studio. She thinks Mike’s idea is very sweet and this makes her feel more guilty about lying to him. Jennifer struggles to find the right words to tell Mike the truth about the night she spent with Craig.

At the Walsh pool house, Casey talks to Will about how best to ask for Rafael’s permission to take Celia to the movies. Will doesn’t think it’s a good idea to ask Rafael right now. Rafael is in a bad mood because he is still unable to find a job. Celia also advises Casey not to ask her brother about the date right now, but Casey is determined to ask Rafael anyway. Rafael hangs up the phone after being told that he needs to have experience to work at a hotel. Casey asks Rafael if he can take Celia to the movies on Saturday. Rafael responds no and tells Casey to go away because he has more important things to do than waste his time talking to him.

At Metro, Will asks Allison to talk to Aaron and persuade him to give Rafael back his job. Will explains that Casey and Celia want to go out on a date, but Rafael is in a terrible mood because he can’t find a job and he won’t allow them to go. Allison wonders why Will is so concerned about Casey and Celia instead of looking for his own girlfriend. Will tells Allison he is practicing for the day when he does have a girlfriend. Allison isn’t sure she will be able to persuade Aaron because Luke has been arrested for murder, and Aaron has had problems with the club, since they are short-staffed.

At the police station, Holden asks Aaron to try to persuade Luke to tell the truth about Julia’s killer.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Lily continues to explain to Faith that when Luke comes home Lily will have to go away. Lily explains that when she is gone her daddy will move back home to take care of her and her brother and sister.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack demands to know where Keith got the letter. Carly wonders why Jack is so upset. Keith tells Carly that Jack is upset because the letter means she will go to jail.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Jennifer tells Mike that she was with Craig the night of the fashion show. Mike assumes Jennifer needed time to herself, so she and Craig got drunk together. Jennifer can’t take the guilt anymore and shouts that she and Craig slept together.

At the police station, Luke sticks to his story and tells Aaron that he killed Julia. Aaron doesnít believe Luke could ever hurt anyone. Aaron promises to keep Lukeís secret if he tells him the truth. Luke blasts Aaron for telling Holden that he saw him at Metro the day Julia was killed. Luke tells Aaron he wonít tell him anything because he doesnít trust him not to tell the police. Aaron tells Holden Luke didnít tell him anything because Luke doesnít trust him anymore. Tom tells Holden that Luke could be in jail in a matter of days because he pleaded guilty and waived his right to a trial. Holden asks Tom for more time to get Luke to admit the truth. Tom tells Holden there is nothing he can do.

Holden demands to hear the truth from Luke, who continues to stick to his story. Luke yells at Holden because Holden only sees what he wants to see and refuses to see that Julia didnít love him, she was only using him. Luke also tells Holden that J.J. never needed him, but his own children still need him.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Keith demands justice for his sister and asks Jack to show the letter to the police. Jack tells Carly what Lily wrote in the letter. Carly insists that Lily wrote the letter but she didn’t kill Julia. Carly thinks Lily is only making herself look guilty to save her son. Jack wishes Carly hadn’t lied to him, because now he finds it hard to believe anything she tells him. Jack starts to leave to take the letter to the police station. Carly is worried that, if Lily killed Julia, she could also go to jail as an accessory to murder. Jack tells her he understands what she is facing if Lily is the killer. Carly is determined to prove that Lily wrote the letter to protect Luke.

At Metro, a sad Aaron arrives and tells Allison that the club is taking over his life. Aaron feels badly that he canít help his family, but he had to get back to the club because they are so short-staffed. Allison asks Aaron to give Rafael back his job. Aaron thinks that could be a bad idea, because Rafael is obsessed with watching Celia every minute and it causes him to neglect his job.

Allison points out that if he hired Rafael he would have more time to help his family. Aaron decides to give Rafael back his job.

At the pool house, Rafael is upset because Casey is still there after he asked him to leave the house. Casey explains that he and Celia are studying together. Rafael gets a call from Aaron, asking him to come by the bar so they can talk.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Mike assumes that Craig forced himself on Jennifer and is ready to go kill him, but Jennifer admits she made the first move on Craig.

At the police station, Tom explains to Holden that unless he gets new evidence in the case Luke will go to prison for murder. Jack arrives and shows Tom and Holden Lily’s letter. Jack explains that Carly thinks Lily wrote the letter to protect Luke.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Carly demands to know the truth about why Lily wrote the letter. Lily insists she killed Julia and used Carly to help her clean up the evidence. Carly doesn’t believe Lily and vows to prove the letter is a fake because she doesn’t want to go to prison for helping Lily.

At the Lakeview, J.J. tells Keith that he doesn’t want to leave Oakdale or his dad, and he wishes they didn’t have to leave town. Keith explains that Jack isn’t his dad, and they must leave town because they must forget the bad things that happened there. Keith tells J.J. they won’t leave town right away.

At Mike and Jenniferís place, Jennifer explains to Mike that she saw him hugging Katie and thought he was going back to her, so she got drunk and slept with Craig. Jennifer apologizes to Mike and tells him that because of this horrible mistake she now realizes how much she loves him. Mike refuses to listen to anymore of Jenniferís explanation.

Jennifer tells Mike she thought he would understand because he was also tempted to kiss Katie that night. Mike points out that he didnít kiss Katie, or sleep with her. Jennifer pleads with Mike for forgiveness. Mike tells Jennifer that he now understands how Rosanna felt when he slept with Carly. Mike tells Jennifer that Rosanna could never forget what happened or forgive him for his mistake, and that was the reason their relationship ended. Mike canít understand why Jennifer felt she had to sleep with Craig, because they were not having any problems in their relationship. Mike wonders if every time they have a fight Jennifer is going to sleep with the first man who crosses her path. Mike realizes how much he hurt Jennifer with his last comment and apologizes to her. Jennifer is even more hurt by Mikeís reaction and decides she must pack her things and leave the house. She tells Mike she loves him and wishes him the best in his life. Mike canít bear to watch Jennifer leave and asks her not to go away.

At the pool house, Will tells Celia that Rafael might have his job back at Metro very soon. Celia gives Will a hug, and Casey walks in the door. Will explains Celia was hugging him because Rafael could have his job back at Metro soon. Casey tells Will he doesn’t need to explain, because he wasn’t jealous of him.

At Metro, Aaron offers Rafael his job back, but Rafael gets defensive and tells him he doesnít take charity. Allison gets angry with Rafael for being so arrogant that he can't realize it took a lot for Aaron to be the bigger man and hire him again. Allison also points out that a job isnít charity, and he needs the job to stay in the country.

Rafael apologizes but he says he must keep an eye on Celia constantly because she is rebellious. Allison agrees to help Rafael watch Celia if he will take the job, because Aaronís family needs him right now. Rafael agrees to take back his job.

At the Lakeview, Carly insists to Keith that Lily’s letter is a fake because she wants to keep from going to jail. Carly asks Keith not to be so consumed by his hatred of her and Lily that he allows the real killer to go free.

At the police station, Tom shows Luke Lily’s letter and tells him his confession won’t make a difference with this evidence. Tom calls and asks for a warrant for Lily’s arrest. Luke pleads with Tom not to arrest Lily in front of Faith and Natalie. Holden tells Luke he must tell the truth to spare his sisters from having to watch their mother get arrested.

At Metro, Allison calls Will to tell him Rafael is working at Metro again. Allison also tells Will that she promised Rafael she would help him keep an eye on Celia. Allison suggests that she and Will double-date with Celia and Casey.

At the pool house, Will is surprised by Allison’s invitation, but he thinks it’s a great idea and accepts. Will hangs up the phone and tells Casey and Celia that Rafael is working at Metro. Will also informs Casey and Celia they will be going on a double-date with him and Allison.

At the police station, Luke admits he isn’t Julia’s killer. Lily arrives and confesses that she killed Julia.

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