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At the Lakeview, Craig blackmails Jennifer by telling her that if she doesn’t work with him at Street Jeans he will tell Mike about the night they spent together. Jennifer responds to Craig’s threat by telling him she won’t be blackmailed and she will leave Street Jeans and start a new company. Craig doesn’t care if Jennifer starts a new company, but if he isn’t a part of it he will tell Mike the truth and she will lose Mike. Craig doesn’t think Mike is much to lose, or else Jennifer wouldn’t have looked for him that night. Craig’s comment makes Jennifer so angry she slaps Craig in the face.

At Jack and Carlyís house, Carly flashes back to telling Jack what she and Lily did the day Julia died. Carly is shocked when she walks in the house and finds pictures of Jack, Julia and J.J. all over the living room. Carly calls Jack, who has a talk with J.J.

J.J. tells Jack he doesnít want him to forget the time when they were a family. Jack explains to J.J. that his mother loved him more than anything in the world. Jack also tells J.J. that he will never forget about them because once you love someone they become a part of you. Jack assures J.J. that he will always be his son, because being a father to him has changed his life. Jack sends J.J. to finish packing his things.

At the police station, Tom informs Holden that the State Attorney General is putting pressure on him to go by the book on this case, which means if Luke is found guilty of Juliaís murder he will be tried as an adult and go to prison.

Jessica tries to persuade Luke to let her help him and prove that there is reasonable doubt and that there were many other people who wanted Julia dead. Luke is determined to stick to his story and tells Jessica several times, in front of the policeman, that he killed Julia.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lily admits to Keith that she killed Julia and he is the only person who can make her pay for her crime. Keith admits to Lily that he isn’t sure she killed Julia, but he considers it justice for her to suffer by watching her son go to jail for a crime she may have committed. Lily begs Keith not to leave until he has heard everything she has to say to him. Keith refuses to listen to anything Lily has to say and starts to leave again, but Lily stops him, promising this time she will tell the whole truth. Lily asks Keith not to take his hatred of her out on Luke. Lily gives Keith a note which reads, "Julia I will kill you if you don’t leave town."

At Mike's place, Mike tells Lucinda he has an idea for how to increase the productivity of Street Jeans. Mike wants to build a studio for Jennifer close to the house so she won’t spend so much time at the Worldwide offices. Lucinda approves of the idea and tells Mike he can build the studio.

At the Lakeview, Craig tells Jennifer to think about the future of Street Jeans and about whether she is willing to lose her future with Mike. Dusty wonders what Craig is up to now. Jennifer explains to Dusty that this problem is all her fault.

Dusty encourages Jennifer not to let Craig intimidate her because, after all, Street Jeans is nothing without her. Jennifer thanks Dusty for his advice and leaves to take a walk and decide what she should do.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack is angry that Carly risked his job and their marriage by not telling him the truth about what happened the night Julia was killed. Carly explains to Jack that she and Lily were afraid the police wouldn’t believe their story. Carly asks Jack if he would have believed their story. Jack tells Carly he would have believed their story and done everything he could to help them, but now it’s too late. Jack isn’t sure that he can ever trust Carly again. Carly wonders if Jack is thinking of leaving her because of what she has done. Jack explains that he wishes he could leave, but he doesn’t think he can put their kids through any more pain this year. Carly is not comforted by the fact that he is staying with her for the sake of the children.

At the police station, Holden wants to try once again to persuade Luke to tell the whole truth.

At Holden and Lilyís place, Lily explains to Keith how much she hated Julia for ruining her family. Lily tells Keith that she enjoyed watching Julia beg for her life. Lily smiles when she tells Keith she enjoyed watching Julia die. Keith thinks Lily is a sick woman who didnít think of J.J. when she killed his mother. Lily tells Keith Julia didnít consider her children when she took away their father. She says there is a special name for women like Julia, and when J.J. gets older she will tell him all about his mother.

Keith tells Lily that Julia was a good person whom he loved. Keith thinks Lily hated Julia because Holden saw the good in her, too, and also loved her. Keith also thinks that Lily was angry with Julia because Holden doesnít love her anymore. Lily tells Keith that Julia turned her into the type of person Holden canít love anymore. Lily begs Keith to show the letter to the police if he wants justice for Julia.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack wants Carly to stop blaming Julia for her own death. Carly reminds Jack that she wasn’t the person who hurt Julia. Jack thinks Carly could have helped Julia by calling for help when Lily arrived at the house and told her that Julia had an accident. Jack also thinks that Carly could have helped Julia by telling the truth about what happened that day. Jack thinks Carly made the wrong choice by choosing to protect Lily. Carly thinks Jack would have done the same thing if Holden were in the same situation. Jack is disappointed that Carly doesn’t know him at all and insists there are some things you just don’t do, even for people you love. Carly thinks that on that point they are different people, because she thinks you must do anything for people you love.

At Worldwide, Sierra wonders why Jennifer has trouble working with Craig. Craig tells Sierra he has given Jennifer everything she wanted, and the problems between them will soon be resolved. Craig thinks that Sierra is jealous of Jennifer and of his success. Sierra gets so angry at Craig’s remarks that she tells him to leave Worldwide if he can’t respect her.

At the police station, Holden tells Luke that nothing could ever make him stop loving him, because he will always be his son. Holden explains to Luke that he will be treated like an adult and go to prison for a long time if he doesnít tell the truth. Holden promises to do anything he can to help Luke as long as he tells the truth.

Luke wonders if Holden will also help Lily if she is the one in trouble. Holden promises to do everything he can to help Lily as well. Luke is about to tell Holden the truth, but he decides against it after Holden tells him he will do the best he can to help Lily. Luke tells Holden he killed Julia.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack tells J.J. to call him if he is ever unhappy with Keith, and he will make things right for him. Keith tells Jack they will be staying at the Lakeview until Julia’s killer is brought to justice. Carly asks Keith to wait because she needs to say something to him.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Mike welcomes Jennifer home with a kiss and happily hands her some plans, telling her to open them. Jennifer tells Mike there is something important she has to tell him.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Faith thinks Luke doesn’t love her anymore because he went away. Lily assures Faith that Luke loves her and will be home soon. Lily explains to Faith that she may have to go away, but no matter where she is she will always love her.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Carly apologizes to Keith for not coming forward with the truth about Julia’s death. Keith doesn’t feel Carly’s apology is sincere and tells her he will get justice for Julia. Keith gives Jack the letter Lily gave to him.

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