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As Mike is bringing Jennifer breakfast, he finds a note telling him she's gone to work and he should call her if he needs her. Then Craig calls asking for Jennifer. Mike, perplexed, tells him that Jennifer has already gone to work and asks if he's not supposed to be there, too.

Jennifer meets Sierra for breakfast to talk about Street Jeans. Sierra asks her why Craig isn't there, since it's his end of the business that's dealing with Street Jeans. Jennifer tells her Craig is the problem and she wants him out.

Craig hangs up with Mike and wonders to himself where she could be, because Mike said she should be at work. His phone rings and he answers the phone, saying, "Jennifer?" It's Henry, who tells Craig he told Katie everything except about Craig's "vile behavior" with Jennifer. As they're hanging up, Craig tells Henry they'll forget about the past and move on to happier times. Henry tells Craig that it's fine by him. Katie walks in and asks Henry what's fine by him.

Carly arrives at Lily's house. When Lily doesn't answer the door, Carly lets herself in. Lily tells Carly that she helped to put Luke in jail and asks her to leave. Carly insists she wants to help, but Lily tells her she's done enough and should leave her and her family alone.

At the police station, Tom asks Jack why he still has names on the suspect list for Julia's murder. Jack explains to him that there still are other suspects and points out that Lily also confessed to the murder. Tom nonchalantly tells him the only reason Lily confessed was to save Luke. Tom tells him the Attorney General's and Mayor's offices are questioning whether Jack can handle this case, being so close to the families. Jack tells him he wants to make sure the case is handled the right way, and Margo has his back on this. Jack says, "Give me a break," after Tom mentions the concern about preferential treatment for the Snyder's and asks how much harsher he needs to be. He tells Tom he's not allowing Lily to see Luke for fear it might compromise their statements and asks what else he should do. Keith comes up and chimes in, telling Jack he should throw Lily and Carly in jail right next to Luke.

Holden goes to see Luke in his jail cell. Luke is angry with Holden and tells him he knows he hates him. Holden tells Luke he doesn't hate him, and Luke counters, pointing out he's the one who turned him in. He tells Luke turning him in was the hardest thing he's ever had to do and he knows how badly he's handled things with him. Holden tells him he can't stand the fact that he's the reason Luke is in jail. Luke tells Holden, "I'm here because I have to be." Holden questions Luke about what that means, but Luke tell him it's too late and to forget it.

Carly asks Lily if she's forgotten how they got to this point and reminds Lily that she's the one who begged her to help after the accident with Julia. Carly tells her she only told the truth to back Lily up, and she didn't know which lie to tell anymore after Holden turned Luke in. Carly offers to try and get Jack to let her see Luke, and Lily accepts her offer. As Carly is leaving she tells Lily to just call if Carly can do anything for her. Lily tells Carly there is something she could do for her and asks Carly not to help her anymore.

At the police station, Jack tells Keith that he can't just hang around the station, and if he's done he should leave. Keith tells Jack he wants to talk about J.J., and Jack tells him J.J. is doing as well as can be expected and adds that J.J. went back to school. Jack offers to make arrangements for Keith to spend some time with J.J., but Keith tells him he intends to take custody. Jack tries to reason with Keith, asking him why he wants to uproot him and take him away from the people he knows. Keith tells him he's got a legal right to take him and he'll get a court order if he needs to. Jack doesn't want to put J.J. through all that, but Keith tells him to go home and say his goodbyes. Then Keith adds that tonight he's coming for J.J., and tomorrow he's coming for Carly.

Henry lies to Katie and tells her it was Mike on the phone, and Mike arrives at their door. Henry shooes Katie upstairs to put some clothes on and lets Mike in. Mike asks Henry to finish what he started telling him about Jennifer. Henry apologizes and tells Mike he was distracted and actually didn't have anything to tell him. After Katie puts more clothes on, she comes downstairs and greets Mike. While Henry's making them coffee, Katie spills the beans to Mike, telling him about Henry's confession. She tells Mike Henry didn't have a medical emergency and he feels really badly about lying. Mike is angry, and when Henry comes back in, announcing that the coffee is brewing, Mike jumps all over him and asks how he could put them through that. Mike tells him he missed Jennifer's Street Jeans bash because of him, and it could have created big problems for him and Jennifer. Henry apologizes, and Katie tries to explain to Mike how Henry felt she was better off without him. Katie tells Mike she understands why Henry did what he did and she's just glad he's back there with her.

Sierra questions Jennifer about what is actually going on between her and Craig. Jennifer tells her that she and Craig have very different work methods and explains that Craig never shuts off his work mode, denying anything personal between them. When Jennifer tells her she will not work with Craig on Street Jeans, Sierra insists she tell her what's really going on. Craig finds Sierra and Jennifer and asks why he wasn't invited. Sierra tells him Jennifer was just telling her why she has a problem working with him.

Katie makes Henry tell Mike he's sorry, and Henry obliges. Mike feels uncomfortable in the middle of Henry and Katie's new-found closeness and asks Henry what he was going to tell him about Jennifer. Katie asks Henry if he's got something to tell Mike.

Craig and Jennifer start tiptoeing around the real issue. Jennifer tells Craig she can't go to Singapore with him, and Craig tells her he thought they had worked all of this out. Sierra gets annoyed and tells them she's sick of this, and one of them had better tell her what's going on.

In his cell, Luke asks when Lily is coming to see him. Holden explains that she's not allowed to see him because she's being considered an accessory to murder. Luke tells Holden they can leave her alone now, because he's told them what happened. Holden questions Luke and tells him he can't protect his mother; he asks Luke if there's more to the story. He tells Luke that it's not too late to fix this, but he must tell him the truth. As Luke appears to consider telling Holden more, a cop walks up and states, "It's time for the perp walk." Holden gets angry and tells the cop that Luke isn't a perp and he should treat him with respect.

At the police station, Tom asks Jack why Keith was there. Jack tells him he's taking custody of J.J. Tom asks if Keith was the one who called the state capital, because someone did, and he hopes that once Luke is arraigned they'll ease up. Lily approaches Tom and asks if she can see Luke, but Tom tells her she can't and walks away from her, telling her he can't talk to her about the case. Lily goes to Jack and begs him to let her see Luke. She promises Jack she won't talk to him, she just needs to see him. Jack takes the clothing she's brought for Luke and tells her he'll make sure Luke gets it. Just then, they see Luke being escorted through the station, and Lily yells at Luke to tell them it wasn't his fault and to tell them about her. Holden asks Lily if she was trying to give Luke some sort of message, because to him it sounded that way. Holden demands that she tell him the truth.

Mike tells Katie and Henry that he and Jennifer have worked things out. He then asks them exactly what's going on there. Henry doesn't want him to know that he and Katie only recently had sex, so he tells Mike that Katie has made him her business partner at the gym.

Jennifer backs down from Craig when he more or less dares her to tell Sierra exactly what the problem is. Craig offers to make adjustments to the way the two of them work. Sierra gets annoyed and tells them both she feels like a high school counselor who can't get straight answers, and then she leaves. Craig warns Jennifer not to ever try going behind his back again.

Katie explains their partnership is now on paper and official. Henry excuses himself to get ready for work. Katie explains to Mike about Henry's fake illness and tells him Henry had a stupid idea that she and Mike belonged together. She tells Mike they've worked it out and things are better than ever. Katie tells Mike that now they've both got what they want: she has Henry and he has Jennifer. Mike agrees, adding he only wishes he could figure out what to do about Craig.

Jennifer tells Craig not to threaten her. Craig tells her to grow up, and the two of them can just let the one night they spent together go and forget the whole incident. Craig tells her not to undermine his relationship with Sierra. He thinks she needs to put all this energy she's wasting on Craig into her business. Craig tells her to get ready to go to Singapore, but Jennifer tells him she won't go anywhere with him.

Holden presses Lily, asking what message she was trying to give to Luke. Lily tells Holden that Luke is not a murderer and again maintains that she killed Julia. Holden tells her that all she's doing is making Luke look guilty. He tells her she'd better find proof that Luke didn't kill Julia, because he's sticking to his story and will go to jail to protect her.

Katie questions Mike about the Craig comment. Mike explains that Craig is so driven and demanding. He tells Katie that Craig expects Jennifer to drop whatever she's doing and go to the office, and he doesn't blame Jennifer for hiding from Craig. Mike tells Katie to say goodbye to Henry for him and leaves.

Craig tells Jennifer that she must go to Singapore because it's an important deal. Jennifer tells him she can't face him every day. Craig asks if there's a problem between her and Mike, and Jennifer tells him there isn't and she wants to keep it that way. She tells him if he's around he'll surely ruin her life, like he did her mother's.

Carly goes to the station and asks Jack if he would let Lily see Luke. Jack tells Carly that he's already told Lily she cannot see Luke. Carly tells Jack she picked J.J. up from school because he's not feeling well. She tells him J.J. is physically fine, but it may have been too soon for him to return to school. Jack tells Carly that Keith is taking custody of J.J. that evening and he asks Carly to leave him and J.J. some "alone time" to say goodbye.

At Lily's request, Keith shows up at her house. She tells him she can give him the justice for Julia he wants, but she'll need his help.

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