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Barbara shows up to talk to Sierra about Jen. Sierra is rushed for time and does not want to listen to a dramatic-sounding Barbara. Barbara is insistent that Sierra stop Craig from ‘destroying’ Jen. Sierra tries to assure her that Jen is strong enough not to fall for anything that Craig may be planning. Barbara reminds her that both of them have fallen for the charms of Craig, and suffered because of it. Sierra believes Barbara is not giving her daughter enough credit, but Barbara compares Craig to a predator and warns her that if Craig sharpens his teeth on Jen she will hold Sierra personally responsible.

Katie and Henry are waking up. Henry is in disbelief, thinking that last night didn’t really happen and it was all a dream. He worries that he has ruined everything by not being up to Katie’s standards. Katie shows him that it wasn’t a fantasy by kissing him and convinces him that he was a great lover, and she was thoroughly satisfied with him. She tells Henry that throughout most of her life she has chased men without being sure how they felt, and all along right in front of her was Henry, her best friend and, now, amazing lover.

Lily stops Luke from confessing by confessing herself, but Luke tries to argue that she is only covering for him. Carly claims she was a part of it as well, but Lily says Carly was only aware after the fact. Lily quickly starts to recite her story, saying she went to Julia’s, never mentioning it was to cover up Luke’s trashing of her apartment and instead saying she was upset. She says she confronted Julia again, and Julia tried to push her out of the apartment; Lily pushed back, and Julia fell and hit her head on the coffee table.

Mike and Jen are basking in their renewed relationship, but we see that Jen continues to be wracked with guilt over her night with Craig. Mike tells Jen that they need to keep the lines of communication open, and then they will all be fine. He thinks their problems so far have been normal ones for the beginning of a relationship. He off-handedly says to Jen that, thankfully, at least when they had all their miscommunications she threw herself into her work, as opposed to another man's arms. At this, Jen looks upset and guilty.

Sierra arrives at Lucinda’s house just in time to overhear Craig making arrangements for Jen and himself to go to Singapore for business, and she can’t help but wonder if Barbara was on to something. Sierra asks Craig why they need to go and whether Jen knows. Craig tells Sierra not to worry and that he has to run to go tell Jen. Dusty enters as Craig is leaving and notices that Sierra looks bothered by something. She tells Dusty about her crossing paths with Barbara and what she said. She can’t help but wonder if she made a mistake about Craig being matched up with Jen. Dusty tries to reassure Sierra by suggesting that Barbara is simply jealous of Jen’s success. Sierra tries to dismiss her concerns after talking to Dusty, but she is obviously still worried.

Jack is not convinced that Lily isn’t covering for Luke, because her story doesn’t exactly make sense. He wonders out loud how Luke’s print got on Julia’s watch, but Lily dismisses that concern by saying that the print could have gotten there when Julia was living on the farm. Carly tries to join in and support Lily by telling them that it was an accident, and they panicked when they heard Keith at the door, knowing what it would have looked like. She continues by saying they had come back to help Julia but she was already dead, so, again, they panicked and wiped the place down, knowing how it would look. Jack isn’t buying the story yet, and there is too much confusion, with both Lily and Luke trying to confess and Keith demanding Lily be taken into custody, so Holden takes Luke outside to talk. Jack takes Carly aside to talk to her, as well.

Craig shows up at Mike’s wanting to talk to Jen about the arrangements he made for Singapore. He interrupts an intimate moment between Mike and Jen, further stressing her out. Mike leaves to give them some privacy so they can talk business. A proud Craig tells Jen about the arrangements he made for them. However, Jen is extremely uncomfortable around him and tells him so. He responds by telling her that what they shared was only one night and this is business, but Jen is not buying it. She tells Craig that, although she appreciates the connection he made in Singapore, under no circumstances will they be traveling alone together; not only that, but at the office she wants different arrangements as well, so their paths don’t have to cross as much. Craig, who is getting frustrated with Jen’s pronouncements, tells her that she had better learn to handle their business situation or he may have to reveal certain sensitive things to Mike. He leaves her, and Jen starts to wonder how to neutralize him.

Mike, who has left to give Craig and Jen a few minutes of privacy, calls Katie to check on her. Henry answers the phone and takes Mike by surprise, because he thinks he is still in New York. He asks Henry if he is okay, and Henry, who is on Cloud Nine, responds that things couldn’t be better. He asks Mike how things are with him and Jen, and Mike tells Henry that finally Jen and he talked about certain things. Henry responds (surprisingly to Mike) that Jen is brave. Henry rushes off the phone and back to Katie, who is waiting for him upstairs, leaving Mike confused about Henry’s comment. Henry races back to Katie, anxious to spend every moment with her. Katie is positive about her and Henry's, and now Mike and Jen’s, happy futures. Henry makes a quick comment about how Mike and Jen are happy for the time being, to which Katie demands an explanation. Henry blows the comment off quickly, claiming he only meant due to Jen’s soon-to-be busy work schedule.

Outside of the house, Holden is speaking with Luke, trying to figure out if he is lying and covering for Lily or if he, in fact, is the guilty party. Luke relays what happened that night, telling Holden he went back to Julia’s house and found her unconscious on the floor. She came around and Luke started to become agitated, telling her she ruined his family. Julia ordered him out of her home, and Luke got more upset and slammed her head into the floor. He was in shock at what he had done and went to check her pulse, and that is how (he assumes) his print got on her watch. Holden is stunned at the idea that his son could attack an already injured woman, but Luke responds that Holden is to blame for all of this, and none of this would have happened if he had not left his family.

Inside, Jack is upset with Carly for keeping this information from him because he is afraid he won’t be able to protect her or Lily if this all gets out. Carly tries to rationalize their choices, but Jack is uncertain of her reasons and further interrogates her. Finally Carly breaks and admits to what really happened. She tells Jack that Luke trashed Julia’s, and Lily only went there to clean up. She also tells him that when Lily left Julia was still alive but when they got back she was dead, and Lily had mentioned that Julia wasn’t in the same spot she had left her in. All this information causes Jack to really wonder what the truth is and whether Lily is really being honest.

Jack goes back in the house to try to sort through the mess of statements, and Carly tells Lily she told Jack the truth. At first Lily is upset with Carly, thinking that might have sealed Luke’s fate, but then she realizes the position she put Carly, and her marriage, in, and becomes understanding of Carly’s choice. Lily runs back inside quickly to try to diffuse the situation, now claiming that she also lied to Carly about Julia being dead so as not to put Carly in a bad situation, but again Luke runs in, wanting to make an official statement. Jack and Holden take Luke aside to get his story while Lily worries to Carly that Luke is trying to confess to a crime he didn’t commit. However, Carly now questions whether he is trying to protect Lily or if he did really commit the crime. She reminds Lily of her concerns as well.

Jack and Holden return a few minutes later, and Jack tells a panicked Lily that, due to Luke’s story and the corroborating evidence, he is forced to arrest Luke for Julia’s murder!

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