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Barbara shows up at Craig’s hotel room wanting to talk to him about staying away from Jen. Barbara offers to get out of Street Jeans if Craig will stay away from her. He, of course, rejects her request.

She then offers to give him a check with any amount of money he wants to start his own company, which again he turns down. He tells Barbara that she is just jealous because Jen is doing great without any of her help. He then tells her to leave.

Jen comes over to Mike’s house, and Mike is there wanting to draw her a bath, wash her hair, and give her a truly relaxing night, which only causes Jen to start to cry again because she is still wracked with guilt over having slept with Craig. Mike still doesn't know what is wrong with Jen.

At the cottage, Katie and Henry discuss her feelings for Mike. Henry comes clean about lying about being out of town to get Mike and Katie together, admitting he only wanted them to finally realize their feelings for one another. He believes that Katie is too polite to end their marriage, so he has to be the one to do it.

Tom tells Keith that he is free to go and suggests that he move on with his life. However, Keith feels that Tom is one more person who is trying to bury the truth. He accuses Lily and Carly of murdering his sister again. Tom tries to tell him that, for everyone’s sake, he should just take J.J. and leave Oakdale, but Keith will have none of it and tells Tom he won’t rest until he finds out the truth.

Luke and Lily discuss him covering her about Julia’s murder. Lily tries to ask Luke if Julia was dead when he got there, but Luke answers that it was an accident, what Lily did, and he “took care of things”. Carly enters the room and Luke goes upstairs to see Faith.

After he leaves, a distraught Lily tells Carly that she is more convinced than ever that Luke was involved in Julia’s murder. Carly can’t believe that Luke would actually kill Julia, but Lily feels that if Luke did kill Julia it was because Lily poisoned Luke towards her. Carly thinks that Lily is just getting paranoid and she needs to settle down.

At the church, Holden recalls his fight with Luke regarding his feelings for Julia. Holden decides to ask Jack to see if Luke’s fingerprints on his program match the fingerprints on Julia’s watch.

Jack can’t believe that Luke could be capable of killing Julia. However, Holden worries Luke had motive, since he believed Julia ruined his family, and it worries him how Luke knew about the crime scene before it was public knowledge. Also, his alibi (being with Aaron) wasn’t truly accurate, since he wasn’t with Aaron the whole time. He is also concerned about Aaron telling him Luke was burning something in the alley right before Lucinda mentioned Luke burning something in her fireplace. Finally, Jack agrees to run the prints so Holden can know.

Henry is still trying to convince Katie that, while he makes her laugh, he doesn’t make her heart melt like Mike does. He tells her that he can tell she still loves Mike by the way she was looking at him. Katie wants to know how he saw this look, so Henry confesses to being outside the cottage and watching them but interrupting the moment between her and Mike when he knew they were going to kiss, because he was selfish. He insists that she admit it would have gone farther if he hadn’t called her at that very moment.

She changes the subject by asking whom he has been talking to to get him to give up on her, even though he clearly still wants to be with her.

Mike continues to be very confused as to why Jen is so upset and seems to be holding something back from him. He asks her if something happened after the Street Jeans party, since that is when she started acting strange. This makes Jen more upset as she recalls sleeping with Craig. Jen starts to explain what she did but is wracked by guilt because of how Mike is now treating her.

She comments on how well Mike treats her and how understanding he has been, and how she didn’t mean to not trust him. As Jen is talking, though, Mike recalls being with Katie and how they almost kissed. He now starts to feel guilty because Jen is blaming herself completely for the breakdown in the relationship. Mike stops Jen and admits to her that he saw Katie the other day, and they almost kissed, and if Henry hadn’t called they may have taken it further. Now it is Mike’s time to feel guilty. He apologizes to Jen, explaining that he led her to believe he was completely over Katie when he probably buried his feelings instead.

He wants her to know now, though, that he and Katie, in the end, decided to stay with Jen and Henry (respectively). He wants his future to be with Jen now. Jen feels that, since Mike has shared his feelings, she should confess to what she did, as well. Mike assures Jen that she can tell him anything.

At the station, Holden awaits the results of the print match. He remembers Luke being born. He is clearly devastated at where things now stand with Luke. He looks up to find Jack standing there with the results.

Carly and Lily try to get Keith to leave Lily’s home and Oakdale, but Keith continues to push Lily, telling her he knows she killed his sister. It gets very heated, with both of them raising their voices. Luke runs in and jumps on Keith’s back, yelling for him to stay away from his mother.

Henry feels that they have tried to make the marriage work, but they can’t create something that just isn’t there. He says that the morning Katie wasn’t able to consummate their marriage he realized it would never work. Katie is upset with Henry and calls him a quitter. She tries to explain that she and Mike did share a moment and may have kissed, but they decided that what they had was in the past and they love the people they are with. She tells Henry there are many men in the world besides Mike, but she would always choose to be with Henry.

Jen starts to confess, telling Mike that after she saw him with Katie she got insanely jealous and shut down emotionally. She explains that she felt the only way to preserve herself would be to turn away from Mike. Mike stops her and tells her that they should just start over with a clean slate, and leave all the other baggage in the past. A relieved Jen agrees with Mike, and they decide to start fresh.

Meanwhile, outside, Craig is watching Jen and Mike's 'reunion,' appearing to be glad Jen didn't spill the beans to Mike about their night together.

Katie is sick of Henry acting like Mike’s agent. She tells Henry that he is too busy trying to promote Mike to her, and he needs to forget about him. He tells her she is a great friend, and Katie takes Henry into her arms and kisses him, saying she is a better lover.

Lily and Carly pull Luke off of Keith. Luke screams to Keith that his mom is innocent, but he is glad Julia’s dead. Just then, Jack, Holden and a police officer show up.

Jack explains that they found a print on Julia’s watch and the print belonged to Luke. Jack and Holden want Luke to come with them to the station to talk and work through it. Lily intercedes, saying they aren’t taking Luke anywhere because he didn’t do anything; she is the one who killed Julia!

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