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By Camille
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Katie goes to see Mike. She’s worried about Henry and has been trying to find him. A concerned Mike offers to help her look for Henry, but Katie refuses. She’s worried about what nearly happened between them and cautions Mike that they need to be careful with how things look. His place is with Jennifer, and her place is with Henry.

Henry tries to contact Craig, who’s not picking up his cell. He doesn’t want to keep secrets from Katie anymore.

Craig tracks Jennifer down at the office. He wants to know why she hung up on him and asks her if she still blames him for what happened between them. Jennifer warns him to either keep his mouth shut or walk away from Street Jeans. Craig tells her that he has no intention of walking away and warns her that she is losing focus at her job. Jennifer says that she’s confused and she can’t think about designing at the moment. Craig tells her that she should tell Mike the truth if she feels that guilty, but he warns her that she should be prepared to lose everything once she tells him. Mike will drop her, and Sierra will close down Street Jeans once she hears about Jennifer and Craig sleeping together.

Rafael is at the high school. He is furious because Celia is not waiting for him. He confronts Casey, who sends him on a wild goose chase hoping to buy Celia more time to find and change into her missing clothes. Will recovers Celia’s clothes and attempts to guard the girls' bathroom door while Celia changes. Rafael returns and begins to suspect that Will and Casey are hiding Celia. He barges into the girls' bathroom, and Casey hides.

Rafael finds Celia, who has managed to change. Celia tells him that he’s been so mean to all her friends it’s a wonder she has any left, and he’s smothering her. Rafael tells Will and Casey that he’s keeping his eyes on them. Casey tells the two bullies to back off from Will and Celia or he’ll spread rumors about them.

An out-of-control Luke continues his tirade at Julia’s memorial. He’s upset that people are paying their respects to Julia when she showed no respect for his family. Holden is upset. He tells Lily that something is going on with Luke and he wants to know what it is.

Lily tries to calm him and Luke. Holden tells her to go home with Carly, he needs to talk to Luke alone. Luke tells Holden that he’ll apologize for making J.J. cry but he’s glad that Julia’s dead. She did horrible things and deserved to die. Luke runs off. Holden turns to find Aaron watching him. Aaron tells Holden that Luke has been acting strangely and that on the night of Julia’s death he found Luke burning something in the alley. Holden remembers Lucinda saying that she found Luke burning something in her fireplace and grows suspicious of Luke.

Back at Lily’s, Lily tells Carly she’s concerned that Luke might have had something to do with Julia’s death. Carly tells her not to worry, Luke is just a child. Lily reminds her that Will Munson was also just a child who was under as much stress as Luke has been. Carly manages to ease Lily’s worries. Luke returns home and tells his mom not to worry, no one can prove that he did anything. Lily’s fears return.

Henry and Craig meet at Metro. Henry tells Craig that he won’t keep lying to Katie, he’s going to tell her everything. Craig tells Henry to be prepared to pack his bags, because Katie will kick him out once she knows the truth.

Jennifer returns home to find that Mike has prepared a romantic homecoming. He’s got candles and roses waiting. Jennifer is overcome with guilt about what took place between her and Craig. She doesn’t deserve this from Mike.

Celia goes looking at Metro for Rafi. She runs into Allison, who tells her that Rafi was fired. Celia confides to Allison that Rafi doesn’t understand her and tells her about the bullies at school. Allison tells her that if she needs pointers she should come to her.

Henry returns home intent on telling Katie the truth. Katie comes in and tells him that Mike has told her about New York and the medical tests. She’s worried about him and she’s glad that he’s home. Henry tells her that there were no tests, he was only trying to give her and Mike some time alone. He knows that Mike is the one who makes her happy.

Jack, Margo and Tom discuss the case. They all agree that Keith is to be let go and that they need to look elsewhere for a suspect. Jack finds Holden still at the church. Holden tells Jack that there’s something he needs to know.

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