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Jen shows up at Paulís house to find him standing in an empty room after Rosanna had the movers remove all the belongings. He says he called her not for support but because he wanted her to know that Barbara had shown up unannounced, demanding he get in the middle of Jenís life to get her away from Craig. Paul explains that although he will not help Barbara in that quest, he does agree that Jen needs to stay clear of Craig.

Jen tells Paul why Barbara showed up wanting his help. She explains that Barbara was probably simply mad because when she showed up at Jenís Street Jeans Fashion Show and tried to upstage her Craig threw her out. Jen makes it clear to Paul that she can handle Craig and, in fact, Craig has helped her many times when it came to thwarting Barbaraís plans. She moans that it is her personal life that she needs help with.

Dusty comes upon Sierra and Craig discussing business, though Craig is more preoccupied with trying to find Jen. Dusty mentions that he saw an emotional Jen last night looking for Craig, and now Craig is looking for Jen. He asks Craig if there is something going on. Craig will only tell Dusty that it is none of his business.

As Craig walks off, we see that Sierra is concerned that Dusty is on to something. Sierra apologizes to Dusty for allowing Craig to upset him the other day. Dusty accepts this but tells her to be wary of Craig. He feels Craig is going to ruin Street Jeans because of whatever is going down between him and Jen.

Aaron and Allison show up at Metro expecting to find Rafael opening the club, but instead find that, once again, he has disappeared. Aaron is furious, telling Allison that this is the last straw. Meanwhile, Rafael is dropping Celia off at school with instructions that she is to meet him there directly after school. Celia is frustrated with her brother because she wants to blend in on her first day, and she feels she canít dressed the way he wants and with him acting so overprotective. The minute he leaves, Celia makes a pit stop to the bathroom to change out of the clothes Rafael made her wear into some clothes she wants. While in the bathroom, she is confronted by two girls who make fun of how she is dressed and even imply that Celia had stolen her clothes.

Luke has been summoned to Lucindaís so she can try to get him to open up about what he is lying about and trying to hide. She confronts him about finding the glove in the fireplace. Luke continues to deny any wrongdoing and covers by saying that the glove might be someone elseís, or, if it was Lilyís, maybe she didnít like the gloves anymore. Lucinda will not let this drop, but Luke just takes off.

Carly swings by the police station to drop J.J. off for Juliaís memorial service. While there, Jack asks her if she would do him a favor and come to the service to show her support. Carly isnít sure that it would be best for J.J., but Jack wants her to and feels J.J. is warming up more towards Carly the more time they spend together. He also wants Carly to consider that he wants to have J.J. live with them after the service. Carly is not sure how to respond, but they agree to just get through the day. She agrees to go to the service, something Keith is set against, considering he feels Carly had something to do with Juliaís death. Carly leaves to find a babysitter and Jack offers Keith the opportunity to go to the service to pay his respects. Keith tells Jack he would rather sit in his jail cell than sit in a church with a bunch of hypocrites. He again reminds Jack that he and someone close to him are probably responsible for Juliaís death, because she followed Jack to Oakdale.

Holden shows up at Lilyís looking for Luke. She explains that Lucinda sent for him and he was over her house. They start to discuss Luke and his out-of-control behavior, but Lily gets agitated and tells Holden to just leave him alone right now. Holden says he just wants to help Luke get through whatever he is going through.

Lily softens, telling Holden that they can sit down and discuss things with Luke together. Holden has to leave, though, because he has to go to the memorial service for Julia at Lutherís Corner. Lily offers her support by going with him. Holden at first thinks that it would be strange, but Lily convinces him she is sad for Julia, J.J. and him, and she simply wants to help. Holden agrees and they make plans to meet at the church later. On his way out he bumps into Lucinda, who tries to tell him about Lukeís visit, but since Holden is in a rush to get to the service Lucinda corners Lily instead. Lucinda is adamant that someone let her in on why Luke would be burning her gloves. Lily continues to cover and stall Lucinda and instead changes the subject by asking her to babysit while she goes to Juliaís service.

Rafael arrives at Metro to find Aaron and Allison waiting for him. Aaron tells Rafael this is the last time he lets him down regarding work; he fires Rafael. Rafael tries to explain and even tries to get Allison to side with him, but his explanations fall on deaf ears. Aaron has to leave for Juliaís memorial service, so Allison offers to pick up the slack at Metro in the meantime. Once Aaron leaves, Rafael pleads his case again to Allison, who finally suggests that Rafael will have to prove himself to Aaron and could start by helping her prepare the club for the night; then Aaron would see he was trying and rethink firing him. Rafael promises to help the minute he gets back from picking up his sister.

Paul and Jen continue to talk about her relationship with Mike. Jen is being very cryptic about a dilemma she is in regarding Mike. Paul can tell she is wrestling with something that may be a big issue in their relationship and tells Jen the best thing for everyone involved would be for her to be honest with Mike. Jen asks if he would have wanted Rosanna to be honest with him. Would he have risked never having had their wedding and the subsequent happy times they had, or would he have rather known the truth about Rosanna? Paul answers emphatically that he would rather have known the truth. With that, Jen says her goodbyes and promises to be there for Paul if he needs her, and Paul promises the same to her. As Paul is walking out the door of the empty house he once shared with Rosanna, he picks up a glass box he had given Rosanna and angrily shatters it against the wall.

Jack and Carly discuss the fact that he had to let Keith go because of the lack of evidence. He wonders to Carly if there was a lack of evidence because Keith is really not Juliaís killer. Jack, Carly, Holden and Lily join J.J. in the front row as the service starts. Meanwhile, Luke arrives home to find Lucinda babysitting. She tells Luke where Lily went, and when he finds out Luke becomes very upset and runs out of the house.

We later see him secretly watching the service from the back hall, becoming more and more emotional. At the end of the service the minister asks if anyone has any last words to say about Julia, and finally Holden gets up to speak. He speaks about Juliaís sense of caring and thoughtfulness, and how he felt happy to have Julia in his life. Suddenly Luke comes charging in, screaming to his dad about how he could say such things about Julia, who didnít care about him or his family, when she ruined his life. He shouts that Julia deserved to die!

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