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After Jen accidentally runs into Mike and Katie in the hotel lounge, Mike takes her aside to talk to her, noticing how upset she looks. A guilt-ridden Jen apologizes through tears about disappearing all night, while inside she is wracked with guilt over having spent the night with Craig. Mike unknowingly makes her feel worse because he is so happy to see her and is trying to explain that he was just extremely worried about her well-being. It appears Jen is going to tell Mike when she asks him to talk alone, adding she hopes that what she has to tell him won’t make him hate her.

Craig opens his hotel door to Henry, who punches him in the jaw. He rants to Craig about how silly he was to think Craig was worried about Katie’s happiness, when everyone knows he only does things for himself. He tells Craig he saw Jen leave half-dressed and knows that Craig is really only trying to split him and Katie up to get Mike away from Jen for his own benefit. He tells Craig that he is done lying to his wife, and he is going to tell Katie about Craig’s role in this ruse. Craig tries to lie his way out of the situation, but Henry takes off in search of Katie.

Paul comes home to find movers taking boxes out of his home, and when he tries to stop them they tell them it is per Rosanna’s orders. Just when he thinks his day couldn’t get worse, in walks a police officer, who hands him papers. He opens the papers and realizes they are eviction papers from Rosanna.

Jack gets the okay to hold Keith another 24 hours to see if anymore evidence surfaces. Lucinda interrupts them, wanting to talk to Holden about Lily and Luke.

She tells him about finding Luke at her house burning something and explains how when she went to Lily to speak about his behavior Lily seemed to be covering for something. In typical Lucinda fashion, she demands Holden take a five-second break from his mid-life crisis to pay attention to his family, who are lying and being evasive. Holden recalls his past confrontation with Luke when he was supposed to be in school and how the police picked him up at Juliaís house. He assures Lucinda he will get to the bottom of it.

Meanwhile, after Luke tells Lily and Carly about the police finding the fingerprint, Lily decides she canít take it anymore and is going to the police before they come looking for her. Carly and Luke are adamant that Lily stick to their plan. Luke is very upset and wants to protect his mother. He wants Lily to choose her kids, who are alive and need her, rather than confess to a crime she may or may not have been responsible for that affected someone who destroyed their family and who is dead. Luke feels responsible for his momís predicament because he went to Juliaís and trashed her apartment, and if he hadnít done that then Lily wouldnít have gone to Juliaís to clean up, and Julia wouldnít have caught her.

Lily and Carly try to get Luke to understand that he is a child and should not feel guilty for the mess the adults have made. Lily is determined to do the right thing so everyone will be off the hook with the lies. Finally Carly and Luke accept and support her decision. When Lily and Carly leave for the station, Lily tells Luke the way to support her best would be to look after his sisters, Faith and Natalie, and to be the man of the house.

As Katie looks on from a nearby table, Jen tries to confess to Mike but is having trouble, since Mike is being so nice to her.

She tries to explain that she acted selfishly and tried to push Mike away the night before, and now she realizes how wrong she was and she doesnít want to lose him. She then tells him of the confrontation with her mom that left her so angry, and then she admits to him that she saw him hugging Katie at Metro and, instead of talking to him, pushed him away to prove she was strong and didnít need him or anyone. She tells him she thought she had lost everything and was acting like it last night. Mike apologizes for not being there for her, and they start to reconnect as Katie sadly looks on.

Emily shows up as Paul stands alone in the empty room that once was his living room. He tells Emily about the letter Barbara read him at the airport and about the movers and the police officer with the eviction notice. She tries to comfort him, but Paul just tells her he never should have broken the promise he made to himself after Rose died, which was to never allow himself to fall in love again.

At the station, a police officer from El Paso, Texas, arrives, telling Jack he is here to arrest a woman with an outstanding warrant: Julia Larabee. Jack and Holden tell the officer he must be mistaken, but when the officer describes Julia and Keith, who is being taken back to lock-up, tries to defend Julia’s intentions, they know that he has the right woman. Just then, Lily and Carly walk in, preparing to confess.

Barbara shows up unannounced at Paul’s to talk to him about Jen. Emily leaves and Barbara tells Paul they must band together to save Jen from Craig. Paul will do no such thing. Barbara can’t believe that Paul would not raise a hand to save his sister from the likes of Craig. Paul explains that he will help his sister with Craig, but he will not do it side by side with Barbara.

Craig catches up to Henry right before he is about to confront Katie. He tells Henry that he may have been mistaken about his relationship with his sister. He now feels that he owes Henry, since he helped get Jen back to Street Jeans. He says to Henry that he thinks he may have been wrong to try to tell Henry to push Katie towards Mike, but if Henry tells Katie about what they were up to then Katie will never forgive them, and then Henry will not have any type of marriage to work on. Henry is furious as he listens to Craig. He yells at Craig that once again he is out for himself, and the only reason he doesn’t want Henry to tell Katie is to save his own skin. Katie thinks she hears Henry’s voice but convinces herself it is because she misses him. Mike then comes over to Katie and tells her that he and Jen are leaving, but before they do he tells Katie that Henry is really in New York to see a specialist and didn’t want to tell her so she wouldn’t worry. Katie runs off to call Henry.

Jack informs Lily and Carly about the officer from El Paso. Lily and Carly feign surprise, and Lily goes to talk privately with Holden. A visibly shaken Holden is trying to figure out why Julia would lie to him, and a supportive Lily even tries to tell Holden that perhaps she was embarrassed and didn’t want to risk telling Holden. Holden switches gears by asking Lily about Luke. He tells her about Lucinda’s visit to him. Lily tries to blow it off, telling Holden that Luke is acting out because of everything that is going on around him and that Lily was just trying to avoid another fight when she told Holden she allowed Luke to skip school. Holden reacts by questioning how little he now knows of Lily.

Meanwhile, Jack is telling Carly that he is now worried about his case because it would appear that Keith’s motive for killing Julia is not solid anymore. He feels that if Keith wanted J.J. to himself to get the trust fund set up by Julia’s grandparents, all Keith needed to do was call the El Paso police and have Julia arrested.

At home, Lucinda recalls Luke’s bizarre behavior. She walks over to her fireplace and fishes out what Luke was burning and then lying about. She realizes that it is Lily’s glove.

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