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At the Lakeview, Mike wakes Jennifer up with a kiss and apologizes for not being there for her fashion show. Jennifer tells Mike she understands that Henry needed him. Mike makes it clear that she comes first in his life. Mike and Jennifer declare their love for each other and begin to make love. Jennifer is shocked when she awakens from her dream to discover she is in bed with Craig, not Mike.

Henry calls Katie to find out how she is doing and discovers that she and Mike talked last night and Mike is more committed to his relationship with Jennifer. Katie tells Henry she misses him and asks him to hurry home. Henry smiles and tells Katie he will be home soon. Henry’s happiness doesn’t last long when Katie tells him Mike has just walked into Java with a strange look on his face. Henry encourages Katie to find out what is troubling Mike and buy him a cup of coffee. Henry ends the call with Katie and hangs up the phone.

At Java, a worried Mike asks Katie if she has seen Jennifer today. Katie tells Mike she hasn’t seen Jennifer at all today. Mike explains to Katie that Jennifer didn’t come home last night. Mike also tells Katie that Jennifer isn’t answering her cell phone and she isn’t at her office. Katie assures Mike that Jennifer is okay and assumes she probably spent the night at Paul's or Hal’s house. Mike thinks Jennifer is mad at him for not going to the fashion show. Katie blames herself because she shouldn’t have allowed Mike to take Henry to the airport.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer cries about what happened last night between her and Craig. Craig has no regrets about their night together and thinks they both needed each other. Jennifer worries that she has ruined her relationship with Mike because he will never forgive her betrayal. Craig encourages Jennifer not to say a word to Mike about what happened between them.

In the Walsh Mansion Library, Luke burns Lily’s gloves in the fireplace because they weren’t completely destroyed the first time he burned them. Luke watches the fire as he remembers when he told Lily he burned the gloves. Lucinda arrives and wonders what Luke is burning and why it smells so badly.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Lily explains to Carly that Holden is slipping farther away from her because he thinks that Julia was a saint whose life was tragically cut short. Lily thinks the only way she can ever get Holden back is to call the El Paso police and tell them Julia is in Oakdale so the truth will come out about her past. Carly thinks Lily’s plan isn’t a good idea because the police could start to suspect her involvement in Julia’s death.

At the police station, Holden tells Jack he has organized a memorial service for Julia because J.J. needs to say good-bye to his mother. Tom informs Jack he doesn’t have a case against Keith because he doesn’t have any proof that Keith killed Julia. Jack orders his men to search Julia’s place for evidence one more time.

At Java, Katie assures Mike that Jennifer isn’t mad at him for missing the fashion show, because she adores him. Mike tells Katie that Jennifer turned down his marriage proposal.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer is very upset and blasts Craig for not stopping her from going too far last night, because he knew she was drunk. Jennifer tells Craig that even if she never tells Mike the truth, she will know the truth and regret it for the rest of her life.

At Java, Katie assures Mike that Jennifer will understand and forgive him for missing the fashion show. Katie encourages Mike to talk to Jennifer about how badly he feels about not being at the fashion show. Mike decides to go search for Jennifer at the Lakeview, and Katie goes with him for moral support.

At the Walsh Library, Luke tells Lucinda he got a bad grade on a test and is burning it because he doesn’t want Lily to see it. Lucinda doesn’t believe Luke’s story and asks him to tell her the truth. Luke gets upset because Lucinda doesn’t trust him and storms out of the room.

At the police station, Keith thinks Jack won’t find any evidence to prove he killed Julia. Keith once again asks Jack to stop trying so hard to prove he is a killer and instead question Lily and Carly about Julia’s death.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Lily calls the El Paso police to inform them Julia is in Oakdale. Lily pretends she is a co-worker of Julia’s and doesn’t give the police her name. Carly is surprised that Lily turned in a dead woman to the police.

Lily is also surprised at her own actions but is positive that once Holden learns the truth about Julia he will come back to her. Lucinda arrives and informs Lily about seeing Luke in the Walsh library, saying he was behaving strangely. A nervous Lily tells Lucinda that she will speak to Luke about the situation, but she must deal with something important now. Lucinda suspects Lily may be in serious trouble.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer sits at a booth waiting for Mike, who is upstairs searching for her. Katie is unaware that Henry is sitting behind her. Jennifer is upset and disgusted with herself because she slept with the father of her first love, Bryant. She explains to Craig that she wanted to wait until she was in love with Mike to make love to him, and she can’t understand how she could betray Mike by having a drunken one-night-stand. She is worried that she is just like Barbara. Jennifer is terrified when Mike knocks on the door and asks to talk to Craig. She quickly hides in the bathroom so Craig can answer the door. Mike explains to Craig that Jennifer didn’t come home last night and asks if he has seen Jennifer. Craig explains that Jennifer was very upset because Barbara interrupted the fashion show, and he makes Mike feel guilty for not being there for Jennifer when she needed him. Mike comes inside and borrows Craig’s phone to call Barbara. Mike doesn’t get an answer from Barbara and decides to keep searching for Jennifer.

At the police station, the police bring Luke in and inform Holden that Luke was at Julia’s place, and he was trying to sneak into the crime scene. Holden asks Luke what he was doing at Julia’s apartment. Luke tells Holden that he doesn’t owe him any explanation and storms out of the police station. Jack is informed by one of his men that they found a fingerprint on Julia’s watchband. Jack thinks that the fingerprint is the key to discovering Julia’s killer.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer comes out and blasts Craig for making Mike feel guilty and insists he has no reason to feel guilty because he did nothing wrong. Craig thinks Jennifer has no reason to feel guilty either.

Downstairs, Katie continues to assure Mike that Jennifer is fine and he shouldn’t worry about her. Mike thanks Katie for being a friend. Mike also tells Katie that she knows how he feels about her. Katie tells Mike she knows how he feels about her, too, but they shouldn’t talk about it anymore.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Luke comes home and tells Lily he burned a paper because he got a bad grade on it. Luke explains the paper was titled, "The History of the Golden Gloves." Lily sends Luke upstairs to his room. Lucinda decides to leave but vows to find out what Lily is hiding. Lily gets a call from Holden to inform her that Luke skipped school and went to Julia’s place. Holden also tells Lily that Luke was brought in to the police station. Lily promises to make sure Luke doesn’t miss any more school and hangs up the phone. Luke explains to Lily he had to finish burning the gloves because he didn’t burn them completely the last time. Luke tells Lily and Carly that he heard that the police found a fingerprint. Lily starts to panic, and Carly tells her they must all keep calm.

At The police station, Jack reads the report on the fingerprint, which states the fingerprint doesn’t belong to Keith.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer arrives at the restaurant, and Mike wonders where she was all night. Henry punches out Craig because he saw Jennifer leave his room.

At the police station, Jack asks Holden if he knows of anyone who might have hated Julia enough to kill her. Holden has a flashback of all the strange behavior Luke has shown lately and begins to suspect Luke may have killed Julia. Holden tells Jack he can’t think of anyone who hated Julia enough to kill her.

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