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Celia takes off after her fight with Rafael and shows up at Casey’s house. She needs a place to stay for the night because of her brother and how he is treating her. She asks Casey if she can stay at his house just for the night, but Casey’s mom has already gone to bed and he doesn’t want to upset her by waking her up. Casey and Will think that Celia should go work things out with her brother.

Sierra is furious with Craig for his implications regarding her and Dusty’s relationship. Henry calls Craig from the airport and interrupts their disagreement. Craig excuses himself, and Dusty corners Sierra, trying to find out what Craig was saying to upset her. Sierra blows Dusty off by saying it was Craig being Craig. She puts off Dusty’s attempts at defending her by saying she can fight her own battles. She finishes the conversation by suggesting that they should probably keep their distance for the time being, because if Craig thinks something is going on then so will others. Dusty worries that Sierra allows Craig to manipulate her life too much.

Barbara and Jen discuss Craig. Barbara’s fear is that Craig is going to manipulate, use and ruin Jen. She cites all the women in Oakdale Craig has done something to. Barbara wants Jen to abandon Craig and the company and come work with her. Jen tells her she hasn’t been a mother to her in years, never mind someone to work in the business with, and she should stay out of her life. Barbara lets her leave after warning her that Craig will ruin her.

Katie breaks down a bit and tells Mike that she is so guilty over the lack of real affection that she can give to Henry and the fact that she can’t make the transition from friend to lover. Katie is worried that if she leaves Henry it will kill him, but staying in the relationship is ruining them.

Rafael wants to look for Celia after their fight, but Aaron balks at it because he is trying to run Metro, and he needs Rafael around. Soon, however, Allison gets Aaron to understand that Rafael is simply worried about his sister, who is now completely his charge. Rafael starts to leave just as Celia enters with Casey and Will. Both Casey and Celia try to take the blame for how Celia is dressed and was acting. Rafael is extremely bothered by her behavior and tells her he doesn’t want her hanging out with Casey anymore.

Just then, Scott Reeves shows up with a copy of Celia’s CD and tells her she has a great voice and he will be in touch with her after he talks to a few people. Rafael is hesitant and thinks that Scott is leading her on and trying to just be nice. Scott tells Rafael he is wrong, his sister has plenty of talent and the right attitude to make it.

Will finds Allison at Metro and apologizes for how he treated her regarding how she defends him. He says that he realizes she has always supported and defended him, and he should be appreciative of it instead of getting mad. They decide that they should try to be friends again. As they seal it with a hug, Aaron walks in and seems a little unsettled by it.

Craig meets with Henry, who has decided that he has been making all the sacrifices with "Operation Katie and Mike," and Craig has been dictating the terms from the sidelines. Henry wants Craig to put him up at a suite at the Lakeview. Craig at first tries to convince Henry that would be too obvious, but Henry is adamant he will stay out of sight, he only needs a place to stay. Craig finally gives in.

Katie wants Mike to help her figure things out. Mike tells her if Henry is not the man Katie needs, and she is not able to give to Henry what he needs, then the answer is obvious: she needs to set him free.

Jen goes looking for Craig at his suite but runs into Dusty, who is also looking for Craig after what Sierra told him. He confronts Jen and tells her to stay away from him and to get out of business with him, because he will drag her down. Jen has a fit telling Dusty his interference is like the pot calling the kettle black. She tells him to mind his own business and stay out of hers.

Barbara shows up at Metro, telling Will she needs him to help with Jen. She says Jen is in trouble because she is working with Craig, and that after everything Craig has done to their family she needs support to get her away from him. Allison overhears Barbara’s manipulations and tries to defend Jen as a great fashion designer who is doing well for herself, adding that Barbara is simply jealous. Barbara becomes irate with Allison, telling her to mind her own business, and then becomes nasty by telling her to go set a fire somewhere else and blame an innocent person. Will angrily responds to Barbara by telling her never to talk to Allison that way. Barbara is very taken aback by his support of Allison against her. She leaves after telling Will that someday after she is dead and gone he will have to find a way to forgive himself for treating her badly.

Mike and Katie become closer as they talk about their feelings. Katie admits to starting the “relationship” with Henry to make Mike jealous, but then she thought it could work; now she has hurt everyone and has no idea how to make it right. Then, in a roundabout way, she tells Mike she still thinks constantly about him and she loves and wants him. They come very close to kissing when the phone rings.

It is Henry calling, claiming he just landed in New York, except we see he is watching them from outside the cottage. His phone call is enough to knock Katie and Mike back to reality and to realize the people they would hurt. They agree that whatever was starting between them needs to stop, even though they long to be together. Henry watches and tells himself that he needs to do whatever he has to to make Katie happy; he walks away.

Craig shows back up at his suite to be welcomed by Jen, who has let herself in and is drinking and wanting to blow off steam. Jen goes off about how tired she is of being treated like a child and how everyone is trying to tell her how to run her own life. Craig calms her down by telling her how great a designer she is and says she can't allow anyone to bring her down. With that, Jen pulls Craig into a passionate kiss, and it doesn’t take too long for Craig to reciprocate.

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