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As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/9/05



By Rosey
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At Metro: Aaron runs around trying to make sure everything is perfect for the Street Jeans party. Allison assures him it will be fine, but he wonders where Rafael is. Jennifer and Craig go over last-minute details.

Mike shows up to tell her that he needs to take Henry to the airport, and when she seems upset about it he offers to stay with her. Jen insists he go, since she knows he doesn't like media attention. Mike senses something else is going on but is not sure what it is.

At the airport: James tells Barbara that there is no emergency business in Paris, it was just a scheme that Craig thought of to get her out of the way. She doesn't believe him and calls him a liar, but then she wonders if he is right. She calls a cab to take her to BRO headquarters. When she arrives, the receptionist acts as if she doesn't know where Craig and Jen are, but then Barbara finds a flyer announcing the Street Jeans Press Conference. Furiously, she leaves and warns the receptionist not to call and tell either of them, or she will be out of a job and ruined.

At Java: Sierra and Dusty get some drinks just as Rafael and Celia show up. Sierra happily tells them that she has spoken to their mother, and she will allow Celia to stay as long as she stays in school and maintains her grades. Celia is very excited but worries because she has no school clothes. Sierra offers her credit card to buy a few things, but Rafael quickly refuses. He claims that he will take care of his sister but thanks Sierra for the offer. When Celia becomes upset, Sierra tells them to keep track of what they spend and then they can pay her back. Celia gives her a hug to thank her and then runs off to start shopping.

Dusty asks Rafael to step outside so they can chat. He tells Rafael that it is okay to accept help, and he's not going to win all the battles he fights. Rafael insists things were supposed to be different; he should have had more money by now.

At Katie and Henry's house, Katie tells Henry that she hopes his anxiety attack wasn't because of them not having sex. He assures her that it wasn't. Katie offers to go with Henry to "meet his family." He tells her that they are crazy and make Craig look like Mother Teresa. When she pushes to go, he explains that they are upset with her for not getting a wedding announcement and he needs to smooth things over. She offers to drive him to the airport, but he refuses, since Mike already said he would do it. Before Henry leaves, she tells him how much she will miss him and hopes he hurries back.

Back at the airport: Mike wishes Henry luck with his tests but wonders why he won't just tell Katie the truth. Henry explains that he doesn't want her to worry and hover over him. Mike promises to keep an eye on Katie, and Henry also has a few things for Mike to fix, such as the kitchen sink. He tells Mike that he will call them and find out how things with them are going - the repairs, that is.

Back at Metro: Celia talks to Scott Reeves about her being a singer. She asks him if he would listen to her demo tape, and he says he will. She runs off to Casey's house and asks him if he'll help her record one, since she doesn't have one yet.

He agrees and she thanks him with a kiss. When she gets back to Metro, she gives the CD to Scott Reeves and thanks him for taking it. Rafael confronts her about her attire and says she looks cheap. Before they can argue more, she notices Aaron watching and walks away before Rafael gets into trouble.

At the Street Jeans Press Conference,

just as Jennifer begins speaking, Barbara walks in and announces to the press that she is back for good this time. Craig quickly thanks Barbara for showing up and then rushes her out of Metro so Jen can have the spotlight. She is furious and tells Craig that he can't keep her away. Craig tells Barbara that she isn't needed at Street Jeans and that Jennifer has more talent than she could ever imagine. He warns her to back off Jennifer or she'll be more sorry than she already is.

At Katie's house:

Katie makes one more quick call to Henry to tell him that they (she and Snickers) will miss him. He says he will see her soon. As she gets off the phone, the doorbell rings; it's Mike. Katie starts to tell him how much she'll miss Henry, and so will Snickers. When Mike suggests that Snickers will have many playmates in the future, Katie tells him that she and Henry won't have any kids, their relationship is different. She thinks that Henry needs a real wife who adores him and wants a family. She hugs Mike and wonders what she should do; she's afraid of ending the marriage and breaking Henry's heart.

Back at Java: Jennifer walks out to see Barbara is still there. Barbara tells her the reason they don't get along is because they are too much alike. Jen disagrees and says they are nothing alike. Barbara warns Jen about Craig, saying he will use her and then discard her, just like every other woman. She suggests that Jen talk to Sierra or Rosanna if she doesn't believe her. Jen insists that her relationship with Craig is strictly business, but Barbara warns her that Craig can be very charming and persuasive.

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