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Mike is bothered by how Jen is acting and the fact that she is back working with her mother, thanks to Craig. Jen claims it is her decision and says as long as Craig keeps her mom away from her it is what she wants to be doing with her life. She is not ready to have children because she wants to focus on her career. Mike is trying to support her and is simply afraid that she may get hurt.

Margo and Katie discuss the variance she needs for the gym and how Katie needs Mike’s signature in order for everything to be approved, which brings up the subject of her marriage and how it is going. Katie again tells Margo that they are happy; however, they have not yet consummated it.

Craig and Henry are working together to try to get Mike with Katie, but Henry still is having misgivings, given how deep his feelings are. Craig stands firm that as a man Henry needs to do what is best for Katie. He feels Henry needs to divorce or widow Katie.

Keith is convinced that Jack and Holden are trying to get rid of him by trumping up phony charges against him in order to get J.J. Jack says that they have a witness at the Oakdale Bank saying Keith was there in Julia’s safety deposit box with a forged document to get custody of J.J. in case of Julia’s death. Jack reminds Keith that when he lied about being in Chicago he hadn’t even been told Julia was dead, so why would he need to lie?

Keith accuses Lily and Carly of being involved, but it falls on deaf ears as Jack takes Keith to the police station to go through the facts and his lies.

Margo and Katie continue to discuss Katie's marriage and her continuing desire for Mike. She adamantly feels like she will get past it, given time. Henry shows up and innocently asks what they were talking about, and Katie tells him she told Margo about them not consummating their marriage. Henry becomes very upset and feels embarrassed that Katie is telling people about their lacking sex life.

Barbara claims that Rosanna mailed a letter to her and she opened it on the way to the airport. Paul is suspicious of this, considering how Rosanna feels about Barbara. She then pretends she will leave without Paul reading the note to spare him, but Paul stops her and wants her to read it to him. She reads the letter; it details how Rosanna deliberately set out to hurt Paul by drugging Emily and setting up Barbara because he took away her child and she could never forgive him for it, and she just wanted Paul to hurt as badly as she did.

Barbara tries to pretend to have empathy for Rosanna and says that Paul should not judge her too harshly, since she is doing all of this for the grief she still carries around for her child. After Paul leaves, James shows up and wants a moment of Barbara’s time for a favor which he promises she will appreciate.

Katie apologizes to Henry for upsetting him, at which point he feigns a heart attack; Katie has to call 911, and Henry ends up in the hospital. The doctor tells Henry it was a simple panic attack, and when the doctor tells him he is going home Henry tries to get him to admit him. The doctor thinks he is in need of psychological help instead. When Katie comes in Henry asks her to call Mike so he can come comfort Katie.

Carly and Lily discuss Keith and his possible involvement in Julia’s death. Carly tries to remind Lily that this could be a good thing and that maybe she was not the cause of Julia’s death. They know he lied about the forged papers and being at Julia’s, so what else did he lie about?

At the police station, Jack gets a call and goes to speak with Keith. He goes after him, claiming that he has to wonder after the phone call he received if they have figured out the real reason Julia was murdered: J.J. has a trust fund. His grandparents set him up with one to be controlled by his legal guardian, which Keith is desperately trying to become. Then the police bring in a witness, Julia’s neighbor, who tells them that Keith is the man she heard and saw outside Julia’s apartment the day Julia was murdered. She says that Keith was banging wildly and yelling outside Julia’s apartment. Holden overhears this and has to be held back from attacking Keith.

Mike is with Jen and Craig trying to prepare for her Street Jeans model show that night at Metro when Katie calls Mike about Henry. He leaves Jen and goes straight to the hospital to comfort Katie. This does not go unnoticed by Craig or Jen.

Henry tells Katie it was just a panic attack and he can go home, and after she leaves to check him out, he turns around and lies to Mike and tells him he has to go see a specialist in New York. He wants Mike to look after Katie and not tell Katie the real truth, and Mike finally agrees. Mike then goes back to see Jen as she prepares for the night, much to Craig’s dismay. Craig calls Henry to tell him he had better do something quickly, because this is Jen’s big night, and if Mike is there as support to Jen she will always be indebted to him.

Henry then calls Mike and tells him he has to leave for New York tonight and asks if Mike could take him to the airport. Mike asks Jen, who tells him to go, but Mike is hesitant because he will miss Jen’s night. Jen, who is a bit annoyed, tells him not to worry and says she doesn’t have time to do this, so he should just go because she is busy. Mike is bothered by how short Jen seems with him.

Carly continues trying to keep Lily in perspective. She wants Lily to keep her eye on the ball and consider that maybe Keith was involved, and then Lily would be off the hook. A guilt-ridden Lily tells Carly that no matter the outcome she is ultimately to blame, because even if Keith killed Julia, she brought him to Oakdale.

At the station, Keith admits to some lies but wants Jack to understand that he loves his sister and only wants the best for his nephew. Jack is not moved and tells him he doesn’t believe him, since he has lied so much. With that, he puts Keith under arrest for the murder of his sister.

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