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At the airport, Paul and Emily are talking about Paul’s plan to go to Santo Domingo to try to find Rosanna. He thinks that he can find her there because she filed for their divorce from there has no reason to leave quickly, since it takes 72 hours for the papers to be processed. Emily is concerned and thinks Paul should let it go; she is convinced Rosanna drugged her and has set up Paul to hurt him all along because she never got over losing Cabot. But Paul stands firm, believing that there has to be some other reason Rosanna has done the things she has supposedly done. He will not quit trying until his dying days to find out why Rosanna is wants to hurt and run away from him.

Will is mad at Allison for butting in (as he sees it) with Celia and trying to “explain” what happened with Will and Rose. He wants Allison to stop making Will’s past indiscretions her job to explain. She tries to make it clear that she was just trying to set the record straight because he was not helping himself. Will just wants Allison to stay out of his life, which Allison begrudgingly agrees to. Just then Celia tells her brother Rafael that she is leaving to go have lunch at Casey’s.

Keith comes to Carly and Jack’s house to pick up J.J., but Carly tells him that Jack is inside with J.J. and is telling him about Julia. Keith is bothered that Jack, who technically isn’t even really J.J.’s family, is the one to tell him. Carly defends Jack’s role in J.J.’s life. Keith wants to leave with J.J. right now, but Jack thinks they should just talk inside the house and not leave with them both being so upset.

Holden starts questioning Lily about whether she could have possibly hurt Julia. He reminds her that the last time he saw Julia and Lily interact was at Julia’s apartment, and Lily was so upset with Julia that she threatened her life. Lily admits to Holden that she meant what she said at the time: she wanted Julia dead.

Casey is nervous because Celia is coming to his house for lunch with Will and his mom and dad. He tries to convince his mom to act normal and to not pounce on Celia. He is nervous because this is the first time that he has brought a girl home under these conditions. Margo and Tom want to know why Casey is not making the best decisions since meeting Celia, such as driving to Chicago without telling anyone and then letting the car get stolen. Casey takes full responsibility for what happened, defending Celia’s lack of involvement in it. Margo agrees to try to give her the benefit of the doubt if she ever shows up. Meanwhile Celia is begging her brother to let her go. Finally, after Celia tells him that Margo was the one who invited her and that both parents will be there, Rafael gives in and Celia leaves with Will.

Keith is trying to take J.J. and leave, and Jack tries to be diplomatic but Keith tells him that he is going to protect J.J. now that Julia is no longer able to. Jack is adamant that he reconsider leaving, because J.J. is his son, too. Carly asks Keith how he can make any such claim, since J.J. has a father. Keith reminds her that he is in jail and adds that Julia had said to him that if anything happened to her she wanted Keith to take J.J. There is also the fact that Julia did not want J.J. in a house with Carly, who hated her and probably her son.

Meanwhile, Lily tries to explain to Holden that on that night she wanted Julia dead because of everything that had happened, but that was that day in particular. Holden apologizes to Lily for his part in how he handled the break up and everything with Julia. He wants to help Lily if she wants to tell him the truth. Lily starts to get upset and Holden presses, asking if she was really with Carly all night or if they or Lily went to see Julia, and did she end up hurting Julia.

Keith and Jack continue to argue over Keith’s abrupt decision to take J.J. out of Oakdale for good. Keith claims that the provisions for Keith being able to take J.J. are in Julia’s will. Jack tells him he is not leaving with J.J. until he has proof of Julia’s wishes. Keith tells Jack to say his goodbyes and he will be back with proof. After he leaves Jack vents to Carly and asks her if she thinks it is weird that Keith just found out his sister is dead and is moving this quickly. Jack says that is sending up red flags for him, but then he has to leave to go to the station.

Luke enters and finds his mom crying, and he asks Holden what he has done to her now. Luke says it must have something to do with Julia, because the only reason Holden comes by anymore is to make Lily feel bad about something else with her. Holden wants Luke to leave so they can continue their conversation privately, but Lily tells Holden Luke will stay because he is not a child. Holden says to Lily that he asked her a question, and Lily responds by saying it seemed more like an accusation. She tells him she is upset because the man she has loved and known most of her life is acting like she is a killer. Faith runs in to see Holden, which prompts Luke to privately tell Lily that he has taken care of things and that she should not tell Holden anything because he won’t understand. Holden, overhearing, wonders what he won’t understand. He receives a call from Jack telling him to come over, and Lily offers to go with him to help with J.J. and Carly and Jack.

Rafael and Allison commiserate about Will and Celia and trying to protect them. He wants to know why Allison is so protective of Will. She explains that when he was younger she wrecked his life, and so much has happened to him and he is still such a good kid, and she feels like she owes him.

At lunch at Margo and Tom’s, Celia talks about school and her career in music but comes across to Will as being very self-absorbed. He tells her and she immediately apologizes to Margo and Tom about her role in Will going to Chicago. After being a little bit standoffish, they appear to appreciate her words. Then everyone leaves to go back to work. Celia runs back to Metro to tell Rafael that she made a good impression with Casey’s parents.

Paul notices Barbara at the airport, as well as the scarf she is wearing. He demands to know where she got it because it looks like Rosanna’s. Barbara insists that it is hers. He then questions why Barbara happens to be at the airport, and she tells him that she is there to go to Paris for Street Jeans to help Jen. She questions why Emily and Paul are at the airport together. Paul tells her he is there to go to Santo Domingo. Barbara tells him he should not be chasing Rosanna. Paul questions why, just from the information he told her, she would assume that was what he was doing. She says she assumed that was what he was doing since people go to Santo Domingo for quickie divorces. She is adamant that Paul leave well enough alone with Rosanna, since she hurt him so badly and does not deserve him. He wants to know what Barbara’s involvement in Rosanna’s quick departure is. Barbara asks to speak to Paul alone.

Carly tries to comfort J.J., saying that although she may not have liked Julia she never would have wished her dead or for J.J. to be without a mom. She says that Julia is in heaven watching over J.J. and making sure he is protected. Holden and Lily show up, and J.J. is thrilled to see Holden but wants to go upstairs and be alone with him when he sees Lily is with Holden. They go upstairs, and Lily tells Carly what happened earlier with Holden and how she feels that she is going to break, between how Holden looked at her and now how J.J. did. Carly wants her to keep it together, and just as Lily goes to leave they bump into Keith, who is back with the papers.

At the police station Hal tells Jack he may want to talk to the woman waiting in the interrogation room, because she has information on Julia’s murder. Jack goes to talk to the woman, who introduces herself as Joan and tells him she came as soon as she saw that this woman Julia’s death was being looked at as a homicide. She thinks she may have the evidence to lead Jack to the murderer.

Margo and Tom talk about Margo’s reservations about Celia. Tom thinks she should lighten up a little and be happy that Casey is becoming more social and spending less time on his computer. Margo thinks that Celia is a little full of herself but then worries that she will become one of those mothers who believes no girl is right for her son.

Paul tells Barbara to make it quick and tell him whatever she is chomping at the bit to tell him. Barbara plays coy for a moment or two before she finally tells Paul that she does in fact know more information about Rosanna than he thinks, and she says she will tell him everything.

Carly is amazed that Keith has returned so quickly with proof of who should raise J.J. and jokingly asks him if he carries those documents with him all the time. Meanwhile, Holden comes downstairs, telling Keith that he is not taking J.J. anywhere, since he has just calmed down and is taking a nap. Keith seems very rushed to leave with J.J., but just then Jack walks in and tells Keith that he isn’t going anywhere with J.J. right now; he just received new information implicating Keith in Julia’s murder.

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