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As the World Turns Update Friday 3/4/05



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At Worldwide, Craig tries to persuade Jennifer to go home and get some rest because she has been working all night.

Jennifer suspects something is wrong and asks Craig if he got Barbara out of Street Jeans. Craig hesitates in answering Jenniferís question, so she asks him again. Craig is about to answer when Barbara walks into the office. Barbara wonders if Craig is upsetting Jennifer.

At Metro, Casey is trying to persuade Will to skip school so they can go have fun. Casey tells Aaron he has all the music picked out for the Street Jeans party. Aaron tells Casey that he has to be able to depend on his employees, and since he didn’t show up for the opening of the club he is fired. Aaron gives Casey two weeks' severance pay. Celia arrives and tells Casey and Will she has some good news for them. Will hopes Celia’s news doesn’t cost Casey more money. Margo arrives and tells her son that she picked up the car from Chicago; the repairs cost $345, and all his paychecks belong to her until he has paid the debt. Casey hands her his check and tells his mom he has been fired. Celia is excited that she will be going to Oakdale Latin with Casey and Will. Margo decides it's time that she and Celia had a talk.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Lily has a dream about what happened to Julia. Lily wakes up startled and flashes back to when she and Carly cleaned the apartment.

Outside Julia’s place, Luke returns to Julia’s and slides under the police security tape.

At the police station, Holden flashes back to the day he helped Julia move into her apartment. Jack tells Holden the police found Keith and he should be at the station soon. Holden wants to be present when Jack questions Keith, but Jack insists he wait outside the interrogation room. Jack calls Carly to find out how J.J. is doing. Carly is worried because J.J. has been very quiet. Carly assures Jack she has kept J.J. away from the television so he won’t hear the news. Jack wonders how he will tell J.J. about his mother’s death. J.J. comes into the living room shortly after Carly hangs up to ask if that was his mother on the phone and when she is coming to pick him up.

At Worldwide, Barbara wonders why Craig and Jennifer were arguing with each other. Craig tells Barbara it was just a difference of opinion about Street Jeans. Barbara makes it clear to Craig that even though Worldwide has an interest in Street Jeans she is still the boss of BRO. Craig whispers to Jennifer that she should stay, because he has a way to get Barbara out of the company.

Outside Julia’s apartment, the police catch Luke at the crime scene and tell him he can’t be there. Luke overhears the policeman talking about the homicide investigation. The police have put everything found in Julia’s apartment into evidence bags. Luke also hears the policeman say that Jack is the head of the homicide investigation.

At the police station, Jack informs Holden that the medical examiner’s report states that a possible cause of death could be blunt trauma to the head. Keith arrives and is shocked when Jack tells him Julia is dead. Keith demands to know what caused Julia’s death. Jack tells him they are still investigating the cause of death. Jack tells Keith they need to ask him some questions. Keith tells Jack he went to Chicago to take care of some business. Jack asks Keith where he was yesterday. Keith tells Jack he is unable to remember his whereabouts because he is in shock about his sister’s death.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Carly does her best to avoid J.J.’s questions about his mother. Lily arrives and feels sad and guilty when she sees J.J. Carly sends J.J. to the kitchen to get a snack so she and Lily can talk.

At Metro, Margo wants to ask Celia a few questions because she wants to get to know her sonís friends. Celia is excited to be going to school with Will and Casey. Celia tells Margo that her dream is to be a singer. Margo isnít happy to hear about Celiaís dream. Casey jumps in and tells his mom that Celia has many other ambitions besides being a singer. Margo invites Celia to lunch. Celia is happy to accept the invitation. Celia tells Casey she canít wait to see his room.

Will jumps in and tells Margo that Casey told Celia about all the sound equipment he keeps in his room. Margo wants Casey to hurry home because they must have a talk. Casey invites Will to come to lunch so he can help smooth the tension between Margo and Celia. Will refuses the invitation because he has enough drama in his own family. Celia is curious about Willís past, so she asks Allison to tell her about it. Allison tells Celia that Will is a good guy who accidentally killed someone when he was younger. Allison explains Will is trying to start over, so Celia should forget about his past.

At Worldwide, Craig plans to send Barbara on a wild goose chase to Paris to give Jennifer time to concentrate on her work. Craig pretends Jennifer is having a problem getting fabric from a supplier and says he doesn’t know how to handle the problem, and Barbara volunteers to go to Paris and handle it.

At the police station, Keith flashes back to when Julia threatened to disappear with J.J. and never let him see him again. Keith tells Jack he was mad at Julia for threatening him but he knew she would never follow through on her threat. Keith wonders if Jack suspects him of killing Julia. Keith asks Holden to come into the interrogation room Keith tells Holden and Jack that no matter how much they argued with each other he loved his sister and would never kill her.

At Jack and Carlyís place, Carly informs Lily that Jack has begun a homicide investigation. Lily wants to tell the police everything.

Carly tells Lily that it is too late to tell the truth. Carly explains to Lily that since she and Luke helped her hide evidence they are accessories after the fact, and they could all go to jail. Carly thinks they must all keep their mouths shut or Julia will ruin their lives from the grave. Carly thinks if they remain quiet long enough the case will remain unsolved, and they will all be able to get on with their lives.

At the police station, Keith is angry to be considered a suspect and challenges Jack to look for the real killer. Keith thinks Carly and Lily are possible suspects and tells Jack if he doesn’t question them he will find someone to do it.

At Metro, Will agrees to go to lunch with Casey and Celia because Casey won’t stop begging him to. Casey asks Will to bring Celia to lunch because he must get home and talk to Margo before they arrive.

Luke arrives and asks Aaron to swear not to tell anyone he saw him in the alley yesterday. Celia tells Will Allison told her that he accidentally killed his brother’s fianceť and that she considers it to be in the past. Will is upset that Allison told Celia about his past. Will screams at Allison to leave him alone and stay out of his life. Aaron wonders why Luke is being so intense about him not telling anyone he saw him in the alley yesterday. Luke asks Aaron to forget about everything and leaves the club.

At Worldwide, Barbara receives an envelope marked "urgent" just as she is leaving the building.

At the police station, Jack feels he should investigate Keith further, while Holden begins to suspect Carly and Lily.

Outside Metro, Luke takes out the charred gloves from the barrel where he burned them and throws them in the garbage.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack arrives to tell J.J. about his mother. Carly steps outside so they can be alone. Keith arrives and tells Carly he will get justice for his sister and J.J. Keith tells Carly he has come to take J.J. out of the house and away from her.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lily wonders why Holden is there when she arrives home. Holden tells Lily he wants to talk to her about Julia.

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