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At Fairwinds, a sad Paul is sitting on the couch drinking scotch to forget his troubles when Will arrives to talk to him. Will tells Paul that Barbara told him about what Rosanna did and also that she had left him. Paul apologizes to Will for refusing to believe that Rosanna haunted herself. Will tells Paul that he isn’t happy to have been right about Rosanna. Paul assures Will that what Rosanna did wasn’t his fault. Paul explains that Rosanna came up with this plan because she hated him for causing Cabot’s death.

At Metro, Rafael worries because Casey and Celia haven’t returned to the club. Allison tries to calm Rafael down by assuring him Casey is a responsible person. Rafael wants to go look for his sister but is afraid he will lose his job. Allison gives Rafael permission to go look for Celia while she covers for him with Aaron.

In Chicago, Celia and Casey wonder how they will get home without a car. Casey wants to call Rafael and tell him what happened so he won’t worry about Celia. Celia tells Casey not to call Rafael because she is afraid her brother will kill her.

At Julia’s place, a scared Holden is unable to revive Julia, who is lying motionless on the floor.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Jack tells Carly that they should both stay out of the situation with Julia because he thinks she and Keith are dangerous. Carly feels badly for Lily and wants to help her. Jack thinks they should concentrate on each other and let Holden and Lily work out their own problems. Holden calls Jack in a panic because he thinks Julia is dead. A stunned Jack tells Carly about Holden’s phone call. Carly acts shocked at the news and gives Jack a kiss before he leaves to go to Julia’s place. Carly tells herself that it's all starting now, and she thinks everything will be okay as long as Lily sticks to their story.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lily has a flashback about cleaning Julia’s apartment. Luke startles her out of her thoughts of what happened at Julia’s. Lily gives Luke a hug and tells him not to leave without telling her again. Lily is also unhappy Luke had a fight with Holden. Luke explains to Lily that he returned to Julia’s place after his fight with Holden because he wanted to tell Julia that he trashed her apartment. Luke wanted Julia to feel the pain of having something taken away from her. Luke also wanted to tell Julia to stay away from his family. Luke tells Lily that when he arrived at Julia’s he saw her lying by the coffee table with blood on the floor. He says he found some gloves that looked like Lily's on the table so he picked them up, and he smelled her perfume on them. Luke decided he would burn the gloves because he feared that they might have Julia’s blood on them. Luke tells his mother he thinks she killed Julia, and he was only trying to protect her by burning the gloves.

At Fairwinds, Will is mad at himself for ever believing that he, Paul and Rosanna could be a happy family.

Paul apologizes to Will for being so intent on seeking revenge against Barbara that it kept him from protecting Will. Will wonders how Paul couldnít see what was happening with his own wife. He admits to Paul that he was hurt because Paul wanted Barbara to be guilty, regardless of the truth. Will gets a call from Casey asking him to come pick him and Celia up from Chicago. Will sees the call from Casey as an excuse to get away for a while, so he tells Paul he needs to get some air. Paul recalls Willís words to him and starts to wonder how he didnít see the signs of what was happening with Rosanna.

At Metro, Allison continues to cover for Rafael with Aaron. Curtis informs Allison that Celia called and told him she will be home soon.

At Julia’s place, the police take pictures of the crime scene and search for clues about Julia’s death. Jack thinks that Julia’s death was an accident, but Holden thinks Julia was killed.

At Metro, Allison finally admits to Aaron that she gave Rafael permission to go look for Celia. Aaron is angry that Allison allowed Rafael to go look for his sister. Aaron thinks it's great that Allison wanted to help a friend, but he doesn’t want her to help Rafael neglect his job. Aaron also refuses to let them be babysitters for Celia.

In Chicago, Casey encourages Celia to continue to pursue her dream of being a famous singer. Casey admits to Celia that he wants to become a lawyer or maybe go into politics in order to help people. Will arrives and is introduced to Celia, who remembers seeing him at Allison’s place. Casey is curious to find out what Will was doing at Allison’s place, but Will refuses to talk about the subject.

At Fairwinds, Emily arrives and brings Paul a roast beef sandwich because she thought he hadnít eaten all day.

Paul tells Emily about his conversation with Will. Paul is puzzled that he couldnít see any signs of Rosannaís deep hatred for him. Emily has no idea how Rosanna could hide her hatred for Paul so well. Emily hands Paul a letter addressed to Rosanna, marked "urgent". Once Paul reads the letter he is positive Rosanna lied to him about why she left him.

At Julia’s place, Jack calls Carly to make sure Lily’s alibi is airtight. Holden is positive Julia’s death wasn’t an accident. Holden tells Jack he thinks Keith killed Julia.

At Holden and Julia’s place, Lily explains to Luke what happened when she went to Julia’s place. Luke is glad he burned the gloves because he doesn’t think the police will believe Julia was still alive when Lily left the apartment. Carly calls Lily to tell her Holden found Julia’s body. Carly tells Lily to stick to her story. Lily tells Carly that she can’t stick to her story because Luke knows everything. A few minutes later, a worried Carly comes to the house.

At Fairwinds, Paul shows Emily the letter; it's from a travel agent and contains tickets for a second honeymoon on their anniversary, which is in November. Paul wonders why Rosanna would make plans eight months in advance to have second honeymoon with a husband she doesn’t love.

In Will’s car, Celia can’t stop talking about Casey and all the wonderful things he has done for her. Will has a flashback of kissing Allison and struggles to keep her off his mind.

At Julia’s place, Jack is informed that Keith has checked out of the hotel. Jack puts out an A.P.B. on Keith and posts a guard at the house where J.J. is sleeping over with a friend. Jack is also told that no fingerprints were found anywhere in the apartment. Jack begins to suspect homicide, since the place has been wiped clean. Jack tells his men to treat this like a homicide investigation.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Lily tells Luke about the investigation and encourages him to tell the police the truth. Lily decides to call Jack and tell him everything that happened so her son won’t have to lie to the police.

At Metro, Celia and Casey arrive with Will. Celia apologizes to an angry Rafael, who yells at her for going to Chicago without permission. Casey tells Rafael that going to Chicago was his idea. Rafael then starts yelling at Casey, but Celia stops him by saying that going to Chicago was her idea and Casey was just being a friend by offering to take her. Will and Allison exchange awkward small talk for a few minutes until Celia asks Will for a ride home. Celia gives Casey a kiss on the cheek and thanks him for taking her to Chicago.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Luke points out that if the police send her to jail Holden will probably take him and his sisters away from her. Luke tells his mother he needs her, and so do Faith and Natalie. Lily hangs up the phone and Carly tells her she is doing the right thing. Luke vows to protect his mother and not let anything happen to her.

At Metro, Rafael thanks Allison for covering for him with Aaron. Allison encourages Rafael to be more careful because he needs the job at Metro to take care of Celia.

Margo and Tom arrive to tell their son that the police recovered their stolen car. Tom and Margo tell Casey he must pay for any damage done to the car.

In Will’s car, Celia asks Will questions about Casey and is thrilled when Will tells her that Casey doesn’t have a girlfriend. Will is happy that Celia knows nothing about his past.

At Fairwinds, Emily tries to make Paul face reality, but Paul is positive something took Rosanna away from him. Paul is determined to find out the truth about why Rosanna left him.

At Lily and Holdenís place, Carly once again goes over their story with Lily and tells her everything will be okay as long as she sticks to her story.

Luke gets his mother a cup of tea and assures her he will not allow anyone to take her away from him and his sisters.

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