ATWT Update Wednesday 3/2/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 3/2/05



By Rosey
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Metro:

The building inspector commends Aaron on how quickly he got things fixed up. He passes him and wishes him good luck. Rafael wonders where Casey is, since he's supposed to be the d.j., Aaron tells him that he had a few errands to run and should be here soon. When Aaron goes to open the doors, he's happily surprised by all the people who are waiting (including a couple of girls from his past.)

At Julia's apartment:

Lily tries to make sure Julia is okay and swears that it was just an accident. Julia opens her eyes for a moment, which makes Lily think she is okay. Keith begins to bang on the door, demanding Julia talk to him. Lily panics and uses the window to leave before Keith can get in and see her. She heads straight to Carly's house to tell her what she did. Carly is shocked that Lily just left Julia lying on the floor and tells Lily that they have to go back and make sure she's okay. When they look in Julia's window, Lily at first thinks she is gone but then sees that her body was moved and is still on the floor. They go in and Carly checks her pulse... She's dead. Lily is hysterical, but Carly assures her that everything will be okay. The two of them scrub Julia's apartment to rid it of Lily or Luke's fingerprints.

At Holden's house:

Holden calls Jack to help him find Luke. He explains that Luke was upset about the restraining order against Lily and said he no longer has a dad. When Jack arrives he starts lecturing Holden about Julia. Holden leaves to find Luke on his own. The first place he heads to is Julia's to be sure Luke didn't go there.

At the singing audition:

Celia tells Casey that once it's her turn to sing, the judges will agree that she is the best of all the girls there. When the judges finally call her number, she freezes up and says she can't do it. Casey calms her down and tells her to go in and just have fun with it. She goes in and begins to sing "Amazing Grace," and before the first verse is over the judge stops her. He tells her that they are looking for someone with some sparks and a lot of energy. When she tries to persuade the judge for another chance, he tells her that she has no talent and should go back to Montega to pick a different career. Celia leaves the room crying and tells Casey that she will never sing again. Casey confronts the judge and tells him that he'll be sorry one day for letting Celia go. She can't believe that he would do something so nice. He tells her to wait inside while he goes out to get the car. When he comes back in, she learns that the car has been stolen.

At Carly and Jack's house:

Carly and Julia get home before Jack, and Carly says that their alibi will be that they've been home all night talking. Lily begins to panic when she can't find her gloves, but Carly assures her that they were not left at Julia's place. When Jack gets home, he wonders why Lily looks so upset. Carly explains that she's upset about Luke being missing (which she didn't even know about), and she just needed someone to talk to. Lily hugs and thanks Carly and then leaves.

Back at Metro:

Rafael asks Aaron for Casey's cell phone number. He is worried about his sister. Aaron goes out back to take out the trash and finds Luke standing over a fire barrel to keep warm. Aaron jokes about the fireplace at home being warmer, and Luke informs him that the house isn't so warm anymore. He offers to let Luke come in and hang out inside Metro, but Luke refuses. Luke tells Aaron not to tell anyone he saw him there.

At Dusty's house:

Sierra, Dusty, and Lucinda discuss the spa. Dusty comes up with a great idea to smooth things over with the current owners. Lucinda immediately likes his idea, to the surprise of Sierra. As Lucinda leaves she privately tells Sierra that, although Dusty's work is good, he needs to save his drinking for the weekend. Sierra tells Dusty he did a great job and she will see him in the morning. When she leaves, Dusty begins to think about Lucy's letter again.

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