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At Metro, Mike and Katie work together on building the wall that needs to be put up before the club is supposed to open that night. Their lingering feelings seem apparent, but they both are fighting it. Mike mentions to Katie about Henry and her starting a family, and Katie replies, in shock, that she wants to have a family, but there is too much on her plate right now.

Craig is busy trying to convince Jen that she should not be going after Mike to accept his proposal. He claims that he has seen her grow up and do good, bad and dumb things, but the one thing he has not seen her do is give up, referring to her new-found independence. Jen defends Mike, claiming he would be supportive, but Craig tells her he thinks that Mike will have her settled and having babies and there will be no time for her career. When Jen claims that a modern woman can have both, Craig steadfast in his belief that if she marries Mike she will have to give up on her dreams.

At the police station, Jack and Keith discuss Jack overhearing Keith’s threat towards Julia. Keith tells Jack that Julia is threatening to keep J.J. away from him now. Jack is more concerned then ever about J.J., but Keith just reiterates that he won’t stand to be pushed around again by Julia.

Holden shows up at Lily’s, where Carly is looking after the kids so Lily can go clean up Julia’s. When Holden asks where Lily is, Carly tells him she was upset about the restraining order and wanted to go for a ride to clear her head. Holden asks her to leave so he can talk to Luke. Carly is desperate now to find Lily and get her out of Julia’s, since Holden is home. She thinks Julia might be on her way home as well. She is unsure of what to do next, since Lily is not answering her cell phone. She is about to go after Lily at Julia’s when Jack shows up and tells her he just wants to be with her and her alone, and forget everyone else. He wants them to go home and be with each other, which Carly can’t resist, so they leave.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Holden and Luke have a very emotional discussion. Luke tells Holden if he does not want to act like a husband to Lily then he will no longer see him as a dad or any type of father figure.

Julia is livid that she has caught Lily at her ransacked apartment. Lily tries to calm Julia down and tells her she was the one who did it because she was upset about the restraining order, but she has since calmed down and was about to clean up. Julia doesn’t want to hear it and reaches for the phone to call the police.

Sierra finds Dusty drunk at the bar rereading Lucy’s letter. She helps him upstairs to his hotel room to try to sober him up.

Up in Dusty's room, Sierra throws him in a cold shower to sober him up. Moments later, Lucinda calls Sierra and tells her she wants to see her to discuss business. Sierra tells Dusty to not say much so Lucinda won’t know he is drunk. When Lucinda arrives she tells them that she saved the spa deal by offering the owners 10,000 shares of Worldwide stock. Sierra and Dusty are very upset that she did that.

Julia has the phone in her hand and is preparing to call the police, but Lily tells her if she calls them then she will be forced to call the police, too - the El Paso police. Julia suddenly starts to pay attention.

Lily then tells Julia she knows about everything in El Paso, including how she has a warrant for her arrest on drug charges. Lily tells Julia if she doesn’t hang the phone up she will be more than happy to tell the El Paso police where their wanted woman is. At this point Julia changes her tune, saying Lily can just pay for the damages and she won’t call the police on her. Lily then informs Julia that she is now in charge. Julia asks Lily what she wants, and Lily tells her it's simple: she wants Julia to leave Oakdale that night.

Katie and Mike talk more about family. Mike tells her he is glad that she is not having a baby right now, because he is still getting used to her being married to Henry. Then the conversation switches to Jen and Mike, and he says that they are not ready to move things to the next level. Katie is surprised, since he wanted a family badly when he was with her.

Craig is still trying to convince Jen that Mike wanting her at home and raising a family will cause her ambition to fade when a dejected Henry calls to tell him the plan is going well and that Katie is at the club with Mike. Craig then sends an unknowing Jen off to the club where Mike is with Katie, knowing she will see the two of them together.

Keith goes to see Holden to tell him to relay a message to Julia: she won’t get away with keeping J.J. away from him again, he will make her pay. Holden tells him he is not a messenger and he wants to know what Keith’s problem is. Keith says that there is stuff Holden doesn’t know, and that if Julia doesn’t watch it he will take J.J. away from her, and he would be well within his rights to do so. A very concerned Holden wants to know what Keith could possibly know about Julia that could render him able to take J.J. away from her.

Julia tries to explain to Lily that her ex-husband forced her to steal drugs from the clinic she worked for, or else he would beat up J.J. Lily tells her she is tired of her excuses. Julia begs Lily to reconsider calling the police because of J.J., but Lily reminds her that a few moments when she was going to call the police she was not concerned about Lily's children. Lily tells Julia in no uncertain terms she expects Julia to write a convincing (not "victim garbage") letter to Holden, get J.J., and leave Oakdale on her own that night, or she will be leaving Oakdale in handcuffs.

Katie and Mike continue to talk about their relationships. Mike says he will wait for Jen to be ready. Katie tells him that she is very lucky to have such a wonderful man like Henry, and then she gets upset thinking she should be a better wife. Mike hugs Katie to comfort her just as Jen walks in to see this display of emotion.

She turns around and leaves without letting Mike know she was there. Then Katie and Mike discuss how much like strangers they have become and how they miss each other’s friendship. They decide that they will try to be friends again, and they shake on it to seal the deal.

When Julia sees how determined Lily is to get her to leave town immediately Julia gets mad, saying that Lily can call the police, because Holden knows what type of person her ex-husband was and he will stand by her and hate Lily for calling the police on her. Lily replies that she has nothing to lose and that she is sure ultimately Holden knows right from wrong, and sooner or later he will wise up; then the visits to Julia in a Texas prison will come to a halt. Lily turns to call the police and Julia wildly tries to grab the phone out of her hand.

Jen shows back up to see Craig, telling him she has changed her mind and will go back into business with him at Street Jeans if he can promise to keep Barbara away from her. Craig asks her what prompted this change, and Jen tells him that personal questions are not a part of their business deal and she won’t answer them anymore. Craig smiles to himself, knowing what has just happened.

At Carly and Jack’s, they are getting romantic and talking about how they are now determined to let everyone else lead their own lives because they need to focus more on themselves now. After Jack goes upstairs, Carly sneaks in another urgent call to Lily trying to find out if Lily is okay, but Lily is still not picking up her cell phone.

Back at Julia’s, Lily and Julia are struggling for the phone. Lily, trying to keep the phone away from Julia, pushes her, and Julia falls backwards; as Lily watches, Julia falls and hits her head on the side of a table.

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