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As the World Turns Update Monday 2/28/05



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Craig, Sierra and Dusty discuss Jen quitting Street Jeans because of Barbara. Dusty offers to talk to Jen and try to convince her that Barbara will not have any say in her company, but Craig tells Dusty he will handle Jen himself. After Craig leaves, Dusty tells Sierra she needs to relax and says they should celebrate buying the spa, but Sierra appears very standoffish; Dusty recognizes her mood and calls her on it.

At Mike’s home, he and Jen talk her quitting and Barbara, which leads to Mike telling Jen she should focus on a new family - with him. A surprised Jen asks Mike if he is proposing to her, and Mike answers that yes, he is.

At the cottage, Henry is comforting Katie after she has become very upset about being unable to consummate their marriage. He tells her he understands and that he never thought it would get this far, and he is more than happy with her, even if nothing else ever happens between them. Katie tells him how guilty she feels for still caring about Mike and swears that if Henry has patience she will get over him. Katie goes downstairs to make some more tea, and Henry gets on the phone and calls Craig. Soon after he leaves to go meet Craig to discuss getting Katie back with Mike, because he is sure it would make Katie happiest in the end. When they meet Henry wants to know first what is in it for Craig. Craig tells Henry that it is only because he wants to see his sister truly happy, and for that to happen she needs to be with Mike.

At Metro, Aaron, Allison and Rafael are trying to figure out how they are going to stay on schedule reopening the club after finding out they are not up to code. Allison tries to bribe the inspector with $160, which gets her nowhere. A desperate Aaron calls Craig for help, but Craig is meeting with Henry. They see this as an opportunity to get Mike and Katie together at the club. Henry then goes to the club and convinces Allison to call Katie for help with the decorations. Katie shows up later and comes face to face with Mike.

Carly stops by the police station with more of J.J.’s belongings for Jack and sees Holden there with Julia, preparing to get a temporary restraining order against Lily. Both Carly and Jack are upset about how far Holden is going.

Jack then goes to talk to Holden and Julia to see if they will reconsider. Holden stands firm and Jack leaves to deliver the restraining order in person to Lily. Carly quickly gets on the phone to warn Lily of what Holden is doing. As Lily and Carly are discussing the restraining order, Luke overhears and goes ballistic, saying Holden is no longer his dad. Lily tries to defend Holden, and in trying to calm Luke down Lily accidentally pushes him, and he falls to the floor. A furious Luke runs off, but not before screaming to Lily that he doesnít understand why she is defending Holden and that he hates Holden and Julia.

Jen wonders why Mike is in such a rush now to get married and have children. She asks him if he may be trying too hard to prove to himself that he can love and have a child with someone besides Katie.

As Carly is leaving the police station, she bumps into Keith. They get into another heated disagreement about Jack’s involvement in J.J.’s life and how Carly thinks Julia is always using J.J. as leverage with the men in her life - Jack, Holden and even Keith - to get what she wants. Keith tells Carly that she and only she is to blame about putting this all in motion.

Jen and Mike further discuss his residual feelings for Katie, which he tries to compare to Jen’s past feelings for Jordan. Jen tells Mike that even though Mike and Katie were ready to get married and have a family, she isn’t. She is just finding out who she is on her own, and she is happy with things going just they way they are with her and Mike. Aaron interrupts their talk and asks Mike to come to the club to help with some contract work to bring the club up to code. Mike rushes off.

Katie calls Margo after realizing Henry left. She tells Margo about her inability to consummate the marriage.

Margo thinks that she should get an annulment, but Katie disagrees. She wants to love Henry and consummate the marriage, but if she canít, maybe living in a passionless marriage is her punishment for leaving the love of her life - Mike. Margo tells Katie that her marriage is going to be doomed, because passion is what sustains a couple and holds a marriage together through the years.

While Dusty is with Sierra a letter is delivered from Lucy, essentially telling Dusty that they need to get on with their lives. She is now at a different stage in her life at college, with new friends and a new man. An empathetic Sierra comforts Dusty.

Jack shows up at Lily’s to serve her with the restraining order. She tells Jack that Luke overheard about the restraining order and ran off. Jack tells Lily that he will look for him, but before he leaves he warns Lily that if she breaks the restraining order Julia will have her thrown in jail.

Luke goes to Julia’s and bangs on the door. After he realizes nobody is home, he sees the door is open. After entering Julia’s apartment, he comes across a smiling picture of Holden and Julia. He rips the picture to pieces and proceeds to trash her living room.

Keith apologizes to Julia when he goes to see her at the station. However, their conversation deteriorates when he sees how selfish Julia is being. He tells her she needs to smarten up about the lives of the people she is destroying and says being so over the top with this restraining order will bring attention to her; her warrant in El Paso may catch up with her if she isn’t careful. She tells Keith if he doesn’t get on board with how she wants things she will keep J.J. away from him, to which Keith angrily responds that he will make Julia sorry if she does. At that moment Jack walks in. An angry and frustrated Julia leaves with Holden, and on the way out the door she tells a surprised Holden that she loves him with all her heart. Back in the interrogation room, Jack wants to know why Keith is threatening Julia.

Luke returns home and tells Lily what he did. Carly then arrives, and Lily reiterates what Luke told her and tells Carly she is going to Julia’s to clean up. Carly offers to go, since there is a restraining order out on Lily, but Lily tells Carly that Holden is letting Luke down, but she won’t.

Craig goes to see Jen at Mike’s and she tells Craig that Mike proposed to her and she was stupid to say no. She is ready to run off and tell Mike that she was wrong when Craig stops her by telling her that is something she does not want to do.

Lily arrives at Julia’s and sees the damage that Luke has caused. Just as she starts to clean up, Julia walks in and catches her. Julia tells Lily that she can’t wait to tell Holden what Lily has done now!

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