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At Allison and Aaron’s place, Aaron is nervous about the reopening of Metro because he is afraid he will fail again. Allison tells Aaron he is the best person she has ever known and he can do anything. She encourages him to look at the positive things that happened this past year instead of dwelling on the negative things. Allison assures Aaron that, no matter what happens, she will always be a part of his life.

At Metro, Rafael, Casey, and Celia clean up and get the club ready for opening night. Celia notices a newspaper ad about auditions for the television show "Tomorrow’s Big Star." Celia asks Casey how far away Chicago is from Oakdale. Rafael tells his sister not to even think about going to the auditions today. Casey gets permission from Rafael to take Celia with him to get some supplies for the club. When Rafael goes to the stock room, Casey whispers to Celia that he will drive her to Chicago for the auditions.

At Henry and Katie’s place, Katie is up in her bedroom looking at pictures of Mike with a sad look on her face. Katie stares at the pictures for a few minutes and then she tears them up.

Henry is downstairs arguing with himself, trying to decide if he should take the breakfast tray he prepared for Katie upstairs to her. Henry finally decides to take a chance and goes upstairs with the breakfast tray.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Mike comes downstairs and sees Jennifer sitting on the couch. Mike and Jennifer once again go over what they talked about yesterday regarding having a family someday. Mike and Jennifer kiss each other and are about to make love again when they are interrupted by a visit from Barbara. Jennifer tells her mother she will not work for Street Jeans as long as Barbara insists on working with her.

Jennifer almost closes the door in Barbara’s face, but Barbara tells her they must talk about Paul because he is in trouble.

In Santo Domingo, Rosanna demands that James give Cabot back to her, because she has kept her part of the bargain.

At Fairwinds, Paul is shocked when he opens some overnight mail Rosanna sent to him and sees divorce papers inside the envelope.

At Katie and Henry’s place, Katie is busy making the bed and going over what she has to do at the gym. Katie doesn’t notice that Henry has brought her a breakfast tray until he gives her a red rose.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Barbara informs Jennifer that Rosanna admitted to Paul that she was responsible for her own haunting because she wanted revenge on him. Barbara also tells Jennifer that Rosanna has left Paul because she doesn’t love him. Barbara asks Jennifer to help her save Paul by returning to work for Street Jeans and getting Paul involved in the company. Barbara thinks that concentrating on business will help Paul take his mind off Rosanna.

In Santo Domingo, James tells Rosanna that the only way she will get Cabot back is if Paul signs the divorce papers he sent him on her behalf. Rosanna is upset that James sent Paul divorce papers without consulting her. Rosanna thinks James rushed things by sending Paul divorce papers so quickly. Rosanna thinks that Paul will get angry, not sign the papers, and become more determined to find her.

At Fairwinds, Emily arrives to see if Paul found out who was responsible for Rosanna’s haunting. Paul explains to Emily that Rosanna admitted to everything. Emily wonders why Rosanna would do that to herself. Paul explains that Rosanna wanted revenge on him because she always thought he was responsible for Cabot’s death. Paul shows Emily the divorce papers the overnight mail service brought for him to sign. Emily tells Paul not to blame himself for anything.

Paul doesn’t blame himself, he blames James for killing Cabot and causing Rosanna’s unhappiness. Paul refuses to sign the divorce papers and vows that he will find Rosanna.

At Katie and Henry’s place, Katie tells Henry she meant it when she told him she wanted to have children with him someday. Henry thinks Katie is only saying those words because she doesn’t want to hurt him. Katie thinks she is ready to open her heart to Henry and have a real marriage with him.

At Fairwinds, Emily tells Paul that Craig made the same promises when he was served with divorce papers from Rosanna, but eventually he gave up and signed them. Paul is annoyed that Emily compared him to Craig and makes it clear that he and Craig are two different people. Emily thinks that once Paul has run out of money and hope of ever finding Rosanna, he will sign the divorce papers. Emily thinks Paul should spare himself more pain and sign the papers now, because Rosanna isn’t good for him.

In Santo Domingo, James wants to marry Rosanna as soon as Paul signs the divorce papers. James tells Rosanna that he wants to make sure he has a legal claim to little James, and that is why they must get married. Rosanna doesn’t want to marry James, but he makes it clear that if she doesn’t marry him her son won’t be a part of her life.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Jennifer is considering returning to work in order to help Paul forget Rosanna. Mike asks Barbara to let him talk to Jennifer alone. Jennifer tells Mike everything Barbara told her about Paul. Mike thinks Barbara is using Paul’s problems to force Jennifer to work with her at Street Jeans. Jennifer thinks Mike is absolutely right about Barbara trying to manipulate her. Jennifer tells Barbara that she won’t go back to work with her at Street Jeans, not even for Paul’s sake. Barbara is surprised at how much influence Mike has on Jennifer’s decisions.

At Metro, Aaron thanks his employees for the hard work that has made the reopening of the club possible. The health inspector arrives, and after inspecting the club he closes it only hours before it opens because of code violations.

At Aaron and Allison’s place, Celia uses her key to open the apartment and borrow a dress from Allison for her audition. Celia is positive she will be the winner of the show and become a big star.

At the Lakeview, Barbara, talking to herself, tells Mike to watch out because this fight isn’t over yet.

At Katie and Henry’s place, Henry and Katie begin to make love, but Katie stops and apologizes to Henry, saying she can’t make love to him.

At Fairwinds, Paul is puzzled because Rosanna was talking about adopting a child with him the night before she left him. Paul's heart breaks as he signs the divorce papers and gives them to the messenger. Paul looks at a picture of Rosanna and hopes she is happy; she got what she wanted, but he is suffering because of it.

In Santo Domingo, James tells Rosanna he just received word that Paul signed the divorce papers. Rosanna sits in shocked silence and stares at James. James tells Rosanna that she must marry him, because she wouldn’t want to disappoint her son. Rosanna is still stunned and silent, but she gets up, and James gently pushes her out the door.

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