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At Metro, Rafael listens to Celia sing, and after she is finished he tells her to get off the stage and change back into her other clothes. Rafael is upset with Allison because she encouraged Celia to pursue her dream of being a singer. Rafael explains to Allison that he doesn’t want Celia to get her hopes up, because her dream may not come true. Allison explains to Rafael that dreams are important, and he doesn’t have the right to stop Celia from pursuing hers just because his didn’t come true.

At Henry and Katie’s house, Katie tells Henry that she wants to take their relationship slowly and says she feels Henry is rushing things by talking about having children. Henry tells Katie that most couples discuss the subject of children before they get married. Henry wonders if Katie ever spoke to Mike about having children. Katie gets annoyed because she thinks Henry is always mentioning Mike whenever they have a conversation. Katie tells Henry she doesn’t want their relationship to change right now.

Outside Henry and Katie’s house, Jennifer wonders why Mike was in such a rush to leave. Jennifer thinks Mike is still in love with Katie and tells him to admit it. Mike admits he feels jealous of Henry and Katie, but it's not because he still loves Katie. Mike tells Jennifer he really wants to have children.

At Holden and Lily’s house, the private investigator tells Carly and Lily that she found a lot of information on Julia Larrabee, and the information isn’t good.

At the Lakeview, Julia asks Lisa to reserve a private dining room so she and Holden can have a romantic dinner. Lisa refuses to help Julia have a romantic dinner with her friend’s husband. Keith arrives and also advises Julia to postpone her romance with Holden until his divorce is final. Julia insists that Holden’s divorce is just a formality now, and soon Lily won’t be able to keep her and Holden apart.

Keith reminds Julia that there is a warrant for her arrest in El Paso, so Lily isn’t the only thing standing in between her and a relationship with Holden.

Outside Katie and Henry’s house, Mike wonders if he made Jennifer nervous when he mentioned wanting to have a family. Jennifer tells Mike she wasn’t nervous because she knows why he wants to have children. Mike tells Jennifer he is ready to take the next step in their relationship. Mike and Jennifer kiss each other.

At Katie and Henry’s house, Katie wants to enjoy each day and not talk about having children right now. Henry asks Katie to make him a martini. Craig arrives to give the newlyweds a wedding present. Katie wonders about the real reason for Craig’s visit.

At Metro, Rafael explains to Celia that he doesn’t want her to get hurt if her dream of being a singer doesn’t come true. Rafael agrees to let Celia stay in Oakdale if the INS says she can. Rafael makes it clear that if there is a problem with the INS she must go back to Montega.

At Holden and Lily’s house, the investigator informs Carly and Lily that Julia wrote illegal drug prescriptions, which she would fill so her husband Les could sell them. Les would hit Julia if she refused to supply him with drugs. She fills them in on the warrant for Julia's arrest in El Paso. The investigator also informs Lily and Carly that the judge who issued the warrant is a tough judge who could put Julia in jail for a long time.

At the Lakeview, Keith encourages his sister to stop running away and face the charges against her. Keith tells Julia he can get a good lawyer who can get the charges against her dropped. Julia thinks that even if the lawyer can get the drug charges dropped the flight charges will stick, because she did run away with J.J. when Les has legal custody of him. Keith advises Julia to tell Holden the truth and see if he really loves her and will stay with her.

Julia refuses to tell Holden because she is worried he will go back to Lily once he learns the truth about her. Keith worries that J.J. will get attached to Holden and will lose another person he calls "Dad" once the truth comes out and the police arrest Julia. Keith warns Julia to tell Holden the truth, or he will do it for her.

At Metro, Aaron and Allison tell Casey how Celia arrived in Oakdale. Rafael apologizes to Aaron for their argument earlier and assures him it won’t happen again. Rafael and Celia leave to go talk to Sierra.

At the Walsh Mansion, Sierra is more than happy to help Rafael and Celia with their INS problem. Sierra offers to rent them the pool house and tells Celia to take a tour of the grounds. Sierra wonders if Rafael is ready to take on the responsibility of a teenage girl, especially one that is as stubborn and headstrong as his sister.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Mike and Jennifer begin to make love, but Jennifer stops them because she fears Mike wants to start a family right away. Jennifer tells Mike she isn’t ready to sacrifice a career for a family right now. Jennifer thinks Mike is in a rush to have kids because Katie married Henry. Mike explains he has always wanted to have children and it has nothing to do with Katie. Mike tells Jennifer about the loss of baby Nora and how much it hurt to find out he wasn’t Sage’s father.

At Henry and Katie’s house, Craig asks Katie if she wants to have Mike back in her life. Katie explains to Craig that Henry is a wonderful friend and husband. Katie also tells Craig she loves Henry like a brother. Katie tells Craig she is happy with Henry and she is married now, so she can’t think about Mike.

At the Lakeview, Keith wants his sister to face reality, because sooner or later the truth about her past will come out. Julia warns Keith that if he tells Holden the truth she will run away with J.J. again, and this time he won’t ever find them.

At Carly and Lily’s house, Carly gives the phone to Lily so she can call the police, but Lily is hesitant to do it.

At Jennifer and Mike’s place, Jennifer promises Mike that they will have a family someday. Jennifer and Mike make love.

At the Lakeview, Keith asks Julia not to disappear again.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lily worries that sending Julia to jail will hurt J.J. Lily also worries that calling the police will backfire on them and drive Holden farther away from her. Carly thinks that if they allow Julia to stay in Oakdale she will slowly ruin their lives.

At Henry and Katie’s house, Craig informs Henry that Katie loves him like a brother and she wants Mike back in her life. Henry tells Craig that Katie is married to him and Mike is no longer a part of her life. Henry also tells Craig he is well aware that Katie only loves him as a friend, but someday that friendship will turn into love.

At Metro, Aaron and Allison go home and leave Rafael to close the club. Casey invites Celia to go to Al’s Diner. Rafael puts his foot down and tells Celia they must go home. Celia gets upset that her brother ruined her fun night. Rafael tells Celia if she doesn’t obey his rules he will send her back to Montega.

At the Lakeview, Julia tells her brother she won’t allow any man, not even him, to push her around anymore. The argument gets loud, and Lisa wishes they would both leave her hotel.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Carly thinks they should give Julia a warning to leave Oakdale, or else they will call the police and send her to jail.

At Aaron and Allison’s place, Aaron and Allison have a romantic night together.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Mike tells Jennifer he believes she can do anything. Jennifer is amazed that Mike believes in her so strongly. Mike tells Jennifer he loves her and they make love again.

Outside Katie and Henry’s house, Henry tells Craig he loves Katie and he is determined to have a future with her. Henry tells Craig that making Katie happy is his life’s work. Once Henry goes inside the house, Craig tells himself that Katie’s marriage to Henry will last a month, and then she will go back to Mike. Craig smiles, because once Mike has gotten back together with Katie Jennifer can concentrate on working with him at Street Jeans.

At Holden and Lily's place, Lily agrees to give Julia a chance to leave town before they call the police and have her arrested. Carly tells Lily that she will call her when she has a meeting set up with Julia. Carly smiles and tells Lily to cheer up, because soon Julia will be gone.

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