ATWT Update Wednesday 2/23/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 2/23/05



By Rosey
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At the restaurant, Henry offers to buy Mike a drink, but Mike refuses and says he has to get back to Jennifer. Katie tells Henry that they ought to get home soon so they don't miss the movers. Mike asks, "What movers?" and Henry tells him that Katie arranged to have his things from storage moved into the house. Mike looks upset by this news. Henry tells Mike that he and Jen should come by and pick up his belt sander that is in the basement.

At Barbara's house, Barbara arrives home for the first time since being arrested. James is sitting inside waiting for her. He reminds her that if it weren't for him she wouldn't have her freedom, and he needs her to do one favor for him: she needs to convince Paul that Rosanna did drug Emily and that he is better off without her.

At Allison and Aaron's apartment, Allison lets Celia (Rafael's sister) pick out something to wear. She finds a little black dress and claims that it will be perfect. Celia tells Allison that her dream is to become a singer. Allison tells her that Rafael thinks she should go back to Montega. A few minutes later, Rafael calls and tells Ally that he's on the way over with a plane ticket for Celia. Allison warns Celia, who freaks out and says she is never going back to Montega. Allison suggests she go and hang out at Metro for now, and she will talk to Rafael for her. When Rafael arrives he is angry that she let Celia leave.

She assures him that she knows where she went but tries to convince him to let her stay in the country. After much discussion Allison tells him where Celia is, but she calls to warn Casey that he is on the way there.

At Metro, Celia arrives; Casey introduces himself and looks intrigued. Casey and Aaron continue to set up microphones and speakers on the stage. Casey tells Celia that he needs someone to do sound check and wonders if she wants to sing a song.

She excitedly accepts his offer. While she's singing, Rafael and Allison walk in.

At Paul and Rosanna's house:

Rosanna continues to tell Paul how she drugged Emily just to hurt him. She tells him that she wanted to frame Will so he would be forced to go back into the hospital; then Paul would feel the kind of pain that she felt when she lost Cabot. Paul senses that she is lying and continues to ask her why. She insists that everything is the truth. She tells Paul that if he had stayed away from his family none of this would have ever happened, so all of this is his fault. She tells him that it's time for him to move on, without her. She warns him not to follow her, because it won't do any good.

In the limo, James, Rosanna, and Cabot head out of Oakdale. Rosanna asks him how long this charade will last, and he answers that the three of them will be a happy little family --forever. He never plans on coming back to Oakdale. She quietly vows that that will not be the case.

At Katie and Henry's house, Katie looks through some of Henry's stuff. Jennifer finds some collectors' editions of children's books. Henry explains that they were his when he was a child, and he hoped to read them to his own kids someday. Jen and Katie think that is very sweet.

Mike is very uneasy seeing Katie and Henry hugging and playing around. He tells them that they have to go because Jen has some work to do. When they get outside Jennifer asks him what's wrong. When Mike says nothing is wrong, she wishes he would be honest with her and accuses him of still being in love with Katie. After Mike and Jen leave, Henry asks Katie if she had ever thought about having kids with him. She looks kind of surprised and has no quick response.

In Sierra's office, Craig tells Sierra about Jennifer walking away from Street Jeans. He tells her about the company still being tied in with BRO and Barbara wanting to work with Jen. He apologizes for letting her down and hands in his resignation. She rips it up and tells him he isn't leaving that easily. She knows he can handle Barbara, and he needs to do anything possible to get Jennifer back. As Sierra walks away, he smiles and says that is exactly what he wanted to hear.

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