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Henry comes home to the cottage to find Katie hurrying off the phone after making some secretive arrangements. She tries to cover up about it, but after she drops his date book he wants to know what she is up to.

At the Lakeview Lounge, Mike and Jen discuss Barbara and her need to get back in Jenís life through Jenís company, Street Jeans. Jen is adamant that she has worked too hard to have her mom involve herself with her business and vows she will quit before she lets that happen.

Dusty and Sierra come home from their business trip to the spa, and moments after they do they receive a package from the owners of the spa. When they open it, they see that they were sent beauty mud.

Jack wants to know why Carly got involved with Julia, Lily and Holden again after she promised not to. He says her behavior is continuing to jeopardize his relationship with J.J. Jack leaves to do damage control at Juliaís.

Meanwhile, at Juliaís, Holden demands Lily leave after her explosion and her wishing Julia dead. A dejected Lily leaves knowing that she has pushed Holden even farther away from her then ever. Holden tells Julia this will be the last time she is forced to defend herself against Lily. He tells her this time he will fix it, and with that he leaves, promising when he comes back it will be different.

Barbara arrives as Will and Paul argue about Rosanna and her role in Emilyís drugging. Barbara again proclaims her innocence and says that Paul seems to not really care who drugged Emily, as long as itís her. Paul wants to leave and wants Will to come with him, but Will wants to stay. After Paul leaves, Barbara tries to convince Will that during her house arrest she had time to think about all she has done. She apologizes again, claiming that she now realizes she wants her kids to live their own lives, and loving her kids does not mean she has to control them. She tells Will how much she misses him, and Will is affected by her.

Rosanna wants to know what else James could possibly want from her. He tells her he wants her to leave Oakdale with him. He wants Paul to hurt and be tormented because of all Paul has done to him. Rosanna is adamant that she canít leave Paul and Carly. To that, James responds that if she doesnít leave with him, he will take Cabot and disappear again forever. James tells her she must choose, because she cannot have both.

Henry finally gets out of Katie what she is plotting. She tells him that she has sent for all of his belongings to be brought out of storage because she wants him to feel like the cottage is his house, too. With that they decide to go out and celebrate their 24-hour anniversary.

Mike wants Jen to stop worrying about Barbaraís interference. He thinks she should start over with a new company. He reminds her what a great designer she is and that she has already proven herself with Street Jeans, and so starting fresh would be easier than she thinks.

Craig returns to try to convince Jen not to give up on her dream. Mike tells Craig that he doesnít want to hear him guilt Jen into staying with Street Jeans if she no longer wants to be there due to Barbaraís interference. As the three of them discuss Jenís predicament, Katie and Henry show up, and suddenly Mikeís attention is with Katie and Henry, which Jen canít help but notice.

Lily comes home distraught over her run-in at Juliaís. She starts to tell Carly what happened as Holden shows up. They argue again and Holden points out that when another woman shows him attention, finally Lily takes notice and wants to work on their marriage. Again, Holden tells Lily that they are through, and to prove it he tells her he will be taking Julia to the police station the next day to help her file a restraining order against Lily. Lily canít believe how far Holden is going to protect Julia.

Jack and Julia discuss J.J. and Jackís involvement with him, and Julia tells him that today was the final straw with Carly sending Lily over to Juliaís, which ended in Lily assaulting her. She is worried the next time J.J. might see it. Julia tells Jack that she has tried to take the high road with Carly but Carly has always made it impossible, and she wants J.J. out of the crossfire. She then tells Jack to look at the woman he chose over her, because she is responsible for this war and, now, for the repercussions. Jack begs Julia to not let J.J. think that he doesnít love him anymore, and Julia tells him she will think of a soft way to tell him, but he'd better tell Carly (and Lily) that they had better get used to her and J.J. being around.

Rosanna pleads with James to not make her choose between Paul and Cabot. She claims Paul would never believe she would leave him all of a sudden and that he would always look for her, making it dangerous for James. James tells her that the groundwork has already been laid with Emilyís new drugging memories of Rosanna and that she could use this to hurt Paul badly enough to have him not go after her. When Paul calls Rosannaís name from downstairs, James grabs Cabot and leaves with the threat that she needs to make up her mind now which she will choose Ė her husband or her child?

Barbara manipulates Will into telling her what she already knows, that Emily has now fingered Rosanna in her drugging. She wants to, and does, use this information to insinuate herself further into Willís life. It works, and Will ends up apologizing to his mom for accusing her of Emilyís drugging.

Paul finds Rosanna alone and distraught over Jamesí threats. However, Paul thinks her mood (because he found her holding Cabotís teddy bear) means that she is still not over Cabot's death. He thinks that Emilyís recent change on who drugged her is causing Rosanna stress as well. He promises to get her through everything, to which Rosanna answers that Emily was right and she did in fact drug Emily.

Sierra and Dusty playfully try to cover each other in mud, and at one point they share a very close moment which almost ends in them kissing. When they realize what is happening they pull back. Dusty quickly tells her he has to leave, but as he does they lock eyes and realize there might be something developing between them.

Mike has gotten up from the table and is overhearing Katie and Henry kidding around and discussing their wedding night, and he is affected. He tries to walk back to the table without them noticing, but he bumps into a waiter, who drops his plates. Katie and Henry turn around to see Mike standing there, embarrassed.

Lily asks Holden what she can do to fix things, and he tells her to get a lawyer, because he is, and tomorrow morning his lawyer will be in touch; with that he leaves. Carly enters, having heard what Holden has told Lily, and tells her she needs to keep fighting for Holden. She adds that they need to uncover what happened in El Paso, because it is going to be something big that will blow Julia and her hold on the Oakdale men out of the water.

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