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As the World Turns Update Monday 2/21/05



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Jen and Craig are busy celebrating a successful meeting for her company, Street Jeans, when Barbara interrupts. She wants to celebrate Jen's success with her new company, but Jen doesn’t want anything to do with Barbara or to hear anything she has to say. Barbara smugly insinuates that they should consider pooling their companies together, and Jen cannot figure out how she has the audacity to suggest something so ridiculous. Barbara then proceeds to subtly tell Jen and Craig that, since they are using BRO’s offices and personnel for Street Jeans, they had better reconsider working together; otherwise she will close up shop, leaving Jen with nothing.

Rosanna is nervously waiting at her house for James to call and let her know where she can find Cabot. She flashes to how James blackmailed her to get Barbara off in order to get Cabot back. She cannot help but wonder if she is being played. Paul shows up, upset over Barbara being let off for drugging Emily. He’s worried about Jen and Will but also wonders why Rosanna seems to be taking it so well. She tells him she just wants to focus on the good and positive things she can have in her life, and that she wants her and Paul to consider adopting a baby.

Spoiling the moment a bit, Will arrives, upset over Barbara’s continuous failure to admit to any of her crimes. Will and Paul leave to discuss their mom and the fact that Emily has seen visions of Rosanna drugging her. Moments after they leave, an anxious Rosanna receives the call she has been waiting for from James, who tells her to go upstairs and she will see Cabot.

Keith shows up at the Oakdale Police Station claiming that he and Julia have discussed Jack no longer being a part of J.J.’s life.

The discussion becomes heated because Jack wants to stay a part of J.J.’s life, while Keith thinks that it is bad for J.J. to be near Jack, considering his inconsistent involvement with J.J. because of Carly and Jack’s other kids. Keith thinks that Carly and Lily’s unending vendetta against his sister, Julia, is unhealthy for J.J. to witness, and he won’t put up with it.

Carly is at Lily’s house looking after the kids when Holden shows up, which shocks Carly. She had just sent a furious Lily off to Julia’s after relating that she saw Holden’s car parked outside Julia’s house when he was supposed to be at Lily’s with her and the kids. Holden tells Carly that he had taken a cab to Lily’s, and the cab was then involved in a minor accident; that was why he was late. Carly then has to tell Holden what she told Lily about his car being at Julia’s, and an agitated Holden takes off to go handle the situation with Lily and Julia…again. The minute Holden leaves, Carly gets on her cell to warn Lily that Holden is on his way; too bad Lily is ignoring her phone.

Meanwhile, a furious Lily has confronted Julia about how Julia is manipulating Holden away from his kids. Julia and Lily continue to have words while Julia eggs Lily on about how if this is how Lily acts around Holden, it is no wonder Holden no longer wants to be with her. Lily is so incensed by Holden’s supposed betrayal she starts to search Julia’s apartment while screaming Holden’s name. The two women continue to egg each other on. Julia plays on Lily’s insecurities, but Lily returns the insults by claiming she and Holden have had twenty years together and have always found their way back together, no matter what the circumstances, and that Julia is simply a “short ugly chapter.” Julia counters by saying that Holden is only with Lily still because he feels pity for her. That is enough to send Lily over the top; she lunges at Julia just in time for Holden to arrive and witness the two women attacking one another.

After Holden separates Lily and Julia, he tells Lily that he just came from the house and his car was at Julia’s because she had had car trouble and was borrowing it. He then took a cab to their house and had been involved in a minor accident, and that is why he was late. A defeated Lily realizes that, again, she must look insanely out of control about Julia, but she doesn’t care.

Rosanna runs upstairs and comes face to face with Cabot and James. She is overjoyed. As she holds and comforts Cabot, James tells her he is now called Jimmy. Rosanna just wants him to leave so she can spend some time with her son.

James then tells a disbelieving Rosanna that even though she had held up her end of the bargain by getting Barbara off and he has brought Cabot back to her, he is not through with her. He still has something else she must do for him.

At the coffeehouse Paul has to tell Will about Emily’s new visions about Rosanna. Will thinks there may be something to Emily’s new memories. Will thinks maybe Rosanna didn’t want him around and that was her way of getting rid of him. Paul staunchly defends Rosanna, claiming she would have to be diabolical to have done that. He says that after being around Barbara and James his whole life he would know if his wife is crazy. Will, noticing how upset he has made Paul, asks him not to tell Rosanna about his comments. Paul agrees because it would hurt Rosanna too much to know about it.

At Lily’s, Jack confronts Carly about her run-in with Keith, which she innocently relays. Jack tells Carly that Keith wants J.J. to stay away from him forever because of Carly. She tells him Keith is overreacting and that she wants to help, but Jack is adamant about Carly staying completely out of it. Then he asks her why she is at Lily’s. A distraught Carly tells Jack she sent Lily to Julia’s by accident and probably made things between Holden and Lily a thousand times worse.

After Barbara explains to Jen and Craig how they would only benefit by working together, she adds that, since most of Street Jeans' profit is coming from BRO’s pocket, they should have a contract made up to legally bind the two companies. She leaves telling Jen and Craig to discuss it and get back to her tomorrow. After Barbara leaves, Jen is amazed that her mother has that much gall. She declares she would never work for her mom, to which Craig replies, “Yes you will!”

Lily thinks that she and Holden should be in therapy to work on their marriage, and Holden has to again tell her it is for the kids that he is going. He wants Lily to let him go. Lily tries to get Holden to remember what they shared in the past and what kind of a connection they had, and could still have, if he gives it a chance. After sharing a few moments of memories, Holden is noticeably affected, and they are very close to kissing when Julia walks back in, claiming she didn’t mean to interrupt. Lily explodes that she wishes Julia would just die and leave them all alone!

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