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By Rosey
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At the station:

Keith tells Jack that he thinks it's J.J.'s best interest if he doesn't spend time with Carly. Keith says that he and Julia also think Jack should stop seeing J.J. before he is hurt even more. Jack is furious and calls Carly. He finds out she's at Lily's house and heads over there to confront her.

At Lily's house: Holden arrives home and tells Carly that his cab was in an accident on the way home. When he asks where Lily is, she explains how she "happened" to drive by Julia's apartment and saw his car, so she told Lily. She tells him to take her car and go to Julia's place. When he leaves, she frantically calls Lily's cell phone to try to warn her of what is going on. Lily doesn't answer. Jack arrives at Lily's house and tells Carly about Keith's visit. He angrily tells her that it's because of her that he may never see J.J. again. He says she has to stay out of trouble and let Holden and Lily handle their own problems. He then realizes that Lily isn't home and wonders where she is. Carly tells him what she did and where Lily is.

At Julia's apartment:

Lily is yelling Holden's name, thinking that he is there. She starts to wander around the apartment looking for him as she shouts. Julia says it's no wonder he doesn't want to be with her, with the way that she treats him. Lily tells Julia that she is just an ugly little bump in the road; Holden loves her, they have been married twenty years and her marriage will survive. Julia insists that her marriage is over and then tells Lily that Holden told her the only reason he agreed to go to therapy sessions was for his children; he feels nothing but pity for Lily. Lily angrily grabs Julia by the throat and begins choking her. Holden walks in and yanks Lily off of Julia.

He tells her that the reason his car was at Julia's is because she was using it after hers broke down. Lily wonders why she wasn't told that, and Holden tells her it wasn't her business. Julia leaves the two of them alone to talk. Holden tells Lily that he will always love her, she is the mother of his children, but he thinks by putting off the divorce she has gotten the wrong idea. He tells Lily it's time for her to let him go. Julia walks back in and realizes that they aren't done talking. When she asks if there is anything she can do, Lily tells her that she can just die and leave them alone.

At Rosanna and Paul's house: Rosanna reminisces about the conversation she had with Barbara. She warned her that James is out for himself and nothing is simple with him. She worries about Cabot. Paul comes home and tells Rosanna that his mother is loose on the streets somewhere. Rosanna consoles him and tells him that everything will be okay. Paul wonders how she can be so calm about everything, and she explains that she is trying to put it in the past. She asks Paul what he thinks about having a baby together. He says that he thought they would someday but wonders with all this Barbara mess if it is the right time. Rosanna claims that with Barbara, it will never be the right time. He agrees and starts to like the idea of being a dad. As they embrace, Will shows up to see if Paul heard about his mom.


They begin to chat about it and then Paul offers to take Will to have coffee so Rosanna doesn't have to keep hearing about Barbara. When the two leave, Rosanna hopes that James will call about Cabot. After a while, he does. She asks him when she can see Cabot, and he says, "How fast can you be upstairs?" She runs up to find James and Cabot, whom James keeps referring to as Jimmy Jr. She takes the boy out of his arms and hugs him. When she tells James that he can leave now, he informs her that their business is not done yet.

At a restaurant:

Jennifer and Craig have drinks to celebrate how well the Street Jeans line is doing. Barbara walks in, uninvited, and joins them. She tells Jennifer how she can't wait to work with her side by side. Jennifer assures her that Street Jeans is not a division of BRO, it's her company, and Barbara will not work there. Barbara tells her and Craig that her lawyer will contact them in the morning, but today is a day of celebration. She then reveals that since Jennifer has an office at BRO and uses some of its employees to run her company, it is technically part of BRO. Barbara tells Jen and Craig that their contracts are being drawn up, and she will have supervision over both of them. Craig just smirks, but Jen is very angry and swears she won't work with her mother.

At the coffee house: Paul explains to Will that Emily is accusing Rosanna of drugging her instead of Barbara. Will says that he believes that could be true. Paul gets up to leave, angry that his brother could think that.

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