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At the Lakeview, Lily shares her excitement with Carly because Holden is coming to spend time with his family. Lily tells Carly she feels like she is on her first date with Holden. Carly advises Lily to keep the conversation light and not mention "the beast who shall remain nameless." Carly offers to go look through Lily’s closet and help her pick out the perfect outfit.

At Juliaís place, Holden explains to Julia that he needs to spend more time with his kids so they will understand that when he divorces Lily he will still be their father and they will always be a family.

Julia admits to Holden she is scared that Lily will use his time with the children to try and get him back. Holden makes it clear that he isnít going to give her up for anyone.

At Aaron and Allisonís place, Allison gently pushes herself away from Willís kiss. Will is embarrassed by his actions and wants to leave the apartment. Allison asks him to stay because they need to talk about what just happened between them.

Allison gets a call from Aaron, who tells her that he is coming home as soon as he has finished working. Aaron tells Allison he has thought of nothing but her all day and he canít wait to make love to her. Will thinks kissing Allison was a stupid thing to do. Allison tells Will that the kiss he gave her wasnít stupid and she also has had feelings for someone who didnít feel the same way about her.

At Fairwinds, the maid tells Paul that Rosanna received a call from Barbara and shortly after the call Rosanna left the house.

At the police station, Rosanna assures Barbara that Emily remembered the fake memories she planted in her mind. Barbara wonders why it is taking so long for the police to release her from custody. Rosanna tells Barbara not to worry because she has taken care of everything.

Tom and Jessica arrive to inform Barbara that the judge has issued a new court order about her case. Tom reads the judgeís order to Barbara, which states that her sentence has been commuted to time served, so she is now free.

At Aaron and Allison’s place, Allison explains to Will that she thinks of him as a good friend, but she is in love with Aaron. Will admits to Allison he thought she had feelings for him because she pretended to be his girlfriend at his party. Allison apologizes if she sent Will mixed signals, but she only did that because she knows high school kids can be very cruel. Allison tells Will she hopes their friendship isn't going to be ruined over a silly joke. Will is hurt because he thinks Allison considers him a joke. Allison tries even harder to explain to Will how much his friendship means to her but the words don’t come out right, so a hurt Will leaves the apartment.

At the Lakeview, Lucinda informs Rafael and Celia that, with Sierra’s help, Celia will have a passport in a few days. Celia is excited about the news because she thinks once she has a passport she will be able to get a visa more quickly. Rafael explains to his sister that once she receives her passport she will be going back home to Montega. Celia pleads with Lucinda not to send her back home. Lucinda tells Celia that she thinks Rafael is doing what is best for her.

At Holden and Lilyís place, Lily and Carly arrive and Carly explains to Emma that she is there to act as Lilyís style consultant. An excited Faith comes downstairs and tells Carly the good news: her daddy is coming home today. Carly takes Faith back upstairs so Lily and Emma can have a talk.

Emma advises Lily not to get her hopes up too much because from what Holden has told her, she gets the impression he doesnít intend to come home for good, now or in the future.

At Julia’s place, Julia apologizes to Holden for acting selfishly, but she just loves him so much that she wants to know everything about him and spend every minute with him. Julia explains to Holden that her car broke down and Keith is coming to take her to work. Holden insists that Julia borrow his car, and he will take a cab to see his children. Julia gives Holden a kiss and hug to thank him for being so wonderful.

At the police station, Paul is surprised to find Rosanna and wonders what she is doing there. Rosanna tells Paul the D.A. called her and asked her to come to the station.

Paul tells Rosanna that for some strange reason Emily remembers her (Rosanna) drugging her, not Barbara. Paul explains that Emily is puzzled by these memories. Paul tells Rosanna he thinks Barbara planted those memories in Emilyís mind. Paul doesnít think Rosanna could be capable of torturing herself. Paul figures out Rosanna already knew everything he just told her because she doesnít act surprised by the information. Paul canít understand why Rosanna kept everything a secret from him.

At the Lakeview, Celia is hurt that Rafael doesn’t want her to stay in Oakdale. Rafael finally tells Celia the truth about the fight and about his job at Metro. Celia assumes that Rafael is manager of the club and makes plans to help him make it the best club in Oakdale.

At Julia’s place, Keith tells Julia she isn’t alone anymore and that he wants to take care of her and J.J. Keith thinks that J.J. needs a stable male influence in his life. Keith wants Julia to stop using J.J. to get close to men. Julia is hurt and tells Keith she doesn’t use J.J. to get close to men. Julia is afraid Keith thinks she is a bad mother. Keith tells Julia she isn’t a bad mother, but he thinks he should be the one to take care of her and J.J. Julia gives her brother a kiss and hug and tells him she is happy to have him back in her life. Keith advises Julia to give Holden some time to settle things with his family before she continues to have a relationship with him. Julia insists Holden wants to be with her and she isn’t going away, so his family will have to get used to her.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Lily is worried because Holden is late. Luke calls Julia to find out if Holden is there with her. Julia thinks Lily was the one who told Luke to call her so she asks Luke to give Lily a message for her. Julia asks Luke to tell Lily that it isn’t her fault if Lily can’t keep track of her husband. Lily tells Carly about her conversation with Emma. Carly tells Lily not to listen to Emma because Holden loves her and will come back home. Holden calls Lily to tell her the reason he is running late is because he was in a minor car accident. Luke overhears Lily tell Carly what Holden said to her. Luke tells his mom he thinks Holden is with Julia. Luke tells Lily what Julia told him when he called her place to see if Holden was there. Lily decides to drive to Julia’s place and see if Holden is there.

At the Lakeview, Lucinda wonders why Holden didn’t tell her about his separation from Lily. Lucinda urges Holden to give his marriage another chance. Lucinda thinks Holden and Lily belong together because their marriage has endured worse problems and survived. Lucinda is worried that Lily will fall apart if they get divorced. Holden thinks Lily is a strong woman and will be just fine after the divorce.

At the police station, Paul asks Rosanna to tell the police that Barbara drugged Emily so Barbara can go to jail. Rosanna tells Paul she loves him but that is something she canít do. Paul wonders why Rosanna wonít help him put Barbara in jail.

Paul is shocked when Tom informs him that the charges against Barbara have been dropped. Rosanna tells Paul that she is angry about this injustice but there isnít anything she can do about it. Rosanna thinks she and Paul should just forget everything and move on with their lives. Paul tells Rosanna he canít forgive or forget what his mother did to her and Will.

Outside Julia’s place, Carly sees Holden’s car parked outside Julia’s apartment building and wonders how she will tell Lily.

At Metro, Aaron arrives and starts giving Rafael orders. Celia is upset that her brother is working for other people instead of being the boss. Celia tells Rafael that she loves her parents but she will never serve other people in any job, because she wants something better for herself. Celia gets up to leave, and when Rafael tells her to sit down she says he isn’t her boss.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Carly tells Lily Holden’s car was parked outside Julia’s apartment building. Lily decides to go to Julia’s place. Luke wants to go with her but Lily tells him she must do this alone.

At Allison and Aaron’s place, Celia arrives in tears and asks Allison for a place to stay.

At the Lakeview, Rafael tells Aaron Celia was upset and left, and he asks Aaron if he can go find her. Aaron tells Rafael that he really needs him to work right now and if he can’t do it then he will find someone else for the job. An angry Rafael agrees to work for his boss.

At the police station, Paul asks Jessica how she got the charges against Barbara dropped. Jessica tells him that the judge came to that decision on his own. Paul calls Will and leaves a message for him that they must talk because they have a situation.

Barbara is impressed that Rosanna bought a judge to set her free. Barbara warns Rosanna that James' game isnít over yet.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Holden arrives in a police car and tells Carly that the police gave him a ride from the Lakeview. Holden asks Carly about Luke’s whereabouts.

At Julia’s place, an angry Lily arrives demanding to speak to Holden. Julia tells her Holden isn’t there. Lily tells Julia that she isn’t leaving until Holden comes out to face her.

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