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By Eva
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At Allison and Aaronís place, Allison asks Aaron if it was worth the long wait to make love to her. Aaron tells Alison it was. Aaron calls Curtis at Metro to inform him he is taking a day off. Aaron tells Allison that the first thing they are going to do with his paycheck is get a bigger apartment. They make love again.

At the police station, Barbara demands to know when she will be able to leave since Emily admitted she wasnít responsible for drugging her. Barbara receives a call from James who wishes her a belated happy Valentineís Day. Barbara wonders why itís taking so long for him to set her free. James tells Barbara to be patient; Rosanna will follow his orders because there is too much at stake for her not to. Barbara wonders if James can deliver what he promised to both her and Rosanna. James hangs up the phone instead of answering Barbaraís question. An angry Will arrives and demands to know what Barbara did to make Emily change her story. Barbara insists that someone else drugged Emily and her statement to the police proved it. Will doesnít buy Barbaraís story and tells her that he is through believing that his mother can come back to him. Will tells Barbara that he doesnít know the person she has become and this new person means nothing to him.

At Hal and Emilyís place, Paul is also wondering what happened to Emily to make her change the statement they agreed she was going to give to the police. Emily apologizes to Paul for not being able to lie when she gave her statement to the police.

At the Lakeview, J.J. waits for Julia to pick him up; she is late. Carly arrives and sees him sitting with the mother of one of his friends from school. Mrs. Wentworth (the friend's mother) invites J.J. to go to the movies with a group of his friends. J.J. begs Carly to let him go to the movies, promising his mother wouldnít mind. Carly agrees and gives J.J. some money for the movie.

At Juliaís place, Keith arrives to visit his sister. Julia is upset because her car broke down and she is running late to pick up J.J. Julia is also nervous because Holden hasnít called her to let her know what happened during his therapy session with Lily. Keith thinks his sister is looking for trouble. He advises Julia to just cut her losses and leave town, because Holdenís family isnít going to give up on him without a fight. Julia assures Keith that Holden does want to be a part of her life, he just has to straighten out his family problems. Keith volunteers to pick up J.J. at the Lakeview. A few minutes after Keith leaves the apartment Carly calls Julia to explain about J.J. going to the movies. Julia tells Carly that it's no big deal that she allowed J.J. to go, but she must wait at the Lakeview for Keith to arrive and explain things to him. Julia hangs up the phone quickly because she is waiting for Holden to call her.

At Doctor Michaelís office, Holden makes it clear to Lily that he only agreed to come to marriage counseling to help the kids adjust to their upcoming divorce. Lily tells Holden she came to marriage counseling to save their marriage. Holden thinks they want different things.

At Hal and Emilyís place, Paul apologizes to Emily for asking her to lie in her statement to the police. Emily explains to Paul that she is very confused by what happened at the police station. Emily tells Paul she has been having some very confusing memories. Paul wonders if Emily still agrees that Barbara should be in jail. Emily tells Paul she wants Barbara in jail more than anyone else. Paul has an idea to help Emily remember the truth.

At the Lakeview, Keith is very angry that Carly allowed J.J. to go to the movies without asking for Juliaís permission. Carly thinks Keith is making a big deal over nothing. Keith thinks Carly is trying to spoil J.J. so that she can take his motherís place in his life.

At Dr. Michaelís office, Holden tells Dr. Michael he intends to divorce Lily, but he needs counseling on how best to help his children adjust to the divorce. Lily cries as she apologizes to Holden for taking him for granted since Roseís death. Lily explains she just realized how much that hurt him. Lily tells Holden she still loves him and she just needs another chance to prove it to him. Holden feels he isnít the man Lily needs to make her happy anymore.

Luke listens to his parentís session from outside the door of Dr. Michaelís office. Holden hesitates when Lily asks him if he still loves her. Luke bursts into the office and begs Holden to tell Lily he still loves her.

At the Lakeview, Carly tells Keith that Julia uses J.J. to get close to men, and those men are almost always married. Carly thinks Julia is hurting J.J. by allowing him to get attached to men who will never be a permanent part of his life. Keith explains that Julia has had a rough life, but she is a good mother who is doing her best for her son. Carly tells Keith that she knows everything that happened in El Paso. Keith demands to know who told her, and Carly tells Keith that Jack told her. Keith gets angry and tells Carly that what happened in El Paso is nobodyís business.

Carly is puzzled by Keithís reaction and explains that she was referring to what happened to Julia with Les, her abusive husband. Carly wonders what Keith thought she was talking about when she mentioned El Paso. Keith covers badly by saying he didnít know anybody knew about Les. Carly explains everyone knew about Les because he was arrested in Oakdale.

At Aaron and Allisonís place, Will interrupts Aaron and Allisonís romantic day because he needs to talk to a friend. Aaron goes back to work and leaves Will and Allison alone to talk.

At Hal and Emilyís place, Paul recreates Emilyís tea parties in an effort to get her to remember the truth. Emily remembers Rosanna giving her instructions on where to place Cabotís Christmas stocking. Emily refuses to tell Paul what she remembered. Paul keeps pushing Emily to tell him what she remembered until she finally yells out that Barbara wasnít the person who drugged her. Emily refuses to tell Paul whom the person in her memory was.

At Allison and Aaronís place, Will doesnít want to talk to Allison because he doesnít want to look like a loser in her eyes. Will starts to leave but Allison persuades him to stay and talk to her.

At Dr. Michaelís office, Luke blasts Holden, telling him he doesnít love Lily anymore because he is practically living with another woman. Luke doesnít want to talk anymore or listen to Holden. Luke wonders how Holden could stop loving Lily so quickly when just two years ago they were a happy family celebrating Natalieís birth.

Holden explains to Luke that you donít stop loving someone overnight. Holden tells Luke he still loves Lily and he will always love her. Luke gives his dad a hug and goes home. Lily tells Holden she knows he just said he loved her because Luke was upset. Holden tells Lily he meant every word he said to Luke, but the fact that he still loves her doesnít change the situation. Lily cries and thanks Holden for being honest with her.

At the Lakeview, Carly tells Keith that he should let J.J. be around people who make him feel happy and safe. Keith thinks the best thing he can do to protect his sister and nephew is to keep his sister away from the entire Snyder family. Keith tells Carly that Jack isnít allowed to see J.J. anymore. Carly thinks Julia is hiding a big secret about what happened in El Paso. Carly leaves a message on Lilyís phone for her to meet her at the Lakeview to talk about Julia.

At Aaron and Allisonís place, Will explains to Allison what happened at the police station with Barbara. Will also tells Allison about Emilyís statement. Will wishes his mother were normal the way she used to be when he was a little boy. Will is worried he wonít be able to escape his motherís evil influence over his life. Will tells Allison that despite everything Barbaraís done, he canít hate her because she is his mother. Allison tells Will she understands how he feels and that his feelings are perfectly normal. Will is so grateful someone understands him that he decides to go with the way he has been feeling and give Allison a kiss.

At Hal and Emilyís place, Emily canít stand the pressure Paul is putting on her anymore so she yells out that she had memories of Rosanna drugging her. Emily tells Paul she is very confused by these memories and canít believe they are true.

At Juliaís place, Keith is very angry that Carly allowed J.J. to go to the movies without her permission. Julia thinks Keith is making a big deal out of nothing. Keith once again tries to persuade Julia to give up on Holden and leave town.

Julia insists that Holden loves her and wants to be with her. Holden arrives and Keith leaves Holden and Julia alone to talk. Holden tells Julia what happened at the session with Dr. Michael. Holden explains to Julia he hadnít realized how much his children had been hurt by him suddenly leaving the house. Holden thinks he needs to help his kids understand he is still their father and Lily is still their mother, no matter what happens with their marriage. Holden hopes Julia will understand that this means he wonít be able to spend as much time with her.

At the Lakeview, Carly tells Lily about Keithís strange reaction when she mentioned El Paso. Carly tries to persuade Lily to find out Juliaís secret. Lily refuses to find out Juliaís secret because it may get in the way of her chance to save her marriage.

At Hal and Emilyís place, Paul is positive there must be a mistake because Rosanna would never do something like this to herself. Paul is certain that Barbara has something to do with Emilyís strange memories. Paul asks Emily not to say anything to anyone until he can find out the truth. Emily promises not to tell anyone but warns Paul to be careful, because Barbara is capable of anything.

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