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Standing outside their apartment, Aaron asks Allison if they can send Rafael's sister out for a couple of hours so they can have sex. They hear music coming from inside, and when they open the door Celia is inside dancing.

At the gym, Henry tells Katie that had he known they'd actually get to the "you may kiss the bride" part he would have planned a proper honeymoon. Henry tells her if she'd like to stay and talk with Mike he'd understand, but the two sweetly agree to go home.

In the back room, Mike is sitting holding the bridal bouquet when Jennifer comes in. Jennifer asks him again if he's okay and then if the two of them are okay.

Holden shows up unannounced at Julia's apartment. He tells her he told Lily that he wants to go ahead with the divorce and that they're going to start seeing a marriage counselor.

Carly goes to the police station to see Jack. She tries to apologize to Jack for the whole mess with Julia and her brother. Jack is angry with her because she broke her promise and he questions if he can trust her. Carly tells him that she's sorry and they thought that Julia had another man hanging in her past, and they wanted to keep Holden from making a huge mistake. Jack tells her Julia is not the problem, she is.

At Julia's, Holden tries to explain to her that he's trying to do the right thing for his kids who don't understand what's going on between their parents. Julia snaps at him and asks when he's going to do the right thing for the two of them.

Aaron shuts the music off, telling Celia that because of the neighbors they try to keep the sound down. Celia tells him when she becomes a famous singer she'll give them all tickets to her first concert. Celia tells Allison and Aaron that she will be even more famous than her boxing champion brother Rafael.

Rafael goes to ask Lucinda for help, telling her that Celia has arrived and she thinks he's a big boxing champion.

Henry carries Katie over the threshold and the two giggle. She thanks Henry for a beautiful wedding day. He admits to Katie that he never thought about what they'd do the night after the wedding that he was sure would never take place. Katie looks at him and asks, "What do we do now?"

At the gym, Mike tells Jennifer that the two of them are fine and what happened at the wedding had nothing to do with them. Jennifer tells him that he keeps saying everything with Katie is settled but he doesn't look like it is, and she tells him that she's concerned. She tells Mike that she thought he might stop the wedding and she starts to cry. She tells him to face it, because he still hasn't faced his feelings for Katie.

At Katie's, Henry tells her that he knows she doesn't love him like a wife loves her husband. Katie tells him that she's his wife because she wants to be his wife. Henry tells her that if there comes a time when she and Mike decide to get back together she should tell him first so he can walk away like a gentleman, and she agrees.

Lucinda can't believe that Celia mailed herself to Rafael. She tells Rafael that he should have told his family about the boxing match. He asks Lucinda to help him, because if the INS finds out that Celia is here they'll both be deported.

At Aaron's, Celia tells Allison that if Rafael doesn't come for her soon she'll have to spend the night there. Allison gives Celia all the things needed for a LONG hot shower, including conditioner that she should leave on her hair for a half-hour. Aaron quickly shuffles Celia out the door and he and Allison hop on the bed.

At Julia's, Holden tries to explain that doing the best for everyone includes her. He explains that the marriage counselor will help them to end their marriage in a healthy and civilized way. Holden tells her that it was Luke's idea and he agreed that, for the kid's sake, he needs help to end his and Lily's relationship.

At the police station, Jack tells Carly that she's got to let this grudge against Julia go. Jack tells her that this is between Holden and Lily, and they have their own lives to worry about. He walks out of the office and she follows him, only to see Keith standing at the doorway.

Keith approaches Jack, introduces himself and tells him they need to get a few things straight.

Rafael starts knocking on the door at Aaron's. Aaron yells to go away and then realizes whom it is. Allison and Aaron hop up and pull themselves together before letting him in.

Lucinda is with Rafael and tells them that Rafael and Celia will be staying in the pool house, and that brings huge smiles to Aaron and Allison. Allison tells her that it's the best news she's heard and goes to hurry Celia out of the shower.

At Julia's, Holden continues to explain about the counseling. Julia tells him that he's not going to be any good for his kids unless he lets someone take care of him. She tells him if he needs anything she hopes he'll come to her. Holden tells her that right now he needs to put distance between her and his family. Holden tells her that he wants her in his future, but right now he can't make any guarantees.

At the police station, Jack and Carly take Keith into a room so he can talk to them. Keith tells Jack that he knows all about the relationship he had with Julia. He tells Jack that he wants to make arrangements to spend time with J.J., who's staying at Jack and Carly's. Jack is called to take a phone call before he can give Keith directions, and that leaves Carly and Keith alone. Carly starts writing the directions down for Keith. He tells Carly that Julia needs someone to fight for her, and that's what he's there to do.

At home, Henry and Katie decide to change clothes into something more comfortable. They both change into their matching puppy-dog pajamas and plop onto the sofa.

Henry decides to make them something to eat, and Katie holds her rabbit and tells it that everything is going to be all right.

At the gym, Mike tells Jennifer that he'll always feel something for Katie because they were best friends and fell in love. He tells her that his past with Katie flashed through his mind during the wedding ceremony, but, he has everything he wants and he's exactly where he wants to be. He gives her the bridal bouquet from Katie, and then gives her a bracelet he bought for her for Valentine's Day. She tells him that she left his gift at home and the two of them leave.

Lucinda tells Celia and Rafael that she'll get her lawyer to help with the deportation situation and waits in the car for them to come out of Aaron's. Rafael is very uncomfortable with Celia thinking he's rich and a boxing champion.

At the police station, Keith tells Carly that Julia doesn't need the problems that Lily and she are creating. He tells her that Julia's had a rough life but is straightening everything out. Carly counters and asks him if he realizes that Holden has three kids and a wife. Keith tells her that Julia is a good person, a loyal sister, and a good mother. He adds that if she keeps causing problems for Julia, they'll answer to him. Jack overhears Keith's tone and tells him not to threaten his wife.

On their way out of the gym, Mike stops in the reception room and tells Jennifer that he didn't get to dance with the woman he loves. He turns on music and the two of them dance.

Katie and Henry relax after the food he's prepared for them. He tells her again that it was the best day ever and he wishes it didn't have to end. Then he suggests maybe it doesn't have to end and perhaps he could just hold her tonight. Katie tells him that she'd like that.

Celia asks Rafael if his limo is going to drive them to the mansion. Rafael tells her that it's Lucinda's limo and he lives in the pool house. Rafael tells her that there's so much she doesn't understand; he tries to tell her the truth, but finally he tells her they'll talk about it in the morning, and they leave Aaron's place.

Inside, Aaron tells Allison that he's got the door locked and candles lit, and no one is coming in. He looks at Allison and is speechless at her beauty. Romantically, he tells her it's like their first time making love. Aaron tells her he loves her so much, and the two kiss passionately. They lie down on the bed.

Julia cries and tells Holden that she always falls for men that she can't have. She tells him she doesn't just want to be friends, and she's not settling for second best ever again. Holden tells her he's trying to be honest and can't make any promises, but he wants her in his life. The two kiss.

At the police station, Keith tells Jack that if Carly stays away from Julia, he'll stay away from Carly. Jack points his finger at him and tells him that he'll stay away from Carly regardless. Jack tells Keith that he'll make arrangements for J.J. to go to Julia's and Keith can see him there. Keith leaves the office and Carly smirks because Jack stuck up for her. She tells him that he still loves her, and Jack tells her that was never the issue. The two kiss and wish each other a Happy Valentine's Day.

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