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By Leigh
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Emily goes to see Rosanna at Fairwinds. She tells her that she remembers it was Rosanna who drugged her and wants to know why Rosanna was trying to make herself look like the victim. Rosanna tells her that she can't answer a question that wild and encourages her not to repeat to anyone what she thinks.

Paul comes home and asks Emily where she's been. He screams at her, wanting to know how and why she's letting Barbara get off.

At the spa, Stan and his wife assume that Sierra and Dusty are married. Their attitude about selling the company seems to be changing since the buyers are husband and wife.

At the gym, the minister asks if anyone has any reason that Henry and Katie should not be wed. No one speaks, and Katie blurts out that "there's no problem, lets get married." During the ceremony Craig tells Jennifer that they've got the meeting with Scott Reeves and they've got to go right away or they'll miss the chance to meet with him. The minister, to Katie's surprise, tells the guests that the two have written wedding vows. Henry hands Katie hers and she looks at Henry and says, "Barry Manilow lyrics?" Henry tells her that he never expected to get this far, but Katie tells him she can't do this and it isn't right. Henry looks devastated.

At Fairwinds, Paul asks Emily what Barbara is going to do to her and how she got to her. Emily tells him she can't explain and storms out. Paul wants to go after her but Rosanna stops him and tells him that Emily is probably just too upset to talk about it. Paul asks Rosanna why she is so calm, but she changes the subject to Valentine's Day.

At the spa, Sierra explains that she is in charge of the World Wide domestic division. Dusty pulls Stan aside and talks about the craftsmanship of the woodwork at the spa while Sierra talks with Hazel.

Hazel tells Sierra that she looks familiar and asks if she's always worked at World Wide. Sierra confesses that she and Dusty are not married.

Katie begins her vows. She tells Henry that he is her true soul mate. She tells him that no one but him has stood by her without wavering, and for that she loves him. She tells him that he deserves so much more than she could ever give him, but if he's willing to accept her offer to remain his best friend and true soul mate, she'll stand by him now and forever. Henry doesn't say a word and Katie tells him that there's an offer on the table. Henry looks extremely happy and tells her that he does! Mike hands Henry the rings and they quickly say to each other, "With this ring I thee wed!"

The minister pronounces them husband and wife. Henry tells her that she's made him the happiest man alive. He dips and kisses her.

Emily goes to see Susan and asks her about the drug that Barbara gave her. She asks Susan if the drug could make her remember something that never happened.

At the spa, Sierra and Dusty tell Stan and Hazel that they're sorry for misleading them about being married. Hazel continues telling Sierra that she looks so familiar and finally realizes that she was the Sierra Esteban of Montega. They tell Sierra that they were great supporters of her and the work she did. Stan and Hazel are concerned about World Wide franchising the spa. Sierra gives her word that the integrity of the spa would remain intact, and she and Hazel shake on the deal.

The minister introduces Mr. and Mrs. Henry Coleman. Margo congratulates Katie and Mike congratulates Henry. Mike goes to check on the champagne for the toast while the other guests mingle with the bride and groom. Jennifer tells Katie that she hopes they'll always be happy and sees Mike storm into the back room. Jennifer walks in as Mike punches one of the gym lockers, and she asks him what's wrong. She tells Mike that he should keep the toast simple and asks him if he ever thought the wedding would take place. Mike tells her that he's okay as he walks away. Katie and Henry pose for pictures with Craig and Margo. Craig drags Jennifer out for the quick meeting with Scott Reeves.

Casey tells Will that he should ask Allison to dance, since he's her other boyfriend.

Emily remembers Rosanna giving her tea as Susan asks her about the memories. Hal finds Emily and asks her what's going on. Emily tells Susan not to tell Hal a word until she figures out what's going on and tells Hal she's fine.

At Fairwinds, Paul opens his Valentine's present from Rosanna (a book signed by the author) and gives her his gift (a necklace). Paul tells Rosanna that he expected her to fall to pieces when she found out that Emily didn't testify against Barbara and asks her why she didn't.

Jennifer and Craig arrive at the pool hall to meet with Scott Reeves. Jennifer is tickled because it's "him." Craig tells her they've got five minutes to sell the idea of Street Jeans and quickly introduces her to Kevin (Scott Reeves' manager), and to Scott as well. She tells him what a huge fan she is of his. Scott rebuffs the idea of advertising the jeans, but Craig quickly gets him to enter into a pool game, and if he and Jennifer win they've got a deal.

At the spa, Hazel and Stan leave Dusty and Sierra with champagne to celebrate Valentine's Day. Dusty and Sierra toast to the successful deal they've made, and Dusty adds in, "To the woman who made it happen."

At the gym, Casey takes Aaron away from Allison, telling him he wants to show him something, then motions for Will to dance with Allison. Allison asks Will if he wants to dance and of course he agrees. Tom gets a phone call and tells Margo that it looks like Barbara is going to walk. Mike brings the champagne in and tells everyone it's time for a toast. Mike toasts them, saying he hopes they will always be as happy as they look today. Will and Casey bring in the cake. Margo tells Mike that he did a good job and Mike asks if she's seen Jen.

Margo tells Will that Barbara may be released, and he's upset and leaves. Katie thanks Mike for the toast and gives him the bridal bouquet to give to Jennifer.

Outside in his car, Aaron and Allison are doing some serious necking. They crawl into the back of the car and start taking each other's clothes off when there's a knock on the window. The officer tells them to get a room. Aaron yells back that they'd love to, but where?

At the pool hall Jennifer and Craig clean house and beat Scott Reeves and Kevin. Jennifer promises Scott that this will be the best game he's ever lost. The deal is sealed and Jennifer and Craig rush back to the wedding.

At the spa, Sierra and Dusty continue to drink to their closing of the spa deal. They toast to less history and more life.

Susan leaves for a conference and Hal asks Emily to come home with him. Hal tells Emily that he's made mistakes but he really wants her to come home. She tells him she's not ready to talk and Hal asks her to let him take care of her. The two leave.

At Fairwinds, Paul continues to tell Rosanna that he can't understand why Emily didn't testify against Barbara. Rosanna asks him if they could forget the whole thing, just for the night. Paul agrees but tells her that he's going to get to the bottom of all of it.

At the gym, Margo and Tom leave. Henry tells Katie that if he knew they'd really get married he would have done better in planning the wedding. She tells him that she's not disappointed and he really is a husband. Jennifer finds Mike looking sad and holding the bridal bouquet.

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