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The Spa:

Dusty and Sierra are being shown around the spa. As they enter the mud room, Sierra’s phone rings. She excuses herself to take the call and is upset with Craig for interrupting her meeting. She again tells him to put his proposal about Street Jeans in writing and says she will look at it as soon as she gets back. She hangs up to find Dusty being a bit cynical about a ‘mud bath.’ When Sierra learns that Dusty has never been to a spa before, she insists that the two of them get a full mud bath treatment. Dusty isn’t too pleased with the idea but allows her to talk him into it.

They both get the full mud bath and facial as Sierra ribs Dusty about learning to relax a little bit. After the mud bath is over, Sierra tries to get Dusty to just admit that he enjoyed it. He finally gives in and tells her that it was very relaxing. The couple that owns the spa joins them and apologizes to them for wasting their time.

The woman explains that they found out the two of them work for World Wide, and while they have nothing against the company, they really want it to continue to be run like a small family business. Sierra is very disappointed to hear this and tries to explain that she really wants it to be run as a small family business, too. The couple misunderstand what she means and jump to the conclusion that she and Dusty are married. This leaves Sierra stunned and without words.

World Wide:

Craig greets Kevin after his call to Sierra. He explains to Kevin that he represents Street Jeans and that they want to venture into TV commercials. Craig explains that they would like to have Kevin’s client, Scott Reeves, involved. Kevin tells him flat out that Scott doesn’t do commercials. Craig isn’t deterred at all and hands Kevin some paperwork, telling him that he thinks Scott might be interested in the figures. Kevin agrees to run it by Scott and will get back to Craig. The two shake hands and Kevin takes off.

Police Station:

Tom, Jessica, Paul, Barbara, Hal, Rosanna, and Emily are all in the interrogation room preparing to take Emily’s statement.

Emily is shocked when she remembers Rosanna, not Barbara, drugging her tea. It shakes her up quite a bit and she rushes out of the room, saying that she can’t do this. Everyone but Barbara and Rosanna follow her out. While everyone else tries to calm Emily down and get her to return to the interrogation room, Rosanna and Barbara discuss what is going on. Barbara reminds Rosanna that if she doesn’t get out of jail soon, James will not be a happy man. Rosanna assures Barbara that she will do whatever she has to do to get her son back. When Barbara notices that the others are coming back to the room, she tells Rosanna to start acting guilty. Everyone sits down around the table again and Tom turns on the tape recorder. Emily again remembers Rosanna giving her the tea, not Barbara, and tells them all that Barbara didn’t have anything to do with drugging her. Emily is very confused and upset. Hal finally calls a stop to all of this and quickly ushers Emily out of the room. Everyone else scatters also. Paul stays behind to confront Barbara. He demands to know how she threatened Emily to get her to change her story. Barbara tells him that she didn’t do anything but also proudly tells him that she won this battle. Paul takes off to look for Emily. Jessica also is suspicious of all that has happened, but Barbara demands that Jessica do her job and get her released. Jessica agrees to talk to Tom and takes off to find him. When Paul can’t find Emily anywhere, he asks Hal where she is. Hal tells him that he had someone take Emily to her mother's house.

Paul starts to take off to talk to Emily when Hal stops him and tells him that Emily is close to a breakdown over all of this, and he wants Paul to leave her alone for now. Paul relents and agrees not to bother her.


Rosanna is alone in the living room and looks at a picture of Cabot. She tells him that she will have him back soon.

James calls Rosanna and reminds her of their agreement. She lets him know that she doesn’t like what she is doing to Emily at all, but she will stick to their agreement. James tells her that she will have Cabot back as soon as Barbara is released. Rosanna tells him that she doesn’t know how she will get Barbara released, but she will do whatever she has to do. As she hangs up, a frazzled Emily enters the room. Rosanna tries to tell her that now isn’t a good time, but Emily stuns her by telling her that she remembers that it was Rosanna who was drugging her. She demands to know why.

The Gym:

Henry is on the phone with someone making sure he or she will be ready in five minutes. Mike comes in as Henry rushes out to run a very important errand. He checks the decorations to make sure all is well as he remembers Katie asking him for another chance.

He then remembers her telling him that she is happy to be marrying Henry. Jennifer joins him and realizes he was in deep thought. She asks him what he was thinking about. Margo pokes her head in to make sure that Henry isn’t around before pulling Katie in. Katie is very touched by how beautiful the place is. She asks Mike if he did all of this. Mike tells her that it was all Henry’s doing. Margo and Jennifer watch as Katie and Mike exchange a very special look. Margo drags Katie back to the dressing room. Mike tries to assure Jen that ‘the look’ was nothing; it was just him being happy for Katie. Jen doesn’t buy it, though, and thinks they need to talk about it. The two of them take off to a private room to talk about it. Henry returns with Will and Casey in tow. Casey tells Henry that they have all the music that Henry wanted. Henry is so nervous and jumpy. When Craig comes in, Henry is very happy to see him. Craig makes a few cracks about the wedding, asking if Katie really wants to marry him or someone else. Craig goes off in search of Jennifer, leaving a very sad-looking Henry to think about his comments.

In the dressing room, Margo again tries to talk Katie out of marrying Henry. She notes that she has never seen Katie look at Henry the way she looked at Mike when they first got there. Katie finally convinces Margo that she loves Henry and wants to spend her life with him. She admits that it isn’t the same kind of love she felt for Mike, but it is love just the same.

Jennifer tries to get Mike to admit to her that he still has feelings for Katie. Mike cuts his finger by accident while fidgeting with something. He tries to assure Jennifer that he is in love with her now, not Katie. Jennifer wonders if he is trying to convince her or himself. Craig interrupts their talk to tell Jennifer about his talk with Kevin regarding Scott Reeves. Jennifer is a little upset that Craig interrupted them, but Mike takes the opportunity to get out of there and runs off in search of a Band-Aid.

In the main room, Henry finds Mike putting the Band-Aid on his finger and is freaking out because he lost a stud from his shirt. Mike jokes that a lot of women are losing a stud today before he fixes it for him. Henry gets serious and talks to Mike about how he is feeling. Henry wants to make sure that Mike and Katie are okay with this wedding.

He knows that the whole thing started out to make Mike jealous. Mike is a little uncomfortable with the discussion, but he realizes that Henry just wants Katie to be happy. He agrees to go and talk to Katie and make sure that she is marrying Henry because she wants to. Craig and Jennifer come into the room and Jennifer looks very worried. Margo joins the group and jokes with Craig about not seeing him very much lately. She worries as she sees Mike take off to talk to Katie. Craig offers to stop him, but Jennifer tells everyone that it is something Mike needs to do.

Will makes sure that Casey has everything under control before he takes off to meet some friends to see a movie. When he sees Allison and Aaron walk in, he changes his mind and decides to stick around and help Casey a bit longer. Casey realizes why Will is staying and ribs him a little bit about it.

Mike finds Katie in the dressing room and tries to talk her out of marrying Henry. The two of them discuss what they used to have. Mike doesn’t believe that Katie will be happy with Henry. He knows that she doesn’t feel the passion with Henry that the two of them felt. He tells her that he will not stop the wedding. Katie tells him again that she wants to be with Henry. She knows what an incredible man he is and that he will always do whatever he has to do to make her happy. She assures him that she is happy when she is with Henry. Mike doesn’t look as though he is really happy to hear this, but he finally agrees to accept it. Katie tells him ‘good-bye’ as he sadly leaves the room. Katie breaks down in tears.

Margo and Jennifer discuss Mike and Katie. Margo is surprised to hear that Jennifer wants Mike to talk to Katie so that he can finally get over her. Jennifer gets a little upset when she realizes that Margo really wants Mike to be with Katie, and she takes off.

Margo finds Henry pacing and driving himself crazy waiting for Mike to finish talking to Katie. Margo tries to assure him that Katie wants to marry him and not Mike. Henry isn’t so sure but doesn’t know what he should do about it. The minister reminds Henry that he has other weddings to perform today. Henry doesn’t know how to interrupt Mike and Katie, so Margo offers to do it. As Henry continues to pace and worry, Craig gets a call from Kevin informing him that Scott Reeves is in town and has agreed to give Craig thirty minutes of his time to discuss the commercials.

Margo returns to tell Henry that Katie is ready to marry him. Henry is very happy and announces to everyone that it is time for the ceremony. Tom tells Casey to start the music as Craig and Margo wait for Katie to enter the room. Henry and Mike stand at the altar. When Katie comes into the room, she looks to Henry at the altar and is pleasantly surprised to see that he is holding Snickers. Craig walks her down the aisle and hands her over to Henry. Katie kisses Henry and Snickers before the ceremony begins. Mike looks as if he can barely keep his mouth shut. Jennifer watches Mike with a very worried look on her face as the minister asks if there is anyone who would object to this marriage.

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