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At Allison and Aaron’s place, Allison and Aaron continue to kiss in the hallway, but when they look for their keys to open the door they discover they left their keys at Metro. Aaron wants to break down the door because he insists that if he doesn’t make love to Allison right away he will lose his mind. Allison doesn’t want Aaron to get hurt trying to break the door down so she tells him they should go to Metro to get their keys.

At Metro, Rafael is upset that his sister Celia traveled all the way from Montega inside a crate. Celia is happy to be in America with her successful brother. Celia begins to ask Rafael questions about the fight and why he didn’t send for her after he won. Rafael tells her that things are complicated and he will explain everything to her later. Celia is determined to be successful in America, just like her brother.

At the police station, Barbara isn’t happy that Tom decided to take Emily’s deposition today instead of tomorrow. Barbara begs Jessica to stall Tom, but Jessica can’t do anything to stop Tom from taking Emily’s deposition.

At Fairwinds, Paul notices the strange look on Emily’s face and wonders if she is okay. Rosanna tells Paul Emily is fine and that they were discussing the case against Barbara.

At Katie and Henryís place, Margo arrives and is surprised Katie is so calm on her wedding day. Katie cries a little bit as she and Margo look at family photos.

Katie admits to Margo she wishes her mother were going to be at the wedding. Margo tries to persuade Katie to postpone the wedding a few weeks so she can invite their mom to the wedding. Katie tells Margo she canít postpone the wedding because Henry has put so much hard work into it.

At the Lakeview, Keith tells Holden that Carly and Lily have been spying on Julia. Carly thinks that Julia asked her boyfriend Keith to lie and tell Holden he was her brother. Carly demands Julia tell everyone the truth about Keithís identity. Julia starts to say something but Keith interjects and tells everyone he is Juliaís brother. Lily shows Holden the picture she took of Keith sneaking out of Juliaís apartment through the window.

Julia explains to Holden that she and Keith needed to talk and settle an old argument before she could introduce him to everyone. Carly and Lily still donít buy the story, so Julia shows them some old family pictures of her and Keith. Holden apologizes for the misunderstanding and demands Lily go outside with him to talk alone. Julia wonders why Carly wonít leave her alone. Carly starts to leave, but Keith tells Carly she canít leave until she answers Juliaís question.

At the police station, Barbara is unable to persuade Tom to postpone the deposition, no matter how much she insists Emily intends to lie under oath. Barbara secretly hopes Rosanna was able to hypnotize Emily.

At Fairwinds, Emily gets a call from Tom asking her to go to the police station to give her deposition. Paul wonders if Emily is still going to lie under oath. Emily tells Paul she will do anything she has to to make sure Barbara pays for her crime. A few minutes after Emily leaves, Paul and Rosanna also head for the police station.

At Katieís place, Katie goes upstairs to get ready to go to the beauty salon with Margo. Henry runs in and is in a panic because the flowers arrived but were not placed on the bower and arranged as he thought they were going to be when he ordered them. Margo suggests that Mike is a carpenter and could help him build the bower for the flowers.

Henry doesnít want to impose on Mike anymore because he has already done so much for him and Katie. Katie comes downstairs, and Henry tells her everything is fine and not to worry about anything. Katie and Margo leave for the beauty salon and Henry begins to call every carpenter in the phone book, but none of them can help him on such short notice.

At Metro, Rafael tries to call and cancel his appointment with the INS, but his sister stops him because she can’t understand why a successful boxer would have any problem with an INS interview. Aaron and Allison arrive to pick up the keys to their apartment. Rafael introduces them to his sister Celia and explains to them how she arrived in Oakdale, without a passport, inside the crate of oranges. Rafael asks Aaron and Allison to hide Celia in their apartment until he is finished with his interview. The INS agent arrives and wonders why Rafael received a large crate of oranges from Montega.

Aaron explains to the INS agent that they are planning to have a mimosa party to celebrate the club being under new management. Aaron, Allison, and Celia, whom Aaron calls "Jane" for the benefit of the INS agent, head to Aaron and Allisonís apartment.

At the Lakeview, Carly tells Keith about how Julia tried to take Jack away from her, and how when that didnít work she moved on to Holden. Carly tells Keith his sister Julia has a habit of going after married men. Keith throws Carly out of his room. Carly tells Julia she is happy someone can see the truth about her, itís just a shame it had to be her brother. An angry Holden wonders why Lily doesnít want him to be happy. Lily explains that all she wants is for him to be happy, but she doesnít think Julia is the woman who can make him happy. Lily tells Holden she misses him very much.

Holden is puzzled by Lilyís words to him because he has always been there for her, but she was always the one putting other people ahead of their marriage. Holden tells Lily he finally realized he couldnít make her happy anymore, so he had to search for his happiness and let her be free to find her happiness. Lily explains to Holden that since he has always been there for her she did take him for granted sometimes, but that doesnít mean he isnít important to her, it means he is indispensable to her. Lily begs Holden to give their marriage another chance and come home. Holden tells Lily that he doesnít live there anymore. Lily thinks the reason Holden doesnít live at home anymore is Julia. Holden makes it clear to Lily that the reason he doesnít live at home anymore is because Lily wonít leave a good woman alone. Holden makes it clear to Lily that until she can accept that Julia is a part of his life, he doesnít want to speak to her anymore.

At Metro, the INS agent questions Rafael about his fixed fight and his new job at the club.

At the Lakeview, Lily explains to Holden that if she thought Julia would make him happy she would let him go. Lily tells Holden that Julia only uses and hurts people, and she wishes Holden would open his eyes about her. Lily tells Holden that no matter what happens with their marriage, she won’t allow Julia to hurt him like she has hurt Jack and Carly. Keith is angry that Julia didn’t tell him Holden was married. Julia makes it clear that Holden is separated from Lily. Julia explains to her brother that she came to Oakdale following Jack, who she didn’t know was married. Julia explains that Jack decided to go back to his wife. Julia is hurt that her brother is judging her because he thinks she is falling back into old patterns. Julia cries a little and begs her brother not to leave. Keith gives Julia a hug and promises not to leave her again.

At the police station, Emily promises Hal she will talk to him about their relationship once she has finished giving her deposition.

Rosanna gives Barbara all the details about Emilyís hypnotism. Rosanna also tells Barbara that Paul interrupted them before she could give Emily a word to trigger the fake memories. Barbara and Rosanna worry their plan may not work.

At Aaron and Allison’s place, Celia tells Aaron and Allison she is happy her brother is so successful in America. Celia explains that soon Rafael will have enough money to bring her family to the United States. Celia takes a nap on the bed while Aaron and Allison go outside to kiss for a while.

At Henry and Katie’s place, Mike arrives because one of his carpenter friends called to say someone named Coleman needed an emergency job. Katie arrives because she forgot her earrings. Katie and Mike exchange a meaningful look, and Mike wishes her the best on her wedding day. A few minutes after Katie leaves, Henry and Mike head to the gym.

At the police station, Emily tells Tom she was hypnotized into gas-lighting Rosanna. When Emily hears Tom say the words "second-guessing" she remembers Rosanna telling her the same words.

Outside Aaron’s place, Rafael arrives and informs Allison and Aaron that the INS agent granted him a temporary visa. Rafael worries that if the INS agent finds out about Celia he could be deported with her. Rafael asks Aaron and Allison to hide Celia until he can get in touch with Sierra so she can help him get a passport to send Celia back to Montega. Aaron and Allison agree to help Rafael, although it means they won’t be able to make love. Celia is determined to stay in America.

At the Lakeview, Holden tells Lily he is willing to go to marriage counseling. Holden makes it clear to Lily he isn’t going to marriage counseling to save their marriage, he is going to help the children adjust to their separation. Holden informs Lily he intends to file for divorce. Julia asks Keith not to tell anyone what happened in El Paso.

At the police station, Tom asks Emily who gave her the drugs. Emily hesitates a bit and has a flashback of a woman giving her the drugs, but she can’t see the woman’s face. Tom asks Emily the question again, but Emily doesn’t say anything.

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