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At Java, Carly, who is in disguise and following Julia, makes a phone call to Lily, who is at the Lakeview tailing Keith. Carly reports to Lily that Julia is dressed in sexy clothes, and Carly is sure she is on her way to meet Keith. Holden arrives at Java and wonders why Julia isn’t at work and, more importantly, why is she dressed in such sexy clothes. Julia tells Holden that she is going shopping for furniture and hopes to get a good discount by flirting with the salesman. Luke arrives to talk with Holden and is not thrilled that Julia has come to intrude on their private talk. Julia explains to Luke that she just came in to get some coffee and bumped into Holden. Julia gives Holden a quick kiss and tells him that she will see him later.

At Metro, Aaron and Allison are kissing and Aaron wants to send Rafael home so he and Allison can be alone. Aaron gives Allison a new sexy nightgown. Allison explains to Aaron she wants to make love to him, too, but they have to wait until Ben gives him a clean bill of health, because she doesn’t want to jeopardize his recovery.

At the police station, Barbara calls Rosanna to make sure she understands how to use the pills to hypnotize Emily so that, when Emily testifies, she will say Rosanna ordered her to hang Cabotís Christmas stocking and give the doll to Will.

Barbara quickly hangs up the phone when Paul arrives to visit her. Barbara tells Paul that she knows Emily is planning to lie when she testifies to the police. Barbara asks Paul to stop Emily because if she testifies she will be sending an innocent woman to prison.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna puts the drug in Emily’s tea and adds plenty of honey to it so Emily won’t taste the pill. Emily arrives and explains to Rosanna that after what Barbara did to her she will never drink another cup of tea.

At Java, Holden apologizes to Luke for not handling the separation from Lily in the proper way. Holden explains to Luke that he felt his and Lilyís relationship could be saved, and that is why he waited so long to separate from her. Holden also feels that when he finally moved out he should have given his children more time to adjust to the idea that he wasnít going to live at home anymore.

Holden apologizes to Luke for moving out of the house so quickly and causing him and his sisters any pain. Luke explains to Holden that the fact that he moved out of the house doesnít bother him as much as his relationship with Julia. Holden explains to Luke that his feelings for Julia developed quickly and he wasnít expecting them, and even though they are different from what he felt for Lily, the feelings are real. Holden asks Luke to give Julia a chance because she is a good person. Luke asks Holden to discuss getting marriage counseling with Lily. Holden agrees to talk about getting marriage counseling with Lily, but he makes it clear that even if he goes to marriage counseling he isnít going to give up Julia.

At Fairwinds, a nervous Rosanna offers Emily some juice or a soft drink while they talk, but Emily doesnít want anything. Emily finally agrees to have a glass of water.

Rosanna puts the pill in the water and then puts a lot of lemon in the water to cover up the taste of the pill. Emily tells Rosanna she feels strange being at Fairwinds because she still canít believe Barbara made her do all those things to Rosanna. Emily thanks Rosanna for being so kind and understanding towards her even after everything Emily did to her. Rosanna feels guilty and tells Emily she canít do this anymore. Emily thinks that Rosanna canít stand to remember everything Barbara did to her. Emily drinks the water and the drug begins to take effect. Rosanna asks Emily to tell her what she remembers about how Barbara drugged her. Emily gets a dazed look on her face and Rosanna begins to explain to Emily that she would do anything to get her son back, and Emily must do everything she tells her to do. Emily repeats Rosannaís words back to her.

At Metro, Aaron asks Ben if he can make love to Allison yet. Ben tells Aaron his tests look good, but he must have a complete physical before he can approve any strenuous activity. Aaron manages to persuade Ben to give him the physical right away, and the two head to the hospital.

At Java, Luke listens to everything Holden tells him but still remains hopeful that if his parents spend enough time together they will fall in love again.

At the Lakeview, Carly and Lily follow Julia upstairs to Keith’s room and watch her go inside. Lily decides to call Holden so he can catch Julia with Keith. Lily is worried that Holden will be deeply hurt when he finds out the truth about Julia but calls him anyway, and he agrees to meet her at the Lakeview.

At Metro, Allison finds the letter that she helped Rafael write to his family and wonders why Rafael tore up the letter. Rafael explains that he just isn’t ready to tell his family the truth yet. Allison advises Rafael to write a letter to his family after his meeting with the immigration agent that day. Aaron and Ben arrive, and Ben tells Allison that Aaron has a clean bill of health. A crate arrives for Rafael and he is surprised to see the crate is full of oranges. Allison and Aaron tell Rafael they have to leave to do some errands (but they are really going home to make love).

At Fairwinds, Rosanna tells Emily she must tell everyone that she (Rosanna) drugged her, not Barbara. Rosanna carefully explains to Emily exactly what to say while Emily flashes back on the fake memories Rosanna has planted in her mind.

At the police station, Paul tells Barbara that he has no idea if Emily will lie when she testifies to the police. Hal arrives and wonders what Barbara is up to now. Paul tells his mother he is happy she will spend the rest of her life in prison. Paul leaves and Barbara pleads with Hal to stop Paul from leaving right now. Hal does nothing to help Barbara.

Hal informs Barbara that, since she turned down the plea bargain, as of this moment she is in the custody of the State.

At the Lakeview, Julia tells Keith that Carly and Lily are out to ruin her life and she needs his help to stop them. Keith wonders why Julia thinks he will help her. Julia tells Keith that he will help her because he loves her and would do anything for her. Keith agrees to help Julia with Carly and Lily. Lily gives Holden the key to room 514 and explains that Julia is in the room with another man. Holden doesnít believe Lily or Carly and insists they are trying to set up Julia to look bad. Lily tells Holden Julia is using him, and if he doesnít find out the truth about her she will hurt him just like she hurt Jack, Carly, and her.

Holden is shocked when he walks into room 514 and finds Julia with a man. Carly and Lily follow Holden into the room.

At Aaron and Allison’s place, Aaron and Allison begin to make love.

At Metro, Rafael is surprised when his sister Celia pops up from under all the oranges in the crate.

At the police station, Hal tells Barbara that she will go to jail for a long time once Emily testifies.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna is about to give Emily the post-hypnotic suggestion that will trigger her fake memories, but Paul arrives and wonders what Rosanna is doing.

At The Lakeview, Holden and Keith are ready to fight until Julia gets between them and tells Holden Keith is her brother.

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