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Dusty tells Sierra about an idea for a family spa in Napa, CA. She thinks it is great but wants to go with him to check it out. He tells her she doesn’t need to hold his hand, and she insists that is not what she is doing. Sierra says it’s a risk for the company and she wants to be involved to be sure it goes okay, she just needs to tell Craig she’s going to be gone.

Dusty angrily asks her how she can even stand to be around him. She tells him that it is her personal life, and if he has a problem with Craig knowing where she is, she won’t go.

Jennifer and Mike share a kiss before he leaves to go and paint the gym. He says it’s for a wedding that may or may not happen. She tells him that it will happen, there are too many plans made. He suddenly remembers that Katie forgot to give him his paint samples back and says he thinks she did it on purpose. Jennifer thinks he’s being paranoid.

Katie and Henry’s house:

Katie watches from inside the house as Henry sits on the porch sobbing. She realizes that she is breaking his heart.

Margo tells her that she needs to break off the wedding now before he gets hurt more. Henry comes in and acts like nothing is wrong. He gets on the phone with the florist to order wisterias, Katie's favorite flower. She is surprised he knew that she loved those. She then tries to apologize for hurting him, and Henry stops her.

He says even if the wedding didn’t happen, it would be the happiest day of his life. She hugs him and begins to cry. He says he has another surprise and goes outside to get it. When he opens the door, Mike is there. Henry tells him that Katie is inside crying over "emotional bride stuff". Mike looks confused. He goes in and tells Katie that if her tears are a ploy for him, she might as well stop. He accuses her of keeping the paint samples to get him to come over there. She gives him the samples and tells him to ask Henry what color, she doesn’t care. Katie stares at him angrily and explains that her tears are not about him at all. She has finally realized that she’s about to marry the sweetest guy in the world, and he is the one person who would do anything for her.

Mike looks confused, saying he knows she’s not in love. She says it doesn’t matter, Henry gives her unconditional love and that’s all she’s ever wanted. She hopes she can spend the rest of her life making him happy. She thanks Mike for being a friend to Henry and for being his best man. Looking confused, Mike leaves.

At the police station:

While Rosanna is in talking with Barbara, Emily shows up. She wonders why Rosanna would even be talking with Barbara. Rosanna says she was trying to understand how Barbara, being a mother herself, could do such a horrible thing to someone. As Emily argues with Barbara, Rosanna “faints”, Emily goes to get her some water. Rosanna and Barbara quickly make plans to drug Emily again. Barbara tells her the name of the drug and says she should put some into tea with honey. Barbara warns Rosanna not to cross her. Emily brings the water, and Rosanna leaves quickly after. She uses her cell phone to call Dr. Silverman for a very discreet favor.

Paul is still wondering why it is taking Rosanna so long to get home. He is starting to get worried. When she finally does arrive, she tells him that she was talking to Barbara, hoping that maybe she could persuade her to sign the plea bargain papers. Paul tells her he doesn’t like that she was alone with Barbara and says she will probably have to be a witness in court. Rosanna looks at Paul and says that she knows it will get worse, but no matter what, things will work out. They decide to have a quiet evening alone in the Jacuzzi, and he goes ahead to get some wine and turn it on.

Soon after he leaves the room, Dr. Silverman shows up with an envelope for Rosanna. She is upset that he chose to come to her house, because she doesn’t want Paul to know what is going on. When Paul comes back in to ask her a question, he is surprised to see Dr. Silverman. Rosanna covers and says he brought her some important financial papers. He leaves them to finish talking “business”. Dr. Silverman is worried that someone will find out he was involved. Rosanna assures him it will be fine and gives him an envelope full of cash, telling him to take a much needed vacation. A little while later, Emily stops by to check on Rosanna. Paul looks confused, since the two of them aren’t really friends. She tells Emily to stop by tomorrow and they can discuss their testimony for the trial.

Soon after Emily leaves, Rosanna receives a call from James. He is glad she talked Barbara into not signing. He thinks she sounds scared on the phone, and she says that she is scared of losing Paul and Cabot.

Craig meets with Jennifer at Metro to tell her his plan for Street Jeans. He thinks she should use television ads with country music in them. She says his idea is good, but she wonders if Sierra will like it. Jennifer asks Craig if he thinks there is room in the plan for Mike. Craig warns her that if she doesn’t need him as a model, it may hurt their personal relationship. Craig says he will go and convince Sierra about their idea for the fall line. He goes to her office and tells her they have an idea. Sierra says he can tell her all about it when she gets back from California. He wonders what she will be going there for.

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