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By Rosie
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Katie daydreams about Mike as she hopes (out loud) that the marriage won't happen. She gets an unexpected visit from Reverend McKenzie and his wife. He informs her that he likes to visit the couples before he performs their ceremonies. He questions why Katie hopes the wedding doesn't happen.

Henry walks down the stairs and overhears them. He covers up by saying one of their friends is getting married and the girl he chose isn't right for him.

Will, Hal, Tom, and Paul are all gathered to convince Barbara to sign the plea bargain. She looks scared and confused, and Rosanna looks worried. Barbara picks up the pen to sign and then puts it down, saying she can't. Will is devastated and says he will never speak to her again. Hal swears to her that she will spend the rest of her life in prison. As they all leave Rosanna gestures that she will be back.

Carly and Lily sit outside Julia's new apartment and watch her and Keith inside. Carly calls Holden and tries to lure him to Julia's by asking him to get medicine for J.J. Her plan is almost spoiled when she finds out Jack is sitting beside Holden. She convinces Jack to let Holden bring J.J. home so the two of them can talk to Parker.

After Tom and Hal speak to Barbara again, Rosanna asks for a few minutes with her. She tells Barbara to tell her exactly how she drugged Emily so she can defend her. Barbara thinks she is being trapped into confessing, but Rosanna assures her that she will take the blame so she can get Cabot back from James. She just needs to know how Barbara did it so her "confession" will be convincing.

When Holden and J.J. arrive at Julia's, Lily hides and listens as Holden tells him that he will get to come to his house and see the horses every weekend. When they go and knock on the door, Julia begs Keith to sneak out the back so Holden doesn't see him. She tells him she's not ready to reveal their relationship to him yet. Lily watches as Keith slips out the back window and snaps a picture on her camera phone.

Jack warns Carly not to get involved with Holden and Lily's problems. Parker tells Carly that he hates J.J. Carly tells him to be patient, because things usually work themselves out.

Julia realizes that Carly and Lily are setting her up when Holden says that Carly asked him to bring J.J. home.

Katie tells Henry that she knows Mike still loves her and she doesn't believe that he will let their marriage happen.

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