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(sorry, only two pictures today. Pre-empted for local news in my area today.)

Katie stares at a picture of her and Mike that's sitting on a table at her apartment. She yells to Henry that she's running to the gym to check on the painting. As she's opening the door she says out loud, "With any luck this wedding won't happen." Outside the door is the minister (with his wife). He introduces himself to Katie, telling her they are there to interview the happy couple, unless it's no longer necessary.

At Julia's apartment, Julia continues to question Keith about the women who led him to her. Keith asks who they are and why they did this. Julia tells him that she doesn't know, but she's going to find out and he's going to help her. He tells Julia that whatever she needs he'll do, and he hopes the fact that she's asking means everything will be okay between them again.

Outside Julia's apartment, Lily stresses and wonders if Julia saw her looking into her apartment. Carly tells Lily that they need to get Holden over there to see Julia with Keith.

At Java, Holden and Jack tell J.J. and Parker stories about their childhood and how the two of them would argue as kids. Jack tells them that they're still friends even though they didn't always get along, and the two of them can be friends, too, but they'll have to work at it. Holden gets a call and it's Carly. She tells Holden she can't get a hold of Jack and asks if he'll get J.J.'s allergy medicine from Julia's. Holden tells her that Jack is there with him.

At the police station, Tom, Rosanna, Paul and Will stare at Barbara as they wait for her to sign the plea agreement. Barbara reaches down, flips to the page she has to sign and then suddenly pushes it away, saying she can't do it. Paul tells Will that Barbara only cares about herself. Tom points out to her that if she doesn't take the plea agreement she could go to jail for ten years. Hal has Paul take Will home, and Rosanna tries to make excuses to stay at the police station, but Paul insists she should come home, too.

At Katie's house, the minister questions whether she was wishing her wedding wouldn't take place. Henry comes down and tells the minister that they have no doubts and that Katie wasn't talking about their wedding. He explains to the minister that Katie was talking about the wedding of some friends of theirs who they think shouldn't go ahead with it. In conversation, it comes out that Katie and Henry are already living together.

Carly asks Holden to put Jack on the phone. She questions whether having J.J. and Parker together is a good idea. Jack tells her that they've made some progress, because he and Holden spoke with the boys. Carly suggests that Jack have Holden take J.J. home and she'll come to talk with him and Parker to head off any problems, and Jack agrees. Carly tells Lily that they're all set and Holden is on his way to Julia's. Lily gets upset, telling Carly she can't leave her there by herself.

Inside Julia's apartment, Julia offers to get Keith a room at the Lakeview. Keith takes off his coat and tells her that he should just stay there with her because they have catching up to do. Julia tells him she doesn't think it's a good idea.

In the car, Carly tells Lily that she's got to go and see Jack because he's waiting for her at Java. She tells Lily to just keep her eyes open and her head down.

At Katie's, Katie explains to the minister and his wife that she and Henry started out as roommates. Henry adds that they started out as friends and then he fell in love with Katie. The minister has reservations about performing a wedding ceremony for a couple that already lives together. They both assure him that there's no hanky-panky going on, and Katie takes the minister's wife to see their separate bedrooms. The reverend decides to take the time he has alone with Henry to counsel him. He asks Henry if he loves Katie, and of course Henry tells him that he does love her very much. When the minister asks him if Katie loves him, Henry tells him he should ask Katie. Margo comes to the door and Henry introduces her to the minister. Katie comes down and tells the minister that his wife can attest to their separate bedroom situation. The minister's wife comes down and asks why there are no pictures of Henry in her room, but there are pictures of another man. Mike walks in, and the minister's wife tells her husband that the pictures in Katie's room are of Mike.

Rosanna sneaks back into the police station just as Hal goes back into the room where Barbara is being kept. Barbara tells Hal that she's sorry for letting him down, but she can't admit that she's guilty because of the stigma it'll place on Will. Hal tells her that he's done with her, and after her own children testify against her in court she'll die in jail. He stomps out of the room, slamming the door. Tom comes into the room and tells Barbara that she has one option: to take the deal and try to salvage her future. Rosanna peers through the window at Barbara.

At Fairwinds, Paul gives Emily the news that Barbara didn't sign the plea agreement. Emily is floored. Will questions her again as to any memories she might have.

Carly arrives at Java and asks Parker how it went with J.J. Parker tells her that he hates J.J. Carly tells him that sometimes people just don't like each other. She advises him to be patient and maybe he and J.J. will end up being best friends. Carly sends him to get a treat and then asks Jack why he said things were getting better. He tells her that he couldn't help it, the babysitter brought Parker to him. Jack asks her where she was.

Lily watches as Holden arrives with J.J. at Julia's. She lies down on the front seat so he doesn't see her, and she can hear him talking to J.J.

Inside Julia's, Keith helps Julia with boxes and tells her that he'll help her unpack and he doesn't have much. She tries to tell him to let her get settled in first and that he'll love the Lakeview. Keith asks her if she's trying to get rid of him and says he's worried that she'll run if he leaves. Julia tells him she's not going anywhere and that she's happy he's there. There's a knock at the door; it's Holden, and Julia tells Keith to be quiet because Holden doesn't know about them.

At Katie's, Henry introduces Mike to the minister and his wife. Mike is there to have Katie pick the colors for the gym. When the minister asks if Mike has any thoughts to share about the happy couple, Mike's mind goes back to Katie buttoning his shirt. Mike tells the minister that Henry is his best friend and he hopes that Katie will make him very happy.

At Fairwinds, Paul tells Emily that she should bluff to Barbara that her memories about being drugged have returned. He tells Will and Emily that the threat alone might make Barbara take the plea agreement because she'll believe she'll be convicted.

At the police station, Tom tells Barbara she's not going to like being in prison and how much worse prison will be compared to the mental hospital. Barbara tells him that she might be acquitted and she's willing to take the chance. Tom tells her that she'll not get bail and he's going to schedule the trial right away. Just as she's ready to sign the papers, Rosanna walks in and asks to speak with Barbara alone. Alone, Barbara tells Rosanna that if she doesn't sign she'll have to be in jail for six months before her trial, and that wasn't part of their deal. Rosanna tells her it's not going to happen, but Barbara must tell her exactly how she drugged Emily and got her to do the things she did so Rosanna can make sure she's exonerated. Barbara grabs Rosanna's purse and empties it out on the table, then she tells her to take off her coat because she thinks she's trying to trap her. Rosanna tells her that she's not wearing a wire and she needs her to tell her everything so she can defend her. She tells Barbara that Cabot's life is at stake. Rosanna tells her they can both have what they want if she'll just trust her and that she'll do anything she has to to free Cabot.

At Java, Carly tells Jack that she was with Lily because she needs a friend right now. Jack tells her that he hopes she's learned her lesson and won't be messing with Julia.

From her car, Lily watches and wonders where Holden is. Inside her apartment, Julia tells Keith that he has to help her and he can't be there right now. Keith climbs out the window, and Lily snaps pictures of him coming out. Julia opens the door for Holden and J.J. J.J. runs to see his new room and Holden asks if he should have called first. Holden tells her that Carly asked him to bring J.J. home, and Julia puts it all together.

Henry thanks the minister and escorts him and his wife to the door. Katie tells Margo she'll come with her in a minute to see her dress. Henry asks Mike about the colors he recommended for the gym. Mike stares at Katie, who is all choked up. Henry thanks him for the nice things he said to the minister, and Mike tells him he meant every word of it and leaves. Katie tells Henry that she felt their chemistry at the gym when she helped him with his shirt, and she doesn't understand how Mike can let her marry Henry.

At Fairwinds, Emily decides she can convince Barbara that she'll lie to a jury, and the threat of going to jail for ten years will make her take the deal. Will tells her to go for it.

At the police station, Barbara asks Rosanna to tell her exactly how she's going to get her off. Rosanna tells her she'll convince the authorities that she did it herself.

With his arm around her, Henry tells Katie that the worst-case scenario is that they go through with it. Katie tells him the whole reason she started this was to get Mike back and now he's acting like he wants her to marry Henry. Henry walks out and sits on the step and cries. Katie sees that he's crying. Margo comes down with her dress on, and Katie tells her she's a horrible person. She tells Margo that not only has she screwed up Mike's and her own life, but she's screwed up Henry's too.

At Java, Carly reminds Jack that if she hadn't tricked him into flying to Montana he never would have gotten his memory back. She tells him that it never would have happened if she hadn't broken rules, and he should trust her. Jack gets called back to the station. Lily shows up and lets Carly see the picture of Keith climbing out of Julia's window.

At Julia's, Holden tells her Carly and Lily learned their lesson and won't be causing problems for her in the future. J.J. calls Holden to come look at his room. Julia surmises that Carly and Lily wanted Holden to catch her with Keith and says, "Aren't they gonna be surprised."

At Fairwinds, Paul leaves Rosanna a phone message asking her to call him. He tells Will that Rosanna must be more upset than he thought and leaves to find her.

At the police station, Rosanna takes notes as Barbara tells her exactly how she drugged and hypnotized Emily. Emily storms into the room where Barbara and Rosanna are and asks Rosanna why she is there.

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