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Jack takes J.J. out for a hot chocolate and Tammy arrives with Parker. She tells Jack that she couldn't get hold of Carly and needs to leave Parker with him. J.J. and Parker start arguing with each other almost immediately because neither of them wants the other there.

At Fairwinds, Will tells Paul that since he told Barbara to give it up and go to prison he's doing well. Will tells Paul that if Barbara signs the plea agreement she'll be sent to prison for two years. Paul points out that if Barbara doesn't sign it they'll be in for a long legal battle. Will tells him that it doesn't matter, because he's never seeing him again.

At the police station, Rosanna grabs the pen out of Barbara's hand, telling her not to sign the plea agreement. She tells Barbara that she's there to make sure Barbara doesn't go to prison.

At Metro, Rafael walks into the bar area while Aaron and Allison are kissing. Aaron sends Rafael and Allison to the stock room when Holden arrives. Holden tells Aaron that Luke cut classes and he's not answering his phone, but Aaron tells him he hasn't seen Luke. Aaron is about to fill Holden in on his new job at Metro when Julia calls, asking Holden if he's found Luke. Holden offers to come help her unpack, but Julia tells him not to. Holden tells her that he gets it: he's turning out to be more trouble than she thought because of Luke and Lily. As Julia looks at a picture of herself, Keith and J.J. she tells him it's not that, and she wants him in her life because he's worth it.

Lily and Carly sit in a car outside looking through binoculars at Julia's new apartment, waiting for Keith to arrive. Lily gets out of the car to go peek into Julia's place to see if Keith is already there. She drops her keys, and suddenly Keith is there. He asks her if she needs help.

Allison comes out of the storage room at Metro and asks Aaron how it went with Holden. He tells her that he hasn't told him yet and sends her back so he can speak with Holden alone. Holden finishes his call with Julia and asks her if she's got another guy stashed over there. She tells him that she's met a great guy who is good to her and J.J. Holden promises that the three of them will spend a lot of time together.

Outside Julia's place, Keith asks Lily if he just saw her at the coffee shop, and she acts surprised, saying yes, she did see him there. She tells him she's waiting for her friend Anne, and he heads into the building. Back inside the car, Lily tells Carly she's worried that Keith might tell Julia she was there, but Carly brushes it off, and they continue to watch the building. Lily hopes that Julia will leave town with Keith.

Just as Julia puts the picture of Keith, J.J. and herself away there's a knock at the door, and it's Keith. She opens the door and says she is surprised he found her. He says she knew he would and he asks where J.J. is. Julia tells him J.J. is with a friend. He sees all the boxes and asks her if she's coming or going, and she tells him it depends on him. Keith asks what that's supposed to mean, and Julia tells him it depends on whether he still hates her for what she did.

At the police station, Barbara can't believe that Rosanna is trying to save her. Rosanna tells her that she's calling a lawyer and telling him that Barbara hasn't signed the plea agreement. Rosanna tries to tell her that she's helping her because she's Paul's mother, but Barbara doesn't buy it because she knows Rosanna hates her. Rosanna tells her to trust her and take the gift. Barbara tells her she'll never trust her.

At Metro, Holden asks Aaron what he wanted to talk to him about. Rafael comes up behind him. Aaron gives Rafael another job to do and Holden immediately questions why Rafael is working there. Aaron tells Holden that Dusty didn't hire Rafael, he did, and then he tells Holden that he's now managing Metro. Allison offers Rafael help behind the bar and Rafael tells her that if Holden wasn't happy to see him working there, wait until he finds out that Aaron is sponsoring him for his green card. Allison tells Rafael that she's sure Aaron will not change his mind, no matter what Holden says. Rafael stresses that if he loses his job at Metro he doesn't know what he'll do, because he can't go back to Montega. Allison presses him as to why he can't go back, and Rafael tells her it's because he's ashamed. Holden tells Aaron that he's not completely happy about him working at Metro, but Aaron's not a kid and he's sure he can handle managing Metro. Holden tells Aaron how worried he is about Luke and that Luke isn't handling his and Lily's separation very well. Holden leaves to continue looking for Luke.

Aaron calls and leaves a message for Luke, telling him to come to Metro because he wants to see him right away.

At Fairwinds, Paul tells Will that he's going to the police station to make sure Barbara signs the plea agreement papers, because there's no way he's going to allow her to drag them through a long trial. Will tells him he's going along; Barbara won't listen to Paul, but she will listen to Will, because she thinks she still has a chance with him.

At the police station, Barbara insists to Rosanna that she's signing the papers to prove to Will that she loves him. She tells Rosanna that if she doesn't sign them she'll lose him forever. Just as she's ready to sign, Rosanna's phone rings. She hands the phone to Barbara and it's James, who asks her why she can't do anything the easy way.

Jack gets Parker a mug of hot chocolate and starts to make small talk with J.J. and Parker. The kids start taking verbal jabs at each other and J.J. shoves Parker's hot chocolate off the table. Jack makes J.J. tell Parker that he's sorry and sends him for another hot chocolate. Jack explains to Parker that J.J. will be staying with them for a few days. He tells Parker that before long he and J.J. will be like brothers. Parker tells Jack he doesn't want J.J. as a brother, and J.J. yells that he doesn't want Parker as his brother, either!

In the car, Carly and Lily are unable to see what's happening in Julia's apartment. Lily brings up the idea of looking in Julia's window again, and Carly tries to talk her out of it. Lily gets out of the car.

Inside Julia's apartment, Keith tells Julia that he could never hate her and that she and J.J. mean everything to him. He tells her that he was angry with her but he never thought she'd leave town. Keith looks at a picture of J.J. and Julia tells him how much J.J. is changing. Keith tells her how much he's missed her, and she says she missed him too. He tells her that he loves her and J.J., and she should never leave him again. Lily and Carly peer through the window as the two hug each other.

On the phone at the police station, James tells Barbara that he wants to keep her out of prison. He tells her that she is to do as Rosanna instructs her, and she is not to sign the plea agreement. James tells her that she's got one chance, and if she doesn't do what she's told she can just rot in hell; he hangs up. Rosanna tells Barbara that Cabot is alive and she has to let her help so they can both have what they want. Barbara tells her that James could betray them both.

At Metro, Allison presses Rafael about why he's ashamed to go home to Montega. Rafael tells her that he's failed and that he didn't become the success he planned on. He tells her that he told his family he won the fight against Aaron by a knockout. Allison tells him she understands, because she, too, has been a disappointment to her family. She tells him that in the end they're family and he should tell them the truth. She offers to help him write his family a letter.

Luke arrives at Metro to talk to Aaron. Aaron tells Luke that Holden is upset about Luke being so angry at him. Luke tells Aaron about Julia and Holden's relationship and says that if Julia weren't around things would be better.

Lily and Carly scramble away from Julia's apartment and Julia hears them outside. Julia apologizes to Keith, telling him she's a bit jumpy. She asks him how he found her. He tells her that he got a message from a supposed friend of hers telling him that Julia was in trouble. Keith describes the messenger as a woman with red hair, and Julia replies that she bets she had blonde roots.

Jack continues to try to talk to J.J. and Parker. He tells them that they need to give each other another chance. Parker brings up a game that he and Jack are going to see, and J.J. gets excited about going too. Jack tells him that Julia wants him at home that day, so he can't go. J.J. storms out the door and Holden, on his way inside, grabs him. J.J. tells Holden that he hates Parker. Jack tells Parker that he won't tolerate the two of them trying to hurt each other. Holden tells J.J. to show Jack that he can be fair, just like Jack is trying to be fair. Parker tells J.J. that he's sorry for being nasty, and J.J. tells him he's sorry for knocking over his hot chocolate. Jack thanks Holden, telling him the two of them could learn from the boys.

At Metro, Aaron tells Luke that Holden and Lily were having problems before Julia ever showed up in town. An angry Luke tells him he can't believe that he's sticking up for Holden and storms out.

Allison helps Rafael write a letter to his family. She reassures him that his family will get over what happened.

At the police station, Barbara asks Rosanna if she really thinks James will hand Cabot over to her just because she's helping her. Rosanna tells her that she doesn't have a choice if she ever wants to see Cabot again. She tells Barbara that Paul doesn't know anything about Cabot being alive. Rosanna begs Barbara to help her get her son back. Paul walks into the room and asks Rosanna what she's doing there.

At Metro, Allison stops Rafael from working and tells him he's got a letter to mail. After Aaron and Allison walk away, Rafael rips up the letter.

Jack tells Holden that he's sorry for what happened at the farm, and the two agree to call it a draw. He thanks Holden for talking to J.J. and tells him he's his best friend, and he doesn't want to lose that for anything. He promises that he and Carly will stay out of his business.

In the car, Lily and Carly talk about seeing Keith and Julia hugging. Lily tells her she wishes that Holden could see the two of them hugging and, picking up her phone, Carly tells her it can be arranged.

Inside her apartment, Julia realizes that it wasn't Luke who went through her things at the farm. She questions Keith about who contacted him. Keith mentions that he saw a woman outside her apartment. Julia runs to the window to look but, not seeing anyone, she asks him to describe the women he saw. Keith asks Julia who they are, and she tells him that they're obsessed women who will be sorry that they messed with her.

James watches videos of Cabot. He talks to the screen, asking Cabot if he should let Rosanna see him again.

At the police station, Rosanna tells Paul that she's there to make sure Barbara signs the plea. Will shows up and tells Barbara he wanted to make sure she heard him, and that she should sign the plea agreement and do something right in her life. Tom notices that it hasn't been signed and asks Barbara if she's going to sign it or go to trial. Barbara picks up the pen.

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