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As the World Turns Update Friday 2/4/05



By Glynis
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At the gym, Mike and Katie almost kiss each other until Henry walks through the door and ruins the moment.

At Worldwide, Craig is still trying to persuade Jennifer to work with him on Street Jeans, but Jennifer still doesn’t want to.

At the Lakeview, Hal apologizes to Will for not believing he was telling the truth about gas-lighting Rosanna. Hal informs Will that Tom has offered Barbara a plea bargain of two years in jail and ten years on probation. Will is doubtful that Barbara will take the deal because she enjoys hurting the people she claims to love.

At the jail, Jessica explains the terms of the plea bargain to Barbara and Barbara refuses to take the deal, insisting she is an innocent woman.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna flashes back to James telling her that the only way Cabot will be with her again is if she finds a way to get the charges against Barbara dropped. Rosanna is so distracted she doesn’t hear the maid asking her what she would like prepared for dinner. Paul walks in and notices his wife is distracted again and wonders what is bothering her. Rosanna refuses to tell Paul what is bothering her.

At the gym, Henry is bothered by what he just saw but covers it by challenging Mike to a duel, with the winner getting Katie. Mike quickly tells him that nothing is going on between him and Katie. Mike also tells Henry he doesnít know anything about dueling, so they should find another way to resolve this problem. Katie tells Henry he has no reason to be jealous of Mike. Mike and Katie nervously explain about her fall and the wet paint on Mikeís pants. Henry tells Mike and Katie he was only joking, he trusts Katie and knows there was nothing going on between her and Mike. Henry gives Katie a wedding dress he bought for her. Katie gives Henry a quick kiss and goes to try on the wedding dress. Margo arrives because Henry called 911. Margo warns Henry this had better be a real emergency or she could arrest him for making a fake emergency call. Henry assures her this is very important to Katie. Henry asks Margo to be Katieís matron of honor at her wedding.

Margo refuses because she canít stand by and watch Katie marry someone she doesnít love. Margo immediately takes back her words when she sees the hurt look on Henryís face. Henry explains to Margo that maybe Katie doesnít love him like she loved Simon or Mike, but she does love him as a friend. Henry is confident that his and Katieís wonderful friendship can blossom into real love.

At the Lakeview, Hal encourages Will to think positively about Barbara because she has too much evidence against her to refuse the plea bargain. Hal tells Will that Margo told him about the fight he had with Tyson at the party. Hal is hurt that Will didn’t tell him about it himself. Will thinks the fight wasn’t a big deal and insists he is old enough to take care of himself. Hal gets a phone call and must leave Will.

At the jail, Barbara doesn’t want Jessica to be her lawyer because she thinks Kim hired Jessica to persuade Barbara to go to jail and pay for her crime. Barbara yells at Jessica that she doesn’t need help from anyone.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna tells Paul she thinks Cabot is still alive. Paul tells Rosanna he wishes with all his heart that Cabot was still alive, but it’s impossible that a baby could survive an explosion. Paul gives Rosanna a hug and a kiss because she feels badly that she always wants to talk about Cabot. Paul tells Rosanna that it is okay to talk about Cabot anytime because remembering him keeps his memory alive. Rosanna tells Paul she feels like taking a nap and sends him to his meeting with Jennifer. A few minutes after Paul leaves the house, Rosanna hears a baby babbling and cooing. Rosanna runs around the house trying to figure out the whereabouts of the sound.

At the gym, Katie isn’t thrilled with Henry’s choice of wedding dress. Henry apologizes to Katie, saying he must have bid on the wrong dress. Margo can’t stand to see her sister so upset about the dress so she agrees to be Katie’s matron of honor. A happy Katie gives Margo a hug and thanks her for changing her mind. A few minutes after Margo leaves, Katie gives Henry a hug and tells him his plan to get Margo to change her mind was brilliant. Henry denies he had a plan, but Katie knows him too well, so he admits he bought the ugly dress to get Margo to agree to be matron of honor. Henry gives Katie her real wedding dress.

At Worldwide, Paul isn’t happy that Craig is in charge of Street Jeans and advises Jennifer to quit her job. Craig keeps trying to persuade Jennifer not to give up on her dream.

At the jail, Jessica reads off a list of Barbaraís past crimes as well as the present charges against her. Jessica tries to explain that with her previous record and these new charges the plea bargain is her best chance of ever being a free woman.

Barbara refuses to take the deal and maintains she is an innocent woman who has been framed. Will arrives to visit Barbara, and Jessica asks him to talk some sense into his mother. Jessica leaves them alone so they can have a talk. Will reminds Barbara that she promised him she would be willing to go to jail if it meant he could move back home with Hal. Barbara tells Will that she meant every word she said to him, but she wonít go to jail for a crime she didnít commit. Will tells his mother she has ruined his life and the lives of all the people she claims to love. Will explains that once, Barbara had a voice inside her that let her know what was right and what was wrong, but now that voice is gone. Will insists that Barbara must do the right thing and pay for her crimes.

Will makes it clear that the only way Barbara can have a chance of having a mother-son relationship with him is to take the plea bargain and pay for her crimes. Will tells his mother that if she goes to trial and drags her family through the mud she will never have a relationship with him. Barbara tells Will she will consider signing the agreement if it means a chance to be his mother again. Will advises her to sign the agreement because itís the right thing to do, not for his sake.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna finds a video of Cabot playing on a television inside the house. James arrives and turns the video off just to torture Rosanna. James tells Rosanna the only way she will ever see Cabot is if she follows his orders.

At the gym, Katie asks Mike to stay and give her his opinion of how she looks in her wedding dress. Mike refuses to do so because he must go get some supplies. Katie thinks the reason he won’t stay is because of what almost happened between them earlier. Mike tells her that nothing happened between them. Katie tells Mike she saw a look in his eyes that she hadn’t seen in a long time. Mike tells Katie to be careful she doesn’t get her wedding dress full of wet paint.

At Worldwide, Craig tells Paul and Jennifer that he has changed since Lucy almost died in the mineshaft. Craig asks Paul and Jennifer to give him a chance to prove he can do a good job. Craig leaves Paul and Jennifer alone to talk. Jennifer thinks they should give Craig a chance to prove he has changed. Paul doesn’t buy Craig’s story and warns Jennifer that Craig likes to play mind games. Paul is worried that Craig will try to manipulate Jennifer. Jennifer is hurt that Paul doesn’t trust her judgment. Paul still wants Jennifer to quit her job. Mike arrives shortly after Paul leaves the room. Mike agrees with Paul that Craig is a dangerous man. Jennifer is hurt that Mike doesn’t think that she can handle Craig, either. Mike explains to Jennifer that he thinks she is a smart woman who can handle anything, he was just warning her to be careful with Craig. Mike advises Jennifer to follow her heart and her good instincts. He promises he will be there to help her if she needs him to put Craig in his place.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna thinks it will be impossible to get the charges against Barbara dropped because there is too much evidence against her.

James tells Rosanna that he will raise little Jimmy to be a good man. Rosanna is angry that James changed Cabotís name. Rosanna agrees to do whatever she has to do to make sure Barbara doesnít go to jail. Rosanna asks James to tell Cabot his mommy loves him. James asks Rosanna to tell Barbara that he sends his love to her. James warns Rosanna that if she tells anyone about their agreement she will never see Cabot again.

At the gym, Katie is positive that once Mike sees her in her wedding dress he won’t allow her to marry Henry. Katie tells Henry she loves him for being such a good friend and going along with her plan.

At Worldwide, Jennifer wonders why Mike came to visit her. Mike has a flashback of almost kissing Katie. Mike tells Jennifer that he cares about her. Jennifer jokes that those words can turn a girlís head. Mike tells Jennifer that he loves her. Jennifer tells Mike those words are always nice to hear. Mike and Jennifer kiss each other. Craig walks in on them, so they stop kissing.

Jennifer tells Craig she will think about working with him on Street Jeans.

At the jail, Barbara remembers what Will told her and decides to sign the agreement if it means she can have a chance to be a mother to Will. Rosanna walks in and tells Barbara not to sign the agreement and to tell the police she is innocent.

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