ATWT Update Thursday 2/3/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/3/05



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At the gym, Mike gives his men orders about what they should do until he returns from his meeting at the hospital. Katie wants to spend some time with Mike so she falls down, hoping Mike will stay for a little while and help her with her injury.

At Metro, Aaron shares the exciting news with Allison that Dusty gave him the job of manager of the club. Aaron is excited but nervous because he is afraid the job may be more than he can handle. Allison reminds Aaron that before his accident he practically ran the club on his own.

At Worldwide, Jennifer is not happy when Sierra informs her Craig now has Jordan’s old job with Street Jeans. Jennifer makes it clear to Sierra that she will not work with Craig.

At Julia’s apartment, Holden brings Julia a table and chairs. Julia gives Holden a thank you kiss but insists there are more important things they must get today, like a bed. Julia sends Holden to get some coffee for her before she gets a caffeine withdrawal headache. Holden promises to return with some coffee and a mattress so they can make love. A few minutes after Holden leaves the apartment, Julia is surprised to see Luke at her door.

At the Lakeview, Lily receives a call from Luke’s school to inform her that Luke has skipped school again. Lily calls Holden to tell him, but Holden has turned off his cell phone. Lily worries that Keith will not come to Oakdale to visit Julia. Carly encourages Lily not to give up hope because she is sure their plan will work. Carly is happy when she sees Keith Morrissey walk in the door. Keith calls information to ask for the telephone number of Memorial Hospital. Keith calls the hospital personnel office to find out Julia’s telephone number.

At the gym, Mike applies first aid to a cut on Katie’s lip, which she got when she fell. Mike sits down on the bleachers, which are covered with wet paint. Mike has paint all over the back of his pants and is worried because he has an important meeting at the hospital. Katie demands Mike take his pants off so she can wash them. Mike is reluctant to do as Katie asks because he thinks it's another one of her tricks. Mike finally takes his pants off and allows Katie to wash them because he really can’t miss his meeting.

At Julia’s apartment, Luke demands that Julia let his father go and allow him to return to his family. Luke blasts Julia and tells her she is a fake, and he and Lily can see right through her. Luke tells Julia that his father is a smart man and sooner or later he will realize she is a fake.

At the Walsh mansion, Dusty arrives. Lucinda wanted to meet with him and see how he is doing at his new job. Dusty tells her things are fine, but Lucinda knows he is annoyed because Craig is also working at Worldwide. Lucinda tells Dusty not to worry about Craig because he will eventually mess up and be fired from his job.

At Worldwide, Jennifer pleads with Sierra not to make her work with Craig. Jennifer threatens to quit her job and almost walks out of the office. Sierra reminds Jennifer that Street Jeans belongs to Worldwide and she must work with Craig. Craig tries to use his charm to stop Jennifer from quitting her job. Jennifer agrees to make her presentation to Craig and Sierra, but she makes it clear that it doesn’t mean she won’t quit her job.

At Julia’s apartment, Julia tries to persuade Luke that Holden is with her because that is where he wants to be. Luke insists that his father is blinded by her "poor single mother" act, and once he sees her true personality he will leave her. Luke tells Julia the only person he feels sorry for is J.J. because he has her for a mother. Julia accuses Luke of going through her things at the farm. Luke tells Julia he never went through her things. Julia and Luke’s conversation is interrupted by a call from Keith. Keith wonders if Julia is okay. Keith also tells Julia that he loves her and wants to straighten things out between them. Julia gets angry and yells into the phone that Keith should leave her alone and stay out of her life.

At the Lakeview, Keith hangs up the phone and bumps into Holden, who is on his way to order breakfast. Keith asks Holden for his help in finding his way around Oakdale. Lily and Carly know they must keep Holden from meeting Keith, so Lily bumps into Holden and tells him about Luke skipping school. Keith decides to find Julia himself and walks out the door. Lily asks Holden to consider what this situation is doing to their children, who miss their father. Holden promises to spend some time with the children.

At Julia’s apartment, Julia asks Luke to stay until his father comes back. Luke reminds Julia that his parents are separated, they are not divorced yet. Julia accidentally tells Luke that Holden is considering divorcing Lily, but then when she sees Luke is even more worried she tells him he misunderstood what she said to him. Julia tells Luke Holden is a good man and he shouldn’t be mad at him about this situation. Luke thinks his father was a good man until Julia came into his life.

At Worldwide, Sierra insists that Jennifer listen to Craig’s ideas before she decides if she wants to quit her job.

At the gym, Katie gives Mike back his pants and shirt, which she washed for him. Katie buttons Mike’s shirt for him, and Mike tells Katie he must go to his meeting but doesn’t make a move to leave the room. Mike and Katie agree to be friends after realizing that, even though their relationship was good, it’s in the past. Mike and Katie almost kiss each other.

At Worldwide, Craig thinks that it is too soon to expand Street Jeans because they must have more brand recognition before they consider expanding the company. Sierra agrees with Craig’s advice to Jennifer. Sierra leaves Craig and Jennifer alone to work out their differences. Jennifer tells Craig she won’t work with him.

At the Lakeview, Luke tells Carly and Lily that he thinks Julia is hiding something because she reacted strangely to a call from someone who is looking for her.

At Juliaís apartment, Julia tells Holden about Lukeís visit and how angry he is with her. Julia thinks Luke hates her and that his feelings toward her will never change. Holden thinks he must talk to Luke and make him understand that just because he is with Julia doesnít mean he is going to neglect him and his sisters. Holden also wants to make it clear to Luke that his relationship with Julia is a permanent one.

Keith calls Julia and insists he must see her today. Julia pretends itís the hospital calling and tells him she canít come to work today. Julia hangs up the phone and tells Holden he must go have a talk with Luke. A few minutes after Holden leaves, Keith calls again and insists that he must see Julia because they have some things they must straighten out. Keith tells Julia he knows where she lives and he is coming over right now. Julia screams Keithís name into the phone several times, but he has already hung up the phone and is headed over to Juliaís place.

At the Lakeview, Lily tells Luke that he must not skip school anymore. Lily also tells Luke he must stay away from Julia. Lily tells her son to go finish out his school day. Carly and Lily decide to follow Keith Morrissey.

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