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By Camille
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Arm in arm, Allison and Aaron walk into Al's. While Allison goes off to get them coffee, Aaron walks over to where Rafi is sitting and reading a letter. They exchange pleasantries. Aaron tells Rafi that he's doing better and has regained the use of his arm. Rafi's glad to hear that. He tells Aaron that he wakes up every morning remembering the fight. Aaron tells him to forget it, it was all Dom's fault. Raffi is upset as he explains that Dom sponsored him to come to the U.S. to fight, and now that Dom is dead and Rafi can't fight the INS wants him to pack up and leave. Aaron thinks aloud that that is unfair as he looks at the letter. Rafi agrees, but he doesn't see anyone lining up to give him a job and his Visa is expiring next week, so it looks like he's going back to Montega.

Sierra walks into the office to find Lucinda waiting. Sierra's ready to take on the domestic division. Lucinda is happy that she has decided to remain in Oakdale and work with her. Sierra teases Lucinda that with Lucy gone she has become a substitute. Lucinda knows that Sierra has taken the job to help her ease the pain of Lucy being gone as well, but on to business. Lucinda has hired a replacement for Jordan Sinclair. Sierra is displeased to hear that. How could Lucinda do that without talking to her first? Lucinda says that it doesn't matter, he's perfect for the job. Sierra says that the job doesn't exist anymore because she's already hired someone.

At Metro, Dusty is looking over the books while having coffee. Craig walks in. Dusty doesn't want to shock Craig, but Metro doesn't run itself. He tosses the keys to Craig and tells him that he's done; now Craig's in charge. Craig doesn't want to manage Metro. Dusty tells him that if he wants the doors to stay open, he has no other option. Craig says that he has both time and money invested there, but Dusty cuts him short and tells him that he wasn't at the club for even ten hours last month. Now with Molly gone the weight of it all has fallen on Dusty. Craig says with a trace of sarcasm that Dusty has done a fabulous job. Dusty tells him that he got the job that he interviewed for. Craig needs to make time now, or Metro will be a thing of the past. Craig says that that will be a problem; he doesn't have time, thanks to a new business opportunity. Dusty fully supports free enterprise, but he's out of there.

Jack looks up from some paperwork to find Julia standing in front of him. He's not happy to see her. She's there to ask him a favor for J.J. Jack mutters that he's been down this road before. Julia starts tearing up as she begins to walk away. Jack tells her that he would do anything for J.J. "But not for me?" Julia asks. She was wondering if Jack would take J.J. for a few days. Jack wants to know why, and Julia tells him Emma has found out about her and Holden, and now she and J.J. have to leave. She wants Jack to take J.J. so she can look for a place to live and furnish it. Jack wants to know if Lisa is unavailable. Julia is upset as she tells Jack that Lisa feels the same way as Emma, and, she thinks, so does everybody else in the town. Jack agrees to take J.J. but says he needs to call Carly to give her a heads-up.

Carly and Lily sneak around the hallway of the apartment building. Lily's worried and she doesn't feel that they should be there. Carly shushes her and asks her what the point of wearing a wig is if Lily is going to call her by her real name. She's "Janice" and Lily is "Renee." She's going to do her homework on Keith and find out everything about him before she tells him where Julia is. Lily doesn't know if Keith will still want to be with Julia. Carly tells her to remember the picture and the letter and that Julia does have a history. Lily mutters that Julia is good at turning normal men into lovesick slaves. Carly reminds her that it's lovesick slaves who are willing to leave their wives and families. Lily gets the point. They snoop around the hallway; it's a nice place and quite clean, so it can't be cheap. Keith must have money. They walk over to the mailboxes and Carly spots an open box. Lily tells her that tampering with mail is a federal offence. Carly tells her she's not tampering, she's just looking. Lily should go keep a look out for other people. Alone, Carly pulls out a letter and sees Keith's name on it. She's pleased. A door opens behind her and a woman comes out. "May I help you?" the woman asks. Carly bluffs it through. She tells the woman that she was walking by and saw the mailbox overflowing. She didn't know what to do with the mail. The woman, whose name is Mrs. Grace, looks at the mail and sees that it is Keith's. She tells Carly that bit's her fault, she was supposed to pick up Keith's mail. Carly pretends that it is a big coincidence, she's there to see Keith and that's his mail. Is he out of town? Mrs. Grace explains that he travels a lot and asks if Carly knows him. Carly admits she doesn't know him but says they have a friend in common, a friend who is in trouble, and since she was in the neighborhood she thought that she'd drop by to see if Keith could help. Mrs. Grace knows that he would, he's such a sweet man. She invites Carly in so that she can leave him a note.

Jack can't get in touch with Carly but he leaves a message. Julia wants to know why Jack can't be happy for her. Jack asks if he should be happy that she got kicked off the farm. Julia says that she cares about Holden, and when Jack reminds her that Holden is a married man Julia says that he was separated for a long time before she came along. Jack wants to know if there was anybody else before him besides Les. Her ex-husband was abusive and an alcoholic, Jack was an amnesiac, and Holden is married. He doesn't think Julia's doing herself any favors. He's not trying to make her feel bad, but he can't see it working out. Holden will go back to Lily. Julia is confident that he won't and she's willing to take those odds.

Ben walks into Metro to find Jessica waiting. They're alone. She wanted to see him. They had been working together so closely that she forgot what was going on. When she got home last night and went through her mail, she found that their papers had been filed. It's official: they're divorced. Ben does not look happy.

A frustrated Dusty tells Craig that they'll close Metro and sell it. Craig agrees and goes off to put a sign on the door. Curtis walks up behind them and is outraged. They've got people depending on them for a livelihood, they can't close without any notice. Dusty agrees. They decide to find someone to manage Metro until it is sold.

Lucinda is appalled that Sierra has hired Craig. She wouldn't trust Craig to park her car, let alone manage her company. Sierra believes that Craig has changed. Lucinda doesn't believe it. He used his relationship with Lucy to get back into Sierra's good graces. Sierra doesn't understand it. She thought that Lucinda wanted to make money. Lucinda says she doesn't care about the money, she wants sympathetic coworkers; that's why she has hired Dusty. He's redeemed himself, he saved Lucy twice and it was Craig's fault that Lucy was at risk. Lucinda thinks Craig is weak, everything will blow up in his face and he'll take the whole family with him.

Sierra still believes that Craig has changed. He was going to leave town until she offered him a job. She says she will not work at Worldwide unless Lucinda finds a way to get along with Craig. Lucinda agrees, but she's hired Dusty and Sierra will have to work with both of them. Sierra will have to make Dusty and Craig work well together. There is a knock on the door. It's Dusty. Lucinda tells him that she was just saying to Sierra that she's thrilled that Dusty will be working with them. Dusty wants to know if Sierra is okay with his being hired. Sierra is fine, but there's just one little thing... Almost on cue Craig walks through the door.

Jessica and Ben talk. Jessica can't believe that she could lose control in such a destructive way. She doesn't know what's wrong with her. Ben comforts her and tells her that she is more than the sum of her mistakes. Jessica does not want to make excuses. Neither does Ben, but he's trying to be as kind to her as she was to him.

Aaron reads the letter from the INS and tells Rafi that he should hire a lawyer. Rafi doesn't have any money. Aaron suggests that maybe Lucy's mother or grandmother could help him. Rafi can't believe how quickly everything changes. He had a title shot and a chance at Lucy, and now he doesn't have either. He can't go back to Montega with nothing to show for his time there. He changes the subject by saying he's sick of talking about his stuff and asks what's Aaron's plan. Aaron has to look for a full-time job. Rafi thinks that he should go get his old job at Metro back. Dusty is a stand-up guy, he'll hire Aaron back. Aaron agrees and tells Rafi that while he's there he's going to get Dusty to sponsor Rafi. They hi-five and Aaron tells Allison, who's approaching the table with a coffee in her hand, that he's off to get his old job back. She's concerned that he might be overdoing it. He doesn't think so, and besides, Rafi is right. Dusty owes him. He's off. Alone with Rafi, Allison is upset. Rafi nearly killed Aaron in the ring, and now he's sending him off to work when he's barely out of the hospital.

Jack thinks that Julia is making it very hard for Holden to make the right decision. Julia says that just because Jack went back to his wife doesn't mean that Holden will too, and maybe if Jack can't be happy for Holden he isn't so happy with Carly after all. Holden walks in, beaming. He's found a great apartment, but they have to go now before someone else grabs it.

Carly admires Mrs. Grace's apartment while pumping her for information. Keith has lived in the building for three years now, or maybe it's five. He was in the Air Force. He showed her his medals. He's a real hero. He's not in the Air Force anymore, he flies commercially with one of the big outfits. He's usually gone once or twice a week. He always brings her things. He brought her a vase from Singapore. Carly says that it sounds just like Keith, he's very thoughtful.

Mrs. Grace is puzzled. She thought that Carly never met Keith. Carly says that she feels as if she knows him from all the things Julia has said about him. Mrs. Grace has never heard him mention a Julia. Keith doesn't talk much about his personal life. She knows that there is an ex; Keith told her that his ex broke his heart. Carly has to go. Mrs. Grace promises to tell Keith that his friend Julia is at Memorial.

Jack is eavesdropping as Holden tells Julia about the apartment. It's a two-bedroom near both the school and the hospital, with a playroom in the basement and a pool and a gym. Jack interrupts rather cattily and asks if that place isn't expensive. Holden says that it's not a problem. Jack says he'll swing by the farm to get J.J.'s stuff and Holden says that he's got it covered.

Rafi is upset. He doesn't think that Allison is being fair. He likes Aaron. Allison apologizes and says she's just worried. Rafi tells her that Aaron needs to be able to handle his own stuff, and Allison needs to let him breathe.

Aaron walks into Metro. He sees Ben and Jessica sitting at their table and comes over to say hi. He tells Ben that he's doing fine and that the arm works. Allison has him set up in a gym, so he's starting physical therapy. Ben's glad to hear it and thinks that at Aaron's next check-up he'll be released from all medical restrictions. Aaron walks over to Curtis. They hi-five. Aaron is looking for Dusty. He wants his old job back. Curtis tells him about Dusty and Craig's argument that morning and that they will find someone to run Metro until they sell it. There's no future in working at Metro.

Dusty and Craig bicker in Sierra's office. They're not going to work with each other. Sierra gets in between them and tries to diffuse the situation. There's enough work to go around for the both of them. Dusty is interested but he knows from working with Craig at Metro that it's not a happy situation. They begin to bicker again and Lucinda calls a halt. She says that if one of them wishes to leave, there's the door.

A dejected Aaron walks back into Al's, where Allison and Rafi are waiting for him. He tells them what Curtis has told him and says that Dusty and Craig are looking for someone to manage the club until it's sold. Rafi says that Aaron should apply for that job. Allison starts to object but, as she sees the look on Aaron's face, quickly covers up and encourages him to apply. Aaron agrees.

Julia and Holden walk into the apartment discussing its amenities. Julia loves it. This is a great way to make up for losing their life at the farm. Holden tells her that J.J. can still come out to the barn and ride every weekend. Julia tells him that she and J.J. love having him around and that he's always welcome there. Holden takes her off to sign the lease.

Carly says good-bye to Mrs. Grace, who again promises to tell Keith about Julia. Lily wants to know if she found anything. Carly tells her that she'll tell her in the car, just keep her fingers crossed that Keith takes the bait.

Allison, Rafi and Aaron talk about the job at Metro and about Lucy. Rafi says that she's doing fine and she loves school, then he leaves. Allison promises to back off of Aaron's job right after they buy him a new suit.

Ben has to get back to work. He's sorry to cut their meeting short. Jessica's fine with that, she's just glad that they had a chance to talk. Ben can't promise her anything, he's taking it day to day, but maybe they can do it again soon. He promises he'll call her.

Dusty, Craig, Lucinda and Sierra have all come to terms. The men have accepted the offers of employment, although they don't look too happy about it. The women think that there is a way to divide the work so that the men work independently. Craig will head up Street Jeans and Dusty will supervise the other divisions and ventures. Sierra thinks that between her contacts and Dusty's they'll have a lot of fun bringing in new business. Dusty would enjoy that. They have a deal. Lucinda says, "Welcome to Worldwide, and God help us".

Julia is surprised that the manager was so nice and gave her the keys without waiting for the check to clear. Holden tells her it's because they went to high school together. Julia is excited and starts to talk about new furniture. Holden pulls her close. He has a better idea.

Carly and Lily are back at Carly's house and Lily wonders what happened between Julia and Keith. They know that Julia was with Keith after she split from Les because of the photograph; J.J.'s in it with them. Lily asks if Carly made a copy of Keith's letter. She did, and as they are reading it Jack walks in. He asks if Carly got his message. She says she didn't, she's just getting in herself. He tells them about Julia's visit and that Emma has kicked her out. Lily is relieved to hear that Holden and Julia are not living together anymore, and Jack looks uncomfortable. She picks up on it and demands to know what's going on. Jack tells them that Holden has found Julia an apartment. He doesn't know if they're living together, but nothing would surprise him. He leaves the two women alone and Lily is in tears. Carly tells her not to worry, Keith will take the bait.

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