ATWT Update Tuesday 2/1/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/1/05



By Camille
Pictures by Amanda
Proofread by Angie

Sierra rushes into Al’s to find her mother engrossed in a palm top. She’s been looking for her, and Lucinda’s assistant said that Lucinda could be found behind a chai latte. Lucinda’s got a long night ahead of her. Sierra has some interesting news. When she called Jordan Sinclair to let him know that she would be running the domestic division of Worldwide, she was told that he had given his notice and had left town. Lucinda offers an emotionless, “Oh, yes. That.”

Sierra wonders if that’s all Lucinda is going to say. Lucinda replies that Jordan offered his resignation and she accepted it. Sierra is puzzled. She thought that Jordan was happy; Lucinda confirms that he was. Sierra wants to know why would he leave if he was happy, and Lucinda replies, “Because of you.” Sierra looks confused.

Dusty is fixing his tie at Metro as Craig walks in. Craig always thought that Dusty was an open-neck type of guy. Dusty doesn’t want to get blood on his suit or else Craig would be face down on the ground right now. Craig chuckles and wonders if Dusty has a hot date. Dusty is sarcastic as he says that Craig is such a funny guy; they glare at each other. Craig, now all serious, says he thought Dusty would like to know that Lucy is settling in very well at Williams, she likes her roommates... Dusty cuts him short in the middle of his recital about Lucy’s classes to snap, "Fantastic, glad to hear it, but next time keep your family updates to yourself." He walks off.

At the police station, Kim is visibly upset as she waits alone in the conference room. Barbara is led in by an officer who then tells her that she’s got ten minutes. He leaves the room and Barbara rushes over and hugs Kim. She’s relieved that Kim is there and glad to see her face, but when Kim does not hug her in return Barbara takes a step back and asks what’s wrong. Kim asks her if she remembers her telling Barbara that if she didn’t reach deep down and clean up her act she would lose everyone who meant anything to her. Barbara remembers but thinks that since Kim is there that she must still be in her corner. Kim sets her straight: she’s there to say good-bye.

Allison and Will are lip-locked as Tyson and Casey look on. When they finally separate Allison asks an incredulous Tyson if he’s never seen a girl kiss her guy before. Will can only look on with a dazed grin on his face. Tyson sneers that he's seen plenty. Allison smiles knowingly and hints that he’s been sneaking into the “adults only” section at the video store again; maybe someday Tyson will get himself a real girlfriend and be able to use his hands for something more than the fast forward button on the remote. With that she walks off. Tyson is intrigued and asks Will, "Where’d you find her?" Will is still speechless from the kiss.

Margo is playing waiter as Paul comes in. He thanks her for keeping an eye on things. She’s fine with it and the food is fabulous. Paul says he will tell Rosanna, she’s the one who took care of it. He asks Margo if she’s seen Rosanna. Margo hasn’t, but she’s just the chaperone, and Paul should know. Paul is a bit worried. Rosanna left Metro before he did. Margo suggests that Rosanna might have had car trouble, but Paul doesn’t buy it. Rosanna would have called. He wonders where she is.

A shaken Rosanna struggles to keep control of herself and the car as James lectures her on how to drive. He tells her that she is capable of following orders, although in some cases she learns a little late. Rosanna is angry. What does James want? James pretends to be upset that she won’t even ask him how he’s doing; after all, he is her father-in-law. Rosanna is calmer now and asks where James has been. James is elusive. He says he’s been away and, though it may be awkward, his dropping by, they have to talk. Rosanna can’t believe it. They have to talk? About what? James tries to make conversation, saying he’s missed her and asking how she's been. Rosanna explodes. He has some nerve asking her that. James plays confused and then says, "Ah, Cabot. One can never get over losing a child, Rosanna, you must have shed many tears." Rosanna wonders why James is torturing her like this, and again James plays the innocent. Rosanna begins to lose control. "You murdered an innocent boy." James is upset and tells her, “Don’t you ever accuse me of murder. Cabot is very much alive." Rosanna can hardly believe him.

Back at Al’s, Sierra can't believe that Jordan left Worldwide because of her. Lucinda, still on her Palm Pilot, says, "Yes, it’s true. When he found out that changes were being made in management..." Sierra wants to know if it’s because she would have been his boss. Lucinda continues as if she hasn’t heard her, "Jordan gave his resignation and was gone in a puff of smoke." She puts her Palm Pilot away and takes off her glasses. Sierra is still shocked. Lucinda tells her not to worry, she’s already arranged for Jordan to have a nice job offer in New York. Sierra tells Lucinda that she would have never accepted the job if she had known that Lucinda was going to push Jordan out. Lucinda reminds Sierra that Jordan is neither her child nor her responsibility. He has a fine future, and it's time that Sierra began thinking about her own. After all, she has an empire to run. Sierra thinks that her first job should be to fill Jordan’s shoes. Lucinda waves her off and says she’s already put feelers out for that. Sierra’s testy as she replies that she should have a hand in that; after all, it is her empire. Lucinda is all smiles as she hands Sierra folders and tells her they are the first quarter earnings for Street Jeans; they’re very good, but they will be better. That’s what Sierra needs to focus on, and she should leave everything else up to Lucinda. Sierra’s not too comfortable with that, but Lucinda says she has to go. Alone, Sierra looks at the figures and is very pleased.

Craig walks over to the bar where Dusty is having a drink. He wonders if he sounds insensitive. Dusty wonders if it has slipped Craig’s mind that he is in love with his daughter. Craig is all serious and promises he’ll stay off the subject, there’s no need to ruin a perfectly profitable relationship. Dusty tops his drink off. Craig should know that Dusty plans on being out of there for good soon. He’s got a job interview and he’s got his lucky tie. He tosses Craig a towel and says, "Make yourself useful for a change." He’s off, and Craig is left to wonder what Dusty is up to.

Allison, plate in hand, goes over to Will, who has to thank her. He’ll be the most popular guy in school for the next few months until Tyson figures out the truth. Allison doesn’t think that will be anytime soon, as Tyson isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Will tries to be macho and says he’ll throw Tyson out if he’s bothering Allison. Allison shrugs it off, saying Tyson is just a typical teenage boy. Will says that they’re not all like that. Allison replies that Will would never try to impress women by acting like a super jock, then, as Will seems hurt, she tries to smooth it over by saying that Will would know better. Will is incredulous. Allison teases him that he uses his powers for good and not evil. Will is smiling as he walks off. Allison calls after him that he knows what she means. Casey, who has been listening to this exchange in the background, pipes up that Will is a teenage boy and doesn’t have a clue.

Paul is trying to reach Rosanna yet again as Margo walks in. She tells him that Rosanna probably got help up somewhere, then, as Paul looks worried, says that she’ll have dispatch tell all units to look out for Rosanna’s car. If they see it they’ll stop her and tell her she’s missing a rocking party.

Rosanna and James go back and forth. Cabot is dead, Rosanna was there and saw everything, James killed him. She heard him crying and Paul tried to save him but couldn’t. James says that he would never harm a child. Cabot is his grandson and he would never sacrifice him to punish Rosanna. He’s angry now. Paul saved Rosanna, which gave James enough time to save Cabot so that he could teach Rosanna and Paul a lesson. “You make James mad, things go 'boom'." He wanted Rosanna and Paul to believe that Cabot was dead because he and Rosanna had a deal that she would be a wife to Cabot’s father, Jordan. But she let Paul try to protect them and Paul failed, so Rosanna had to lose her son. Rosanna thinks that Barbara and James are working together to torture her. James says that Barbara’s been working on her own and then asks Rosanna if she heard a baby’s cry today at Fairwinds. That was him, and it was Cabot’s voice. Rosanna wants to know why he would do that. James says that he has a plan and he needs a favor from Rosanna. Rosanna can’t believe her ears. James wants a favor? What could it be? James wants her to free Barbara.

Will is standing by the doorway watching Allison and Casey as Paul comes up behind him. Paul wants to know how everything is going. Will gives a progress report: nothing’s broken, nobody’s left, and everything seems cool. He thanks Paul for going to all this trouble. Paul says that it was all Rosanna’s idea. Will wants to know if Rosanna is hiding upstairs. Paul doesn’t know, maybe she’s looking for a surprise. Will hates surprises and hopes that Rosanna is not getting a clown or magician. Paul doesn’t think so, Rosanna likes Will. Margo walks up and Will leaves the two chaperones alone to compare notes. Margo is leaving but wants Paul to know that dispatch is looking out for Rosanna’s car. Paul thinks that he should go look for her himself. Margo says that Rosanna is only twenty minutes late. Paul thinks Margo is right, Rosanna is probably fine. But he wasn’t counting on being the only chaperone. Margo laughs and says she’s late for work. She waves good-bye to Will and Casey, who are walking over to Paul. Will tells Paul that he can leave anytime he wants. Paul gets the hint and says he’ll be upstairs if they need him.

Allison is on the phone to Aaron. She says she’ll be home soon and she’ll bring him a slice of cake. Tyson comes up behind her and grabs her around the waist, asking, "Are you waiting for me?" She pushes him away and says that she’s waiting for him to evolve. Tyson can’t believe it, most chicks wouldn’t dare talk to him like that. He thinks that there’s plenty that Allison could teach him and suggests they do something on the dance floor. Allison says no and he grabs her hard. She’s in pain. Tyson wants her to show him some moves right there, or he can be the teacher. Allison tells him to keep his hands to himself and shoves him. He stumbles and knocks a glass off a small end table. He’s mad and says Allison should do something to make him forget it. She agrees and slaps him, saying maybe now he’ll remember that no means no. Tyson is furious and raises his fist to her. Will comes in and gets in between them, shouting, “What the hell did you do to her?”

Barbara and Kim are sitting at the table in the conference room. Barbara doesn’t think that Kim would believe all those lies, Kim knows her. Kim is troubled. She knows Barbara is sick and people have tried to help her, but Barbara won’t take anything seriously. Now maybe Barbara will get the punishment that she deserves and that will wake her up. She stands up and prepares to leave. Barbara is desperate, she begs Kim not to abandon her, she needs the love and support of her family and friends. Kim is incredulous. How could Barbara think that she would continue to support her after all that she did? Barbara tries to pretend that she didn’t really intend to do anything wrong, but Kim is riled up and lets her have it. Barbara brainwashed Emily, knowing that Will would be blamed for the things that Emily did. With tears in her eyes she tells Barbara that she’s been jerking Will around since the day he was born. Kim thinks she’s disgusting and tells her to get out of her way. Kim begins to walk out, but Barbara wails that Kim is all she has left. Kim stops to correct her: she has nothing left. With that she is gone, leaving Barbara crying after her, “You know you love me, Aunt Kim.” The officer attempts to lead Barbara back to her cell, but Barbara wants to see Hal.

Back in the car, Rosanna wants to know why she should let Barbara off the hook. James replies that Barbara was loyal, and loyalty must be rewarded. With that Rosanna yanks her wheel and makes a sharp turn. She’s taking James to the police station. James sneers, "Okay," then he begins to tell Rosanna about Cabot and how he used to cry day and night for his mother. She listens as if in a trance. She cant believe that this is happening. James says that it is happening, and now she has a chance for a reunion with her child. Sirens sound. There’s a cop car behind them.

Dusty walks into the waiting room at Worldwide. Nobody’s there. He knocks on the door and Lucinda tells him to come in. He wants to know right away about the job. She likes the fact that he gets right to the point.

They discuss the position a bit and Dusty wants to know, why him? There are people out there with MBA’s who would sell their grandmothers for a chance to work there. Lucinda says that he’s smart and he has a nose for money. Dusty thanks her but says he’s passing on the job.

Sierra walks into Metro and spots Craig. He’s just who she was looking for. Craig was thinking about her too. He wonders what brings her by. She says she just wants to know how he’s doing. They discuss the empty nest syndrome they're having now that Lucy is gone. He wants to know how Sierra dealt with it. She says that he’ll never get over missing Lucy. Craig pours them some wine and says that Lucy will always be his baby. He just wishes she weren’t so far away. Sierra agrees but changes the subject. What about Craig? He’s been thinking that with Lucy gone and Sierra going back to Montega, he should be heading on to greener pastures.

Back at Fairwinds, the party is at a standstill and the tension is escalating as Will and Tyson exchange words. Casey tries to calm Will and warn him off Tyson. Will tells Tyson that he should leave. Tyson says nobody believes that Allison is Will’s girl. She’d have to be as messed up as Will. Will cuts him short and says, "I’m not going to ask you again; leave." They get in each other’s faces as Casey hurries out of the room.

In the conference room, Barbara wonders why Hal must be so cold. Hal does little to hide his mood, he’s always happy when they catch the bad guy. "Nothing personal," he tells her, "but you’re going down." Barbara wants to know if "innocent until proven guilty" does not apply to her case. Hal tells her they’ve got a stack of evidence against her. Barbara says that all she needs is one jury member who might look at things differently or think Emily was ignored by her husband. Hal wants to know what Barbara is up to and warns her not to go there. She replies that she won’t have to, the jury will. Hal tells her to forget her fantasies, the jury will believe Emily. He believes Emily now. Barbara replies that now may be too late.

Rosanna tries to play it cool as the officer flashes a light in her face. He tells her that Detective Hughes has them looking for her, she was expected back sometime ago. Rosanna replies that she got tied up. The officer observes that she looks a little rattled and wonders what’s under the blanket. A quick-thinking Rosanna says that it’s melting ice, and the teens at her house are going to stage a rebellion if they have to drink warm soda. The officer laughs and tells her to drive carefully. James asks if it’s safe and then comes out from under the blanket. He praises Rosanna for her quick thinking. Rosanna wants proof that Cabot is alive. James only repeats his offer of her son in exchange for Barbara’s freedom. If she tells anyone, she’ll never see Cabot again. He leaves the car. Rosanna is left calling after him.

Dusty paces Lucinda’s office. She wants to know why he’s turning down her offer. He says it's because it’s a consolation prize for not proposing to her granddaughter. Lucinda assures him that it has nothing to do with Lucy, it’s an acknowledgement of potential.

Sierra wants to know if Craig has anyplace in mind. He tells her Hong Kong. She laughs and says it's funny that he’s ready to leave town while she’s committing to stay; he’s looking at the new C.O.O of Worldwide Domestic. Craig offers his congratulations. Sierra thinks it’s not incredible; after all, she led a country, so running a corporation should be a piece of cake. She wonders if Craig would be interested in sticking around and helping her. Craig wants to know if she’s offering him a job.

As Allison and Will walk off, Tyson asks if he’s supposed to be scared of Will because he killed someone or because he’s crazy. Will turns back but Allison holds on to his arm. She tells Will that Tyson is not worth it. Tyson tells her to come find him when she’s done playing with little boys. Allison tells him that the only woman who’d take him up on that is the kind that charges by the half-hour. Tyson is upset and tells her to watch her mouth, and Will punches him in the face. He hits back and Will goes down onto the sofa. Allison tells Tyson to leave Will alone and Tyson pushes her.

He is about to swing at Will again when Paul enters, grabs him from behind, and holds him in an arm lock. Paul tells Casey to call the cops. Allison checks on Will. He is fine.

Lucinda and Dusty discuss the job. She tells him he’d be taking over from Jordan and that he’d be reporting to Sierra. Dusty wants to know if Sierra knows about his job offer. Lucinda says that she was waiting to get an acceptance from Dusty first before she told Sierra. Dusty asks what will happen if there’s a problem. Lucinda says there won’t be, and they shake on it.

Sierra knows that Craig is tempted and she tries to coax him even more. She reminds him that he loves the fast track and that Street Jeans would put him right back in the game. Craig would have no one to answer to. She also says that if he plays his cards right she might be able to talk Lucinda into letting him buy Street Jeans outright. Craig says he’s in, and they toast.

Hal and Barbara have been interrupted by an officer, and after signing the reports Hal tells the officer that that was the last interruption. After the officer is gone, Hal tells Barbara that that was the last time she weighs in on his relationship with Emily; they’ve hit a bit of a worn patch. "Like ours did?" Barbara asks. Hal replies that their marriage didn’t hit a worn patch, it was totaled. Barbara has burned all her bridges and bitten every hand that fed her, and she’s now being paid back in kind.

Margo finds Paul cleaning up and asks him what to do with Tyson. Paul says that he doesn’t want to press charges, but he wants Margo to scare the spit out of Tyson. Tyson, in handcuffs, is led in by another officer. He wants to know where they’re taking him. Margo says he’ll soon find out, and off they go. She stops to grab a carrot stick from the party platter and runs into Rosanna, who wants to know where she’s going. Margo says that Paul will fill Rosanna in on the details.

Allison and Will are sitting on the sofa as Casey looks on. Will has some ice to his jaw. Allison asks if he feels better, and Will tells her he can’t feel anything. Allison cant remember if that’s good or bad. She apologizes and Will says that he screwed up. Casey wants to know why, and Will explains, "Because it was the shortest party in history."

Casey tells him nobody goes toe to toe with Tyson, and Will was awesome; now he’s officially cool. Next time he has a party everyone’s going to want to be there. He leaves and Will asks Allison if she’d like to go get a shake or see a movie. Allison says she has to get home to Aaron, and Will is crushed. He hides it well and tells Allison to tell Aaron he says hi.

A distracted Rosanna apologizes to Paul for missing the party. She explains that she had a flat tire and her phone was dead. Paul tells her about the fight, and Rosanna asks if the party was a success. Paul doesn’t know and says that if his father wasn’t a psychopath, maybe he’d have a clue. He wouldn’t wish that monster on any kid alive. Rosanna flashes back to James saying that he will exchange Cabot for Barbara’s freedom, and if she tells anyone she’ll never see Cabot again. Paul realizes that she’s not listening and tells her she was a million miles away. Rosanna says that she was on the side of the road with a flat tire and a broken phone, and now she’s safe and sound with him, and they embrace.

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