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At Fairwinds, Rosanna hears a baby say "Mama"; she turns to see where it is coming from but doesn’t hear the voice again. Casey arrives to set up his sound system for the party and startles Rosanna. Casey asks where he should put the sound system, but a distracted Rosanna isn’t listening. Will arrives and shows Casey where to put everything. Paul arrives to see how preparations are going for the party. A nervous Rosanna asks Paul if he is sure Barbara is in jail. Paul assures Rosanna his mother is drinking out of a tin cup right now.

At the police station, Hal offers to take Emily home after he finishes up some work. Emily tells Hal she is waiting for Allison to pick her up. Emily also tells Hal that Allison wants to take her to Metro to celebrate being cleared of drugging Rosanna. Hal thinks that a celebration is a great idea and offers to stop by Metro after he is finished with work, and then he can drive her home. Emily doesn’t think this is a good idea because she isn’t ready to come home right now. Emily explains to Hal that they need time apart. Hal struggles to understand Emily’s feelings; he thinks they should celebrate together about the truth finally coming out. Emily explains to Hal that she is hurt that he didn’t believe she would never hurt Rosanna. Hal explains that the evidence made her look guilty. Emily tells Hal that it doesn’t matter how the evidence looked, he should have believed her because he is supposed to be the person who knows her better then anyone.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly leaves a message for Lily to call her as soon as she gets her message because she wants to know if she found anything in Julia’s room that could be used against her. Jack comes downstairs and tells Carly he left a message for Julia asking her when J.J. could come for another visit. Jack tells Carly he should probably answer the phone when it rings, just in case Julia calls back. Carly promises Jack she won’t bite Julia’s head off if she calls the house. Jack is amazed by Carly’s change in attitude toward Julia. Carly thinks there is no reason to be nasty towards Julia anymore, since Jack has finally seen her true personality.

At the farm, Lily finds a letter in Julia’s memory box that bears the name "Keith Morrissey" and an address in Chicago. Lily doesn’t have time to read the letter because she hears Julia and Holden talking outside, and they are about to come in the room. Lily quickly gets under Julia’s bed just seconds before Holden and Julia enter the room.

Lily quickly sends a text message to Carly telling her she is trapped and needs help getting out of the house. Julia tells Holden how grateful she is to have him in her life. Julia and Holden begin to make love while Lily listens to them from under the bed.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Jack comes downstairs after finally getting the kids to sleep. Jack wonders why it takes him so long to get the kids to go to sleep. Carly smiles and says it's because he has to play every character in costume. Jack is hungry and asks Carly if there is any pie in the refrigerator. Carly tells him she thinks there is pie left, so Jack goes into the kitchen. Carly gets the frantic text message from Lily and quickly makes up an excuse of having to go get some more milk. Carly is just about to head out the door when Emma arrives to talk to her and Jack. Carly tries to postpone the talk until she returns from the store, but Emma tells her it’s important that they talk now.

At the police station, Allison gives her sister a hug and asks her forgiveness for giving her the lousy advice to not trust Paul. Allison thinks Emily was smart to trust Paul because he really supported her during this whole mess with Barbara.

At Fairwinds, Margo arrives to help with the party. Paul asks Margo to reassure Rosanna that Barbara won’t get out of jail this time. Margo is confident that the charges against Barbara will stick. Paul wants to take Rosanna to Metro so they can talk about what is bothering her. Margo agrees to stay until the guests arrive for the party. Rosanna reluctantly leaves with Paul to go to Metro.

At Metro, Paul wants to know why Rosanna has been acting so nervous. Rosanna flashes back to hearing the baby’s voice call her mama, but she doesn’t tell Paul what happened to her. Rosanna just keeps asking Paul if he is sure Barbara is in jail. Paul reassures her several times, but Rosanna still has her doubts about Barbara being in jail for good this time. Rosanna thinks they should move out of Fairwinds so she doesn’t have to face painful memories of Cabot. Paul doesn’t agree; he thinks they have all had a rough time at Fairwinds, but it is beginning to feel like home. Rosanna is startled when Emily comes up behind her. Emily thanks Rosanna and Paul for everything they did to help clear her name. Emily tells Rosanna Tom will be contacting her about formally dropping the charges against her. Allison arrives and gives Paul a present to thank him for helping Emily.

At Fairwinds, Will and Casey continue to get ready for the party. Casey asks his mother if she brought everything inside from the car. Margo smiles and says yes to her son. Casey asks his mother to guard the door and make sure nobody gets in who isn’t on the guest list. Margo smiles and jokes that after six p.m. she gets paid time and a half. Will tells Casey he is very lucky to have such a close relationship with his mother.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Emma makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be put in the middle of Carly's and Lily’s revenge plots against Julia. Emma tells Carly that while Julia is a guest at the farm they must respect her. Carly apologizes to Emma for putting her in the middle of everything with Julia and promises it will never happen again. Carly then rushes out the door to get Lily out of her problem.

At the farm, Lily listens to Holden tell Julia how happy he is to have her in his life right now. Holden wishes that he wasn’t having so many problems with Luke. Julia thinks Luke is a good kid because he takes after his father. Holden quickly jumps in and tells Julia that Lily is a great mother who has taught Luke to be a caring, compassionate person. Holden thinks Luke just needs time to understand that his mom and dad’s marriage is over. Julia finds an old picture of J.J. that fell out of a memory box. Julia shows the picture to Holden and tells him she doesn’t have many pictures of J.J. because they had to leave most everything behind when they were on the run from Les. Julia goes to put the picture back in the box. Holden gets a call from Carly, who tells him she must talk to him about J.J. and she is on her way to the farm right now. Julia is suspicious of Carly’s motives for the talk and asks Holden to call her back and tell her they will talk later. Holden tries to call Carly back but is unable to reach her. Holden and Julia get dressed and come downstairs just a few minutes before Carly arrives to talk to them.

Carly apologizes to Julia for everything she has done and calls a truce with her. Lily sneaks downstairs and out the door while Carly is talking to Holden and Julia. Once Lily is outside, Carly tells Julia and Holden good-bye. Lily explains that she had to listen to Holden and Julia almost make love from her hiding place under the bed. Lily tells Carly she found something that could help them get rid of Julia.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Emma wonders why Lily has joined Carly in seeking revenge against Julia. Jack doesn’t think he should say anything and advises Emma to ask Holden herself.

At Metro, Emily thanks Rosanna for letting Paul help her find out the truth. Paul tells Allison about Will’s party and Allison decides to drop by to give Will moral support. Margo calls Rosanna to let her know the caterers haven’t arrived with the food. Rosanna goes to call the caterers to give them directions to the house. Rosanna has a feeling someone is watching her, but when she turns around nobody is there.

At Fairwinds, Casey encourages Will not to be so nervous about the party. Casey advises Will that if he gets nervous he should just go change the music. The doorbell rings and Will is happy to see Allison arrive for the party.

At Metro, Rosanna gets a call from the caterer to inform her there is a problem with the shrimp. Rosanna is puzzled because she didn’t order any shrimp for the party. Rosanna decides to go home and make sure things are going smoothly. She tells Paul to stay and celebrate with Emily.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Lily shows Carly the letter from Keith Morrissey addressed to Julia. Carly doesn’t get a chance to read the letter because Jack comes downstairs. Jack takes the groceries from Carly, puts them in the kitchen, and goes back upstairs so the ladies can talk alone. Carly reads the letter from Keith, in which he tells Julia he now realizes he was lucky to have her and J.J. in his life and he is sorry he let them go.

At the farm, Julia apologizes for coming between Holden and his family. Julia gains Holden’s sympathy by saying she thinks she doesn’t deserve to have the love of a man or a happy family. Holden thinks Julia deserves those things, both for her and her son. Emma overhears the last part of their conversation and sees Holden and Julia kissing. Emma demands that Julia stay away from her son and move out of the house. Emma blasts Holden for allowing Julia to come between him and Lily. Holden tells his mom that his marriage had problems long before Julia arrived in Oakdale. Emma tells her son he has a responsibility to his family. Holden tells his mom he intends to be responsible for his family, but he thinks it's time he concentrated on what he wants instead of always worrying about what everybody else needs. Julia tells Emma that she will move out of the house that night. Holden offers to help Julia look for a place and makes it clear this doesn’t change their relationship.

At Fairwind, the guests arrive. Allison notices Will is feeling out of place with Casey’s friends, so she pretends to be his girlfriend to make him look cool to the group.

At Metro, Emily confides to Paul that she and Hal are having problems because of Barbara. Paul is confident that they will work things out. Paul and Emily toast to the normal life they hope to have someday.

In her car, Rosanna is driving home and calls the caterer about the mistake in the food order. James pops up from the back seat, points a gun at Rosanna’s head, and tells her to calm down and drive the car.

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