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By Glynis
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Jordan comes to see Rosanna to make sure that she is okay; he heard about Emily scaring her. Rosanna confirms that he has heard the truth about what Emily did. She made sure that Rosanna heard the sound of a baby crying and thought she was hearing Cabot. Jordan has to wonder what kind of person would do something like this, and he hopes that Emily will pay for it.

Will has been listening to what Emily and Paul have dug up on his mother. Barbara tries to cover, but it isnít going to work this time.

Henry offers to go and talk to Mike for Katie to help get him to remodel the gym. Katie can see that something is wrong with Henry; he hasnít been himself in days. He comes home early and sober, and he hates the talks they have about Mike. Katie feels that she knows what is up with him.

Mike canít believe his ears. Jennifer tells him that she wants him to help Katie remodel the gym. She doesnít care if he helps Katie as long as he can do his work modeling. Mike feels that Jennifer is being too courageous. She says that this is the only way she can keep him. She has to let him help Katie.

Lily and Carly are discussing the mysterious man in Juliaís life. Now that they have found the picture, there are questions that have to be answered. Where is the man now? Carly feels that they might be able to get Julia and this guy back together. Carly wishes she knew where the abusive ex was. He would be able to tell them who this other guy is. Carly has an idea: they could find out where Keith lives and how to reach him. Lily can tell that Carly is talking about searching through Juliaís stuff at the farm. Carly tells Lily that she is going to be the one to do the searching.

Holden is listening to Jack and Julia argue over what is going on with him and Julia. He has hidden himself in another part of the barn and canít believe his ears. Jack has the idea that Julia has been going through the married men in town to prove some sort of point about herself and Jack. He also seems to feel that J.J. has been hurt in all this.

Holden has had enough of listening to Jack tell Julia that she has been manipulating him, and he comes out of hiding to tell Jack that he has been doing what he wanted to all along by spending time with Julia. He seems to think that he knows Julia and says she needs his support. He says that no one will tell him what to do, not Julia, not Lily, and not Jack.

Hal comes into the station and finds Emily, Barbara, Paul and Will together. Emily tells him that she has the evidence they need to prove that Barbara has been up to no good. Emily knows now that Barbara is the one who slipped her something that made her crazy. Hal reminds Emily that tests were done on the dishes and nothing was found. Emily says she found the real dishes behind The Lakeview. Barbara is sure that Emily has staged a witch hunt. Hal takes the broken dishes and gives them to a police man to take for testing.

Barbara turns to her son and touches him, but Will pushes her off and orders her not to touch him ever again.

Jack explains that he is concerned about J.J., and he thinks Juliaís behavior has been a little convenient. He wants Holden to see that Jack is only concerned about him, but Holden doesnít see that. Jack feels that this is about him in some way. Holden will not listen to anymore; Jack has crossed the line. Holden orders Jack out of there.

Lily doesnít think that she can spy on Julia and go through her things. Carly tells her that she has every right to be in the house as family. Lily knows she could lose Holden if she gets caught doing this. Carly says they only have to find a little something to help them trace the men in Juliaís life. Lily decides that she will snoop. She knows Julia and Holden are over there now, but if she doesnít go now she will lose her nerve.

Will has a complete meltdown at the station. He sees his mother for what she really is. Emily is sorry that he is hurt. Will can see that there is something obviously wrong with his mother. Paul takes Will out of the station.

Barbara is upset that Will is hurt and she tries to go after him, but Hal stops her, telling her that she is going nowhere.

Rosanna finishes up her business on the phone as Jordan waits.

Once Rosanna is finished, she goes back to Jordan and learns that he is leaving Oakdale right away. Things seem pretty sudden. Jordan feels he should have left earlier. He ran out of hope. He doesnít make attachments very easily, and now he has to give them up. He will miss Jennifer, but he has to go. Jordan has already quit his job and says he will never work for another family business again. He is going to New York to work for a big faceless corporation and is on his way to becoming a whole person. Cabot was a part of Jordan becoming a whole person, and he thanks Rosanna for giving him that. Now that Jordan is leaving, he can leave behind the manipulations that he has experienced in his life. Jordan reminds Rosanna that she is a wonderful mother and says that she should consider adopting. She isnít sure that she could love another child again, as Cabot was very special. Jordan promises he will be around if she ever needs anything.

Katie brings Henry a vodka with two olives. That is just the way that Henry likes them. Katie feels that Henry finds her desperate and thinks she is heading for more hurt. Katie explains how she was with her mother when she was away and they were talking about their lives. Katie realized that every story she told to her mother had Henry in it. He is very important to her, and that is not going to change. She tells him he means a great deal to her, but she can see that he is still sad. "What is wrong with you?" she pushes. He brushes off her questions. Henry says that he has only been feeling sad about not having money for the wedding. He wants her to be happy, because when she is happy, he is happy.

Jennifer describes how she was talking to Jordan earlier and he made her see that she was very insecure during the time that they were together. He didnít tell her that outright, she just picked up on that herself. She remembers how she used to be with him. He did sleep with someone else, and that was why it had to end, but she knew that something like that was bound to happen. Jennifer wasnít all that surprised. She was expecting something to go wrong with the relationship. Things always go wrong. Jennifer trusts Mike and she knows that he will not hurt her. Some days she feels that Mike will sleep with Katie, but on other days she feels that Mike should just face Katie. Jennifer is sure that this will help Katie see that she has to move on. Mike can see that Jennifer feels that maybe he hasnít moved on yet. Jennifer only wants him to be sure that he has nothing in his heart for Katie anymore. They both need to know that.

Julia gets between Holden and Jack when it becomes clear that they might come to blows over her. Jack sees that he should leave now, and he tells Julia that he will be in touch with her later to discuss arrangements for seeing J.J. again. He leaves.

Julia and Holden turn to each other and talk sweetly about what they mean to each other, and how glad they are to have found each other. They move closer to each other.

Lily has quietly arrived at the Snyder farm, and she hears Holden telling Julia that he has been waiting for a long time to find someone he could trust, someone he could listen to. Julia is so glad she has found him. They really seem to need each other. Lily quietly looks over in horror at what she is seeing and hearing. She continues to watch as Holden and Julia kiss.

Mike is torn. Mike feels that Jennifer doesnít trust him, but that is not what Jennifer means. Mike feels that Jennifer doesnít understand him yet. He will not blow up and leave, and he promises her that. Jennifer loves Mike and wants him to test himself and take the job. There is knocking at the door.

Henry is at the door, and before he can ask Mike to do the job of remodeling, Mike agrees to take it. Henry is shocked at this. He asks Mike to tell Katie that he was brilliant at convincing Mike to take the job. Mike promises to do just that.

After Henry leaves, he gets his story in line so that he can wow Katie about how wonderful he was in convincing Mike to take the job. He will do anything to make Katie see him as a hero.

Jack goes home and reports that he and Holden almost got into it over Julia. Jack canít explain how ridiculous things have gotten over there.

Lily is watching Holden and Julia kissing in the barn. She is angered at the sight of them together, but she has a job to do, and she rushes off to take advantage of the time that she has to get her job done.

Up in Juliaís room, Lily enters. She sees the sexy red number that Julia must have worn the night before and contains her anger at knowing that Holden must have seen her in it. Next, Lily heads over to the bureau. She opens a drawer and rifles through it. Jackpot! She finds something that looks like a type of diary. Lily gets it out and starts to open it, hoping that the contents will reveal who the mystery man in the photo really is.

Henry returns to Katie and tells her the good news. Katie is overwhelmed with glee. She is going to get to work with the man of her dreams and have a chance to get him back.

Jennifer finds this thing to be a test, and she has to pass it. She wants to make sure that she isnít like her mother in the respect of obsessing over things that she wants. She demands that Mike go to Katie and work with her day-in and day-out. Mike has to laugh at her. She really is an amazing woman. She likes that he can laugh at what she says and not be angry. That is a good sign; it means he canít think she is a complete moron for doing all this. Mike wants her to get used to feeling good about them.

Paul calls Jennifer and tells her to come over to Fairwinds as soon as possible. She would like to talk more with Mike, but when she hears that Barbara has been up to no good yet again, she springs into action.

Will turns to Rosanna and confirms that his mother was drugging Emily all along. Rosanna feels bad for Will, but he feels that Rosanna was the victim here. Paul was right about his mother being the culprit in all this. Will hates that he has been played again. Will feels he should have known better. He warns Rosanna not to let Barbara in or to trust her ever again. Paul knows better than to believe Barbara, but he still gets sucked in time and time again. Will understands how he feels.

At the station, the results come back.

Hal reads the file. The results are confirmed: Barbaraís fingerprints were found on the dishes. Barbara says that she was in the house, of course her fingerprints were on the plates. The evidence is circumstantial, but Hal is going to make it stick. Hal has had enough. Barbara will be remanded and will be back behind bars. Hal orders that Barbara be rebooked and cuffed.

Katie shows up at Mikeís house.

Mike opens the door to her. She would like to know why Mike decided to work with her. He says that doesnít matter. She tells him that he has to follow through, as she hasnít all that much money to have things stop in the middle for any reason. Mike promises that he will not quit on her. They get down to work.

Barbara begs Hal not to do this to her. Hal reminds Barbara that she hurts everyone she comes in contact with. Hal leaves to get the paperwork to put Barbara behind bars.

Emily tells Barbara that she is through now. Emily will move on with Hal, and Barbara will be out of the picture. Barbara reminds her that she has a very different history with Hal. It was a history where Hal was able to trust her. Emily has screwed up in the past, and she canít say that, now can she?

Paul and Jennifer tell Will that he can do whatever he wants now. He can live wherever he wants, too. Rosanna asks Will to move back in with them. They could even have a party. Casey will help with that. It is time to have some fun. Rosanna is all for it. She tells everyone that they will celebrate at Alís in an hour. She has a conference call to make.

Everyone leaves Fairwinds and Rosanna gets back to work. As she starts shuffling her papers around, she hears a sound. It is a baby crying. She jumps at the sound.

Jack is upset that he and Holden had words earlier. Carly comforts him. Soon Jack leaves the room to go and have a shower.

Carly takes out the picture of Keith and says to herself that Lily had better find something to get rid of that witch.

Lily is searching the room frantically, trying to get something on Keith. Suddenly she finds something sticking out from beneath the bed. She rushes over, finds a box, and opens it. FINALLY! Lily finds a letter that Julia had received from Keith. The address says that he is in Chicago. Lily canít believe her good fortune. She has really lucked out this time.

Suddenly, Lily hears voices. She is sitting on the bed holding the letter, and she panics.

Holden has Julia up against the door outside the room. He is kissing her. He had wanted to make love in the barn, but Julia insisted that they come upstairs to her room. He is all for that. It is at that moment that Julia puts a hand behind her and reaches for the doorknob to open the door.

Lily is frozen in fear, waiting to see what is going to happen next.

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