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Tom arrives at the station to see Emily. She has a question for him. She feels that Tom is against her, but he denies that. They discuss their son. Tom would like to help her, but there is no evidence of Emily having been drugged.

Paul couldnít find Will earlier and tells Will that that disturbs him. Will answers by saying that he was simply around. He is hurt that Paul was helping Emily. Paul denies that he was working against Will.

Barbara arrives and finds her sons talking and says that she is innocent of hurting Emily, and she plans to explain everything to Will.

Jennifer and Mike are alone together. Mike has a great idea. He thinks that they should take all their clothes off and stand naked, staring at each other. That is only step one. Eventually, after the steps, they would end up in bed together. She likes the idea, but she has to go meet with Jordan. Mike isnít to worry, she does not intend to get back with Jordan. Jennifer feels that someone should tell Katie that.

Katie tells Henry that they have to use Mike to set up the gym so that they can get married. Henry refuses to call Mike for this. He doesnít want to.

Julia comes to see Lily at Lucindaís house. Julia feels that maybe Lily has brought her there to intimidate her with her motherís fancy things. Lily says that she only brought her there because her children are at home, and she didnít want to upset them. She begs Julia not to take Holden from his children.

Holden talks to Luke, trying to explain why he and Lily canít get back together. Luke can only see that his father doesnít think this is a big deal.

Jack comes downstairs with J.J. to see him off to school. When they hit the bottom of the stairs Jack helps J.J. get his outdoor clothes on.

Carly comes in from the kitchen with a lunch packed for J.J. to take with him. He takes the lunch but canít help giving Carly a dirty look in the process. Jack and J.J. then head out the door and off to start the day.

Carly goes over to the couch and finds one of J.J.ís notebooks. She picks it up off the coffee table and something falls out of it. Carly picks up the paper to see what it is. It is a picture of Julia, J.J. and a man. Carly turns the picture over and reads what has been written on the back. A sly smile comes to her lips. "Well, well, well," she says to herself.

Henry and Katie argue over Mike working at the gym. Henry knows that this isnít good for Katie. Henry says that if she wants Mike to work on the gym, then she will have to get him to do it herself. Katie knows that Mike will think it is a trick if she asks him to help. Henry doesnít care. If Mike is running from Katie, Henry feels that she should have to chase him on her own. He coaches Katie to work on Mike and see if she can make him sweat. The clock is ticking. Henry is sure that after a while Mike will take the job. Katie would like to have Mike working near her for hours at a time. Henry is the best at these ideas, but he still doesnít get the girl.

Holden explains to Lucas that he canít stay with Lily anymore. Holden is trying to treat Lucas like an adult and speak frankly to him, but Lucas only sees that his father is cheating and cares for no one but himself.

Julia and Lily talk about Julia getting together with married men. Julia feels that Lily was the one that caused her marriage to fall apart. Lily doesnít trust Julia one bit. Julia knows that sometimes marriages donít work out, and Lily has to understand that. Julia finds that they are a lot alike. Lily will not stand to be compared to Julia.

Jack returns home and finds Carly with a coy look on her face. Jack decides that he wants to go and talk to Julia and get answers about what exactly she is doing with Holden. Carly convinces him that he should leave things alone for a while and see what happens. Jack likes that idea better. He heads out to work.

Carly runs to the phone and makes a call the second that Jack steps out the door. She calls Lily and learns that Julia has just left the house. Carly loves that. Lily still has concerns about Julia getting her claws into Holden. Carly tells her not to worry. She has a plan, and she orders Lily over to the house so that they can discuss what to do about Julia next.

Carly hangs up and looks at the picture in her hands. She turns it over and reads, "To my happy family. Love forever."

Emily asks Tom for the records from Barbaraís ankle bracelet. Emily wants to retrace Barbaraís steps to see where she has been and how she managed to accomplish all this. Tom thinks long and hard, and then decides to help.

Tom shouts out to a worker in the order room to bring the records from Barbaraís ankle bracelet. They are brought to him.

Emily and Tom look at the files and see that Barbara was hanging around outside the Lakeview at some mysterious spot. What was she doing there?

Barbara sits with Will and tells him that he should spend time with his father. Hal loves and adores Will, and Will knows that. Paul hears his mother speaking and finds her a little sugary. Barbara is trying to send Will home to his father, but Will wonít go there. Barbara wants Will to come home so that they can be a family.

Lily is looking at the photo that Carly has found. They speculate as to who this man must be. They wonder who it was that dumped the other. Carly wonders what would happen if someone arranged for this guy to show up in town. Lily doesnít like that idea. He could be an abuser like Juliaís other ex. Carly has a better idea. J.J. must know this man, so he will be the one to give them more information on this mystery person.

Holden says that his breakup with Lily was coming for a long time. They have been trying for months. Holden couldnít keep trying anymore because things were not good for the family. Lucas feels that this is just his father saying that he wants to be with Julia, and he runs off.

Holden turns and sees that Lucas has run past Julia and left the building.

Julia comes over to Holden, apologizing for Lucas being upset. Julia explains how Lily confronted her. She feels like she has been on a roller coaster ride and that she is spinning out of control. She moves closer to Holden. When she is with him, she never wants to let go. They start kissing.

Jack enters the Snyder barn and finds the woman that proclaimed to love him more than any other and his best friend kissing. They are startled when he asks them if he should have phoned first. Holden and Julia move away from each other and turn to Jack.

Jack explains that he was up at the house but was told that he could find Julia in the barn, and that is why he is there.

Holden leaves Julia, who turns to Jack.

Julia asks Jack if he had fun at his sleepover. Jack feels that he could ask the same question. Jack asks Julia when she decided to be the way that she has been lately and why she used him the way she did.

Barbara is still talking to Will, and Paul becomes sarcastic at every chance, not buying anything that his mother is saying. He tells Will that Barbara is only buttering him up so that he will owe her later when she needs something. Paul has to make a call, and he leaves Barbara and Will alone.

After more prodding, Barbara is able to convince Will to come home. This could affect her going back to jail, and she knows that Will doesnít want that, deep down. Barbara is so happy that she starts crying. She gets out her cell phone to call Hal but canít remember the number. Will offers to call Hal for her, but in the middle of the call he hangs up. Barbara is really crying now. Will canít do this. He decides to go home and be with his parents.

Barbara and Will get up to go and talk to Hal together. On the way out, Barbara turns in the direction Paul walked off in, stops for a minute, and then heads out the door behind her son. She wasnít crying at all, she was only faking it.

Emily has gone to The Lakeview, and she has found evidence that she needs to prove that Barbara has been behind the strange things that have been going on. "I got it!" she cries.

Jordan is with Jennifer, and he explains why he was the way that he was with her, offering her an apology for things not working out. She accepts what he has to say wholeheartedly. She knows that she didnít trust him when she should have, and that had a lot to do with their breaking up.

Mike answers the door and finds Katie there. She has a proposition for him. She is taking care of the gym now, but she needs some help. She says that it would mean the world to her if he would do the remodeling for the place. Mike finds her ridiculous. He is not going to do this. He writes down a number and a name of a friend of his who will do the job for her. She sees that he is afraid. She sees that he is terrified at the idea of being alone with her. She takes this as a sign that he still loves her. Mike canít believe her gall.

Paul is with Emily at the back of The Lakeview and he sees the broken dishes that Emily has been fishing through. Emily knows these dishes well. They are her dishes and she would know them anywhere.

Mike will not be convinced that he should help Katie with her remodeling. She tells him that he is scared. He doesnít care. She tells him that she has moved on with her life, but he hasnít moved on with his. If he has, he wouldnít be threatened by working with her.

Julia can see that Jack is angry and she canít see why. Jack warns her that she had better not be playing games. He would hate to think that the woman he fell for is someone who would screw things up for others.

Carly and Lily are home when J.J. arrives, and they rig his notebook so that he will head straight to it when he sees it. Lily has been intrigued with the trick that Carly has come up with in order to get more information on the man in the picture. Carly mentions to J.J. that there was a picture in the book and she asks about the man in it. "Who is your friend?" she says innocently. J.J. says that the man isnít just a friend. "He is the best!" he says enthusiastically. Lily sits quietly by and watches the whole scene unfold.

Katie meets up with Henry at Metro and tells him that she has been such a fool. She has been chasing Mike, but she now knows that Henry is the man that she has always wanted. They kiss.

But it's only a dream. Henry is shaken from the fantasy, literally, by a very real Katie who is trying to get him to listen to her. He hopes that she is about to tell him that she loves him and no one else, but that isnít the case. This is about Mike; Katieís heart is broken again. She is losing the man that she loves. Henry decides that he will be the one to talk to Mike. Henry will make Mike take the job and see what a fool he has been.

Mike is looking through the mail and it is clear that something is wrong.

Jennifer comes home to find Mike very upset. He tells her how Katie had just been there and how she asked him to work on a job for her. He flatly refused. Jennifer thinks that might not have been the best way to deal with Katieís proposal.

Barbara has brought Will to the station to see Hal. They will have to wait, as Hal is not around right now.

Emily and Paul are at the station. Emily waves the broken dish pieces in Barbaraís face. "Look familiar?" she asks. Paul confirms that now they have proof that Barbara poisoned Emily. The residue on the dishes is sure to prove that. Will turns from Paul to look at his father.

Julia and Jack are really arguing now. She has been put on the defensive and she doesnít like it. She says that she has done nothing wrong.

Holden is in the doorway, listening while remaining unseen. He hears when Julia asks Jack a question.

Julia is upset that Jack is confronting her this way. He was the one that came to her and said that he wanted to spend more time with J.J., so why is this a problem for him? He made his choice, and now she has made hers. She asks Jack if he is just upset because he sees her moving on with Holden now.

At the house, Carly and Lily ask J.J. some questions about the man in the picture. They try to be as casual as they can without alerting the boy to the fact that they are really digging for information. All they get out of the kid is that the man in the picture goes by the name Keith. Carly is about to get more information, but J.J. has to go now. He is going to be picked up and taken to his mother soon. Carly says that she understands. She takes the picture and heads to the table to get an envelope. She puts the picture in the notebook, saying that she would like to make sure that it doesnít get lost, but once she turns her back to the child she takes the picture of the man out of the notebook and conceals it under something on her table. J.J. is none the wiser.

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