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At the Walsh mansion, Craig waltzes into Lucinda's office, commenting on her power suit. Lucinda tells him that she thought she gave instructions to her staff that he shouldn't be admitted. She tells him that Lucy is gone and Sierra is his ex-wife. Craig tells her that since he and Sierra are Lucy's parents it would be best for everyone if they buried the hatchet. She tells him to get out of the house, and Craig yells for Sierra. Lucinda tells him that she's not there, so Craig leaves to track her down.

At Metro, Sierra finds Dusty sitting at the bar, drinking. She tells him that she's not sure what's worse, that he stayed at Metro all night or that he's drinking so early in the morning. He tells her it's his first and invites her to have anything she wants, because they're having an "empty nest" special. She hands him a coffee and tells him she came to thank him in person for having the guts it took to not propose to Lucy and for letting her go off to college. Dusty tells her that if he had it to do all over he wouldn't let her go.

Allison and Aaron fold the blanket that hung mid-way over their bed. Aaron starts complaining about how hot it is in there. Aaron tells her it's killing him that they can't have sex. There's a knock at the door, and when Aaron sees that it's Rosanna he welcomes her and almost drags her into the apartment. Rosanna asks if Will slept there, because he and Paul had an argument and no one can find him. When they say no she thanks them and leaves.

Kim rushes into Barbara's house and asks for Hal. When Barbara tells her that Hal's not home, Kim explains that she's got to talk to Hal first and says it's about Will. Barbara insists that she has every right to know what's wrong with Will. Kim tells her that Will did not sleep at home last night. Kim tells Barbara that she knows Will was upset after her meeting with Will at the Lakeview and asks if she knows where he is and what she did to him this time.

At the police station, Emily and Paul arrive to find out about the lab tests on the dishes taken from their home. Hal tells them that there were no drugs on the dishes, but there's more to the story. Hal tells them that some of the cups were completely clean, and some of the dishes were brand new. They surmise that Barbara had the dishes replaced with new ones. Hal tells them he needs proof and can't just bring her in because they're new dishes. Rosanna comes running into the station and asks if they've seen Will, because he never showed up at Kim and Bob's and no one knows where he is.

Barbara snaps at Kim and asks how she could ask her what she has done to Will and then tells her she resents the questions. Kim tells her that if it were the other way around she'd have questions, too. Barbara tells her that would never happen because she's just the perfect mother. Kim presses her again, and Barbara tells her that she just wanted to see Will. They left the Lakeview abruptly, but they met back at Hal's house and had a good talk. Barbara tells her that she wanted Will to know how much she loves him. Kim tells her she doesn't believe anything she says. She tells Barbara to stop blaming everyone else for her own reputation, since she created it herself. Kim tells her that if she wants to help she should help find Will and stop feeling sorry for herself. Barbara grabs her coat and tells Kim she should find Will; she needs someone in her corner and is going to the only man who can help her now.

At Aaron's apartment, Allison tells Aaron that they've got to help Will. Aaron tells her he doesn't want her to leave, but Allison insists she's going to look for Will and she's got some ideas about where he might be. Aaron kisses her, but she quickly stops him and runs out the door.

At Metro, Dusty tells Sierra that he was crazy to let Lucy go. Sierra tells him how much she's going to miss Lucy. She says she's thought about going back to Montega, but the house there is filled with memories. Sierra tells him they should make a deal that if the memories of Lucy become too much they can lean on each other, and she asks him who else in the world would miss Lucy as much as they do. Craig walks in just as she's saying that and asks, what about him? Craig tells them that he's in the running for who's missing Lucy the most. Sierra tells him she knows he misses Lucy but adds that she's in the middle of a private conversation with Dusty.

Craig chuckles and tells her that it was rude of him to intrude; he tells her he'll be on his solitary way and leaves.

At Towers, Jordan gives Lucinda the first quarter earning report for Street Jeans. Lucinda tells him that she's making management changes at Worldwide. She informs him that he and Sierra are Worldwide's new dream team.

At the police station, Hal asks how long Will has been missing and questions what happened. Paul tells them that Will was upset because he found out about them trying to exonerate Emily.

Rosanna tells Paul that he's become obsessed with trying to prove Barbara's guilt. Barbara comes in just as Rosanna is telling Paul that he should focus on the three of them becoming a family. Barbara chimes in and asks him why he doesn't listen to his wife for a change.

Allison comes to the farm and calls out for Will, who is hiding behind a wall.

At the police station, Emily tells Barbara that they know she replaced the dishes and that's the only reason the lab didn't find any drugs. Barbara laughs and tells Paul that if there's something suspicious about the dishes he should ask his "peroxide pal." Angry, Emily goes after Barbara, but Hal stops her. Barbara tells them she wants the inquisition to stop. Paul tells Barbara that it's only a matter of time before they prove that she's guilty. Emily storms out of the station, saying she's had enough. Paul heads out after her, but Rosanna calls his name and he stops.

Allison, not knowing if Will is in the barn, starts talking to him and tells him that she knows what it feels like to not have anyone to trust. She tells him that if he's there she understands him. As she's leaving Will comes out and says her name. She runs back to him, hugs him, and tells him she's so glad she found him. Allison asks him what happened and why he didn't go back to Bob and Kim's. Will tells her that he found out that Paul is trying to help Emily get off for the things she did to Rosanna. He tells her it's like none of them believe that he saw Emily at Fairwinds. Will tells Allison that he'll understand if she hates him for being angry with Paul for helping Emily. Allison tells him that she doesn't hate him and that they're friends, and she cares about him no matter what.

At the Lakeview, Lucinda explains to Jordan her reasoning behind hiring Sierra to work at Worldwide. Jordan tells her that he and Sierra are just friends, nothing more. Lucinda tells him that it would enhance their working relationship. Jordan tells Lucinda that it's clear she's trying to push Sierra in his direction to keep her away from Craig. He tells her he won't stand to be used.

At Metro, Dusty tells Sierra that if Lucy walked into Metro right now he would show her the ring and tell her he loves her enough to change his life for her. Sierra tries to call his bluff and hands him the phone, telling him to call Lucy. She adds that if Lucy got that call from him she'd be in his arms by lunch. Dusty tells her that it's too late, but Sierra tells him it's clear that he loves Lucy too much to put his own needs before hers. Dusty tells Sierra that she's proved her point. Sierra tells him that Lucy loved him and she knew there was something worthwhile in him. She tells him that she wants to be able to repay him for all he's done and asks what she can do.

Lucinda warns Jordan to remember who signs his checks. Jordan tells her that he doesn't mean to seem ungrateful. He tells Lucinda that he cannot work as her pawn. Jordan explains to her that he and Sierra are just friends, and it would be pointless for him to be a part of trying to weaken the relationship Sierra has with Craig. Jordan submits his resignation, effective immediately, and walks out of their meeting.

At Memorial, Susan shows Emily a bottle of medicine that psychiatrists give to patients who are going to be hypnotized. Emily doesn't recognize the bottle. Susan plans to make calls to the state hospital and inquire if Barbara had access to the drug or questioned any doctors there about it. Emily reminds her that they've got to be careful not to let Barbara find out they're checking on this. Susan reminds her that her mother can be very sneaky and tells Emily she'll be back after she makes some calls.

In the barn, Will tells Allison that he doesn't feel like he belongs anywhere. Allison tells him that she understands exactly how he feels, but he can't let this keep him down. She tells him to accept himself because he's a great guy. She tells him that he'll have her every step of the way.

In Hal's office, Hal tells Barbara that he's tried to be fair with her. He threatens her, telling her that if she forgets one more time that she's a lady, he will too. Barbara asks him why he's holding her there when he should be looking for Will.

Outside Hal's office, Rosanna tells Paul that she's glad he's helping Emily, but he needs to concentrate on her and Will before he tries to save the world. Rosanna tells him to let Emily solve her own problems. Barbara flies out of Hal's office, and Hal yells at her that they've got an APB on Will and they're doing everything they can. Barbara tells him to do more. Paul chimes in that she's done everything to manipulate herself back into Hal's house, and then she had to tamper with Will being at Fairwinds. Paul adds that it's no wonder Will is out there looking for someplace safe. Barbara tells them to throw her in jail if that's what it will take to make Will happy. Paul tells her that he'll do everything in his power to make sure that happens.

At Memorial, Susan returns and tells Emily that a vial of the suggestibility drug at the state hospital is missing. Emily surmises that they can't prove it was Barbara who took it because the time frame is too large. Susan tells her that it proves Barbara had access to the drug. Emily tells her she needs to prove it, and to do that she'll have to find the dishes that Barbara got rid of.

Paul tells Barbara that nothing would make him happier than seeing her behind bars. Barbara asks him if he has any shame at all, and Paul tells her that he's ashamed of her. He tells her that he used to love and respect her, but look what she's turned into. Hal tells Paul to let it go. Rosanna tells Paul that he should listen to Hal and let it go. They decide they'll go and find Will. At that moment, Allison and Will come into the police station.

Dusty tells Sierra that all she can do for him has already been done, because she always gave him the benefit of the doubt. Sierra tells him that she's staying there for a while and is going to work for Lucinda. She takes his hand and tells him not to be a stranger.

Lucinda returns to the Walsh mansion and bumps right into Craig, who is fixing himself a drink. She tells him again that she wants him to leave her house. Craig tells her that he's waiting for Sierra to return from Metro, but he leaves, telling her he'll return. Lucinda makes a call and leaves a message telling someone that she has an opportunity for at Worldwide, a job that he or she would be suited for, and to call her as soon as he or she gets the message.

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