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Aaron shoves the checkers game off the table and grabs Allison and they fall back onto the sofa, passionately kissing. Allison stops him, reminding him of what the doctor said about not having sex.

At Metro, Emily tells Susan that she and Paul packed up all the cups and saucers and had Hal take them to the lab to be gone over for whatever Barbara may have drugged her with. Susan questions Emily about trusting Paul and thinks it's suspicious that he was the one who had her arrested in the first place and now wants to help her.

Paul and Rosanna arrive at Metro and she tells him about the party that she had Casey set up with Will. Paul thanks Rosanna for working so hard at getting Will to trust them again.

Will goes to the Lakeview to meet with Jennifer, and the concierge tells him she's not there yet. As he sits down to wait for her Barbara walks up behind him and tells him that Jennifer isn't coming. She tells him that it's just them, and she hopes that it's okay.

Jack tells Carly that J.J. cried himself to sleep after hearing the terrible things she said about Julia. He tells her that Julia allowed J.J. to come over there to see how it would work out and asks Carly if she thinks Julia will allow him to continue to come over once she hears what Carly said about her. Then he asks if that was part of her plan. Carly tells him that she's not the bad guy, and Julia dumped J.J. on him because she wanted him out of the house. Jack asks why, and Carly tells him it was so she and Holden could be alone with no one there to stop her from getting Holden in her bed.

Holden quickly gets his pants on as Lily yells at him that now she understands why he couldn't wait to move out. Holden tries to settle her down and asks her to go downstairs, but Lily yells that he should send Julia downstairs because she's not going anywhere. She yells at him that she's his wife and asks if he's forgotten that already.

Allison crawls out from under Aaron and tells him to stay put. She tells him not to tempt her and that someone has to be the adult. Aaron tells her that they've been waiting for such a long time and he doesn't want to wait anymore. Allison asks him what she's supposed to say to his father if he dies from having sex with her. She tells him she doesn't want to take the risk.

Allison tells him maybe she should stay at her mom's, but Aaron wants her to stay. She tells him to go and take a cold shower, but keep his stitches dry. When Aaron leaves the room Allison makes a phone call and tells whoever is on the other end that she needs some help.

At Metro, Susan starts to talk about Paul, but Emily stops her and points out that he and Rosanna just walked in; the two wave at them. Susan tells her that Hal is a cop and she should lean on him. Emily tells her that Hal is too close to the case. Susan tells her that to Paul, Emily is just a means to an end, because he hates Barbara and wants her in jail. Emily tells her that she doesn't care why he's helping and it means a lot to her that he believes her.

At the Lakeview, Will is furious with Barbara for having someone call and pretend to be Jennifer's assistant to get him alone with her. Will questions how she's out of the house at all, and Barbara explains that she's been given more leeway. Barbara tells him that she's relieved that Emily has been arrested for the terrible things she did at Fairwinds and adds that she can't believe Paul and Rosanna blamed him for it. Barbara tells him that she never doubted him. Will tells her he doesn't believe she's allowed out, and Paul would have told him if she was because Paul doesn't want her anywhere near him. Barbara reaches out to touch him, and Will snaps at her not to come near him. The concierge asks if everything is okay, and Will tells him that Barbara is a dangerous criminal and he should call the police; he stomps out. She tells the concierge that she's his mother and knows what to do, and then she goes after him.

Jack tells Carly that she's off base, Julia is not the kind of person to stage a seduction. She points out to him that Luke did see her kissing Holden, and Jack still doesn't buy into it. Jack tells her that Holden loves his family and he's not going to jeopardize that for anyone. Carly tells him that Holden is not the one making the plans, it's Julia. Jack insists that there's no master plan, and it's not any of their business anyway. Jack goes upstairs to check on J.J.

At the farm, Holden tries to get Lily to calm down. Julia offers to leave, and Lily yells at her that she wants her to stay because it's a family problem, and Julia is the problem. Lily tells Holden to ask Luke, because he saw the two of them kissing at the cabin. Holden tells her that he knew something was bothering him, and Lily tells him that he's breaking Luke's heart. Holden tells Lily that he'll talk to him, and Lily asks how he'll explain that it's okay for his father to cheat on his mother. Holden tells her that he doesn't expect Luke to understand and that he didn't plan any of this. Julia chimes in that neither of them meant for Luke to see anything. Lily barks at her that she shouldn't patronize her, because she doesn't care at all about Luke.

Holden tells Lily that Luke is not a child, and Lily agrees, saying he's a teenager and he needs his family to be there for him when everything else around him is changing. She tells Holden that he's wrong if he thinks Luke is mature enough to handle all of this. She tells him that his mid-life crisis is going to hurt Luke the most. Julia starts to leave the room, and Lily goes right after her and tells her that she's amazing. Lily tells her that she couldn't have Jack's family, so she went after hers. Holden tells her to stop and that it's not Julia's fault. As Julia leaves she tells Lily that if it makes her feel better to blame her, then she should go ahead. Lily stares at Holden, sobbing.

Will arrives at Hal's and calls for him. Hal's not there, and Barbara walks in right after him. Barbara tells him that Hal feels bad for accusing him and that he knows Emily is guilty. Will asks her if Hal told her that. Barbara goes into a long dissertation about how he was the one who united her and Hal. She tells him that he'll always have his mother and father wanting what's best for him. Will asks her what would be best for him, and she tells him to come home and live with his parents.

Holden tries to get Lily to go for a ride with him, but Lily is crying inconsolably. Lily asks him if he heard Julia say she wasn't responsible for wrecking their marriage. Holden tells her that Julia was setting the record straight and that she and Carly have not been fair to Julia.

Lily points out to Holden that he's seeing Julia as a victim, just like Jack. Holden denies seeing Julia that way, and Lily asks what is it that Julia does to herself to make herself so irresistible. Holden tells Lily that Julia listens and adds that all Julia did was fall for a guy who ended up not to be available. Lily tells him she wants to hear it from him if they slept together, and Holden admits that they did.

Carly picks up the phone to call Lily because she's worried about her. Jack tells her that it's not their business and she should stay out of it. He tells her that Julia is not an evil woman, just a woman who hasn't caught the right breaks. Just as Carly tells him that Julia is probably having sex with Holden right now, the doorbell rings, and it's Julia. She steps inside and asks if J.J. is still awake. Julia tells him that she's going to stay at the Lakeview and was going to take him with her, but since he's sleeping she'll leave. Jack asks her why she's not staying at the farm. Julia tells him that Lily stopped by and it was awkward because she walked in on something between Julia and Holden. Carly jumps all over Julia, telling her that she and Holden had an intimate moment and then she drove all the way over to tell Jack about it. Sarcastically, she thanks Julia for sharing. Jack asks her if she just came there to check on J.J., and Julia tells him that she was going to take J.J. with her. She knew Lily would call and tell Carly her side of the story, and she wanted to tell Jack first. Carly asks her, "Tell him what, Julia?" and adds that she's trying to break up another marriage. Julia tells her she doesn't care what Carly thinks of her and what's between her and Holden is their business, and then she leaves. Carly asks Jack if he still thinks that Julia's attraction for Holden has nothing to do with him.

Lily asks Holden if it was New Year's when he first slept with Julia and if that's the reason he decided to move out that day. Holden tells her that he's been honest with her about why he moved out. Lily asks him if he loves her, and Holden quickly gets up to leave. Lily stops him and tells him that he's walking out on their marriage and she needs to know why. Holden tells her that he would have left her if Julia were there or not. Lily tells him that she made a mistake and was lost in grief, and now he's punishing her and the children. Holden, indignant, tells her that he's been Mommy and Daddy ever since Rose died. Lily sobs and tells him that she's sorry and begs him to let her try again. He pulls away from her and tells her that they've both tried and it didn't work. She asks if it's because he doesn't love her anymore, and Holden asks her why she thinks that everything he does is a reaction to her. He asks her if she can just accept that he was with Julia because he wanted to be. He swears to her that he's not trying to hurt her, but she needs to accept that their marriage is over.

Aaron comes back into the room after his shower with a shower cap on. Aaron tells Allison that the shower wasn't cold enough. Allison reminisces about all the times they could have had sex and didn't. She tells him that she's ordered a chaperone. Nancy arrives with cookies, telling them she hopes she's not intruding. Allison tells her that they need her there now more than ever.

Barbara is still reminiscing about Will being a little boy there in their house. She tells him that it would be wonderful if he could come back there, where he feels secure, with her and his dad. Will tells her that Hal doesn't want to play house with her, and neither does he. Will tells her that even if Hal doesn't believe Emily, he still loves her. He says he will never live with her again. Barbara feeds him lies about Rosanna and Paul not trusting him, saying they think he's crazy.

Emily thanks Susan for her support and tells her that she hopes forensics finds something in the teacups. Susan tells Emily about a medication that psychiatrists use to hypnotize patients and make them accept suggestions easier.

Barbara tells Will that Paul and Emily went to the police and told them that she is innocent. She tells him that they told the police that Barbara forced Emily to do those things to Rosanna. Barbara tells Will that Paul pretended to believe him and he'll do anything to get back at her, even if that means hurting Will.

Allison and Aaron stare into each other's eyes while they eat Nancy's cookies. Allison talks Nancy into teaching Aaron how to bake cookies in order to keep his hands busy, since he can't do anything else for the next few weeks. Allison sets up the first baking session for the next evening so that it will last until bedtime, and then she walks Nancy out;

Nancy asks her if something is wrong, because she seems afraid to be alone with Aaron. Allison tells her, in a roundabout way, that Aaron can't have sex. Nancy tells her that there is virtue in waiting, and virtue brings its own reward.

At Metro, Rosanna tells Paul that she's hoping the party at Fairwinds will make Will want to move back in. Will comes in and tells them that he just saw Emily leave and asks if they've been spending a lot of time together.

Lily questions Holden. It's only three weeks since they separated and now he wants a divorce, and she's to believe that it's not about Julia? Holden tells her it's not, and he's going to talk to Luke and tell him the truth: that love doesn't always last forever. Lily tells him she can't believe that, after everything they've been through, he'd be unfaithful again. Holden tells her that he wasn't; to be unfaithful he'd have to believe in something. He tells her that he hasn't believed in the two of them for a long time and walks out. Lily sobs.

Julia arrives at Towers and tells Lisa that she needs a room. Lisa asks where J.J. is and she tells her that he's with Jack. Lisa asks her if everything is all right, and Julia answers by telling her it will be when she and Holden figure some things out. Julia tells Lisa that she and Holden are seeing each other. Lisa tells her that Holden is married, and Julia points out that they've been separated for a while.

Carly tells Jack that Julia came there to make sure he knew that she was having an affair with Holden. Carly tells him it's proof that it's all really about Jack. Jack tells her that he still can't believe it. Carly asks him what he can't believe, and Jack tells her that he and Holden are like brothers and he can't believe he'd do this to him. Carly asks, "To you?" Clearly angry, Carly spouts that Julia came to make him jealous and she succeeded.

Allison hangs a sheet midway across the mattress. Aaron asks what she's doing and tells her that he'll still know she's there. Allison kisses him good-night and asks him if he knows there's virtue in waiting. She lies on her side, telling him that she's thinking about when they finally will get to make love. They tell each other, "I love you."

Will tells Paul that Barbara filled him in about everything that's going on with Emily. Paul asks exactly what Barbara told him. Will explains that they don't believe Emily did those things to Rosanna. Paul tells him that he's sure Barbara was behind it and he's going to prove it. Will tells Paul that Barbara's right and he's not on his side. Paul tries to tell him not to listen to Barbara, but Will insists he can't listen to Paul and leaves.

Emily arrives home and is starting to go through things when Barbara startles her. Emily tells her that she knows what she did and how she did it. Smugly, Barbara tells her she won't find a thing, and Emily tells her she's going down because now they know the drug they're looking for.

Jack tells Carly that he's upset but he is not jealous. He tells her that he's exhausted and he's going to bed. Jack insists that they've got to make this about J.J., and that means no fighting with Julia; he makes Carly promise. Jack goes upstairs and Carly tells herself that she's got to figure out how to keep a promise that she needs to break.

Lisa tells Julia that she used to really care for her, but her friendship with Holden and Lily goes back years. Julia tells her that they've both got to do what they have to do and says good-bye; Lisa walks away. Holden comes to see Julia and tells her he's worried about her. He tells her that he can't stay because he needs to talk to Luke. She tells him that she should move out of the farm, but he insists that he likes having her there. He tells Julia that he told Lily their marriage is officially over.

At the farm, Lily sobs uncontrollably, asking how Holden could destroy everything they had.

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