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As the World Turns Update Monday 1/24/05



By Leigh
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Allison brings exercise equipment home so Aaron can work on his physical therapy there. Aaron shows Allison the dexterity he's regained in his right arm. The two of them start necking but Allison puts the brakes on, telling him that, because of doctor's orders, maybe they shouldn't start something they can't finish. Aaron grits his teeth.

Jack brings J.J. home and asks Carly where Sage and Parker are. She tells him that had he checked his messages he'd have known that she got a sitter so the two of them could have some alone time. J.J. becomes excited because it's just him and Jack, but Jack quickly points out that Carly is there too.

At Memorial, Lily tries to tell Luke that he probably didn't really see Holden kissing Julia, that more likely it was Holden trying to console her. Luke tells Lily that he knows what he saw and that Holden was handling Julia in a more than friendly manner. Lily tells Luke that no matter what happens he must respect his father. Luke snaps and tells her if Holden is saying he's working things out with her then he's playing her.

Julia, dressed in a skimpy black outfit with boots, acts a bit embarrassed by Holden's reaction to her. She quickly puts additional clothing on and tells him she's going to go make them something to eat, but he stops her before she leaves the room.

At Metro, Rafael finds Lucinda, who is on the phone leaving a message for Sierra. He asks Lucinda if she's going to be meeting Lucy there, and she tells him that Lucy has other plans.

Lucy is surprised to see Dusty at the Walsh mansion. Dusty tells her that there's something he's waited too long to say, and he wants to finally tell her. He's holding the engagement ring he bought for her in his hand. She tells him that she hated the way they left things. Dusty tells her that he went a little nuts when she told him about Rafael. Lucy tells him that what happened with Rafael didn't make her stop loving him and that nothing could; loving him is like breathing. Dusty tells her that he wants them back together, and he knows it's all his fault. He confesses that he should never have pushed her away. Lucy tries to stop him, telling him that there's something she needs to tell him, but he continues. He asks her if she knows how much he loves her and adds that he needs to show her. Just as he begins to lift his hand with the ring in it, Craig comes into the room, announcing that she's all set. Craig tells Lucy that he just spoke with Williams College, and she'll have to leave right away and register in the morning. Lucy turns to Dusty and tells him that's what she was trying to tell him. She tells Dusty that she's decided to go to college, and she's leaving.

At Metro, Rafael asks Lucinda if Lucy is at home. Lucinda tells him that she couldn't tell him, and Sierra walks in and tells him yes, Lucy is at home. Rafael quickly leaves and Lucinda barks at him to rethink going to see her. Sierra tells Lucinda that she shouldn't be interfering, but Lucinda responds, telling her that everyone needs help sometimes. The two begin to talk about Worldwide, and Lucinda tells her there is an urgent need for Lucinda to come to Worldwide and work for her.

J.J. is short with Carly when she offers to get them milk to go with their cookies. Jack tries to lighten him up by tickling him. The two of them make plans to see a Cubs game over the summer as Carly listens from the doorway.

At Memorial, Lily tells Luke that he should apologize for tearing down Holden and points out that Holden took him to the cabin. Luke tells her that Holden didn't take him camping for him, he took him there so he'd have a place where he could fool around with Julia. Luke tells Lily that he's not trying to hurt her, he's trying to keep her from being hurt. He tells her that he knows what he saw and walks out of the room.

At the farm, Holden tells Julia that he's feeling weird about getting together with her again, after all she's been through with Jack. Julia tells him that she's a big girl and Jack is history. She tells him she wants to stop worrying about the past and start worrying about him. She asks him if they're friends and adds that friends take care of each other, so he should let her do her part.

Allison asks Aaron if he can take showers yet. He tells her that he can't get his head wet and can only have sponge baths for a while. Aaron starts to imagine that Allison is giving him a sponge bath. As she's washing him they suddenly begin to kiss, and Aaron is jolted back to reality and tells Allison, "Maybe tomorrow." Then Allison suggests they watch a movie, and she starts to imagine the two of them; in her vision Aaron puts his arm around her and before you know it they're at it again, hugging and kissing. Allison, also jolted back to reality, tells Aaron that maybe they should just turn in for the night. When the two lock eyes Allison blurts out, "In the mood for checkers?" Aaron nods at her.

Sierra tells Lucinda that she doesn't know the first thing about running a company. Lucinda points out that she ran a country and could certainly handle Worldwide. She asks Sierra to help out because all Sierra's time has been spent worrying about Craig. Lucinda adds that she likes having her around.

Ben tells Jessica that he's feeling guilty because Bob is keeping quiet about him faking the drug test. Jessica asks him if he believes in second chances. Ben tells her that he's lost faith along the way. She tells him that miracles do happen, and Ben answers that he knows, he's seen some. He tells her that he didn't realize until now that the two of them were a miracle.

Carly serves Jack and J.J. the milk. Jack sends J.J. to Parker's room for a video game and asks Carly what's wrong. Carly asks him why he didn't call and warn her that he was bringing J.J. home. Jack tries to explain that it just came up and he didn't think that she was planning a romantic evening. Carly asks him how he can make plans for the summer when he doesn't even know if Julia will let him see J.J. tomorrow. Jack insists that he's staying in J.J.'s life. Jack tells her that he's trying to fix things by having J.J. feel more like part of the family. Carly tells him it is the most important thing for her to make things work with him. She tells Jack that she's trying. J.J. calls for Jack, and Jack goes to him.

At the farm, Holden tells Julia that he's not used to all the attention. He tells Julia that if he could have his marriage back the way it was he would, but it hasn't been that way for a long time. Julia quickly points out that she was there on New Year's when Lily stood him up. Julia tells him that she couldn't believe Lily would stand up the best-looking guy in the whole place. Holden explains how the two of them just grew apart after Rose died, and they were so busy with work and the kids. Julia strokes his hair and tells him that it's sad, because he deserves so much more.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucy asks Craig if he promised to donate money to Williams to get them to accept her, and Craig tells her no, it's because of her academic achievements that they're so happy to have her. Dusty (looking sad) listens to the two of them talk. The doorbell rings and Craig excuses himself to answer it. Alone, Dusty asks Lucy if she's running away from him. Lucy tells him that part of her would love to go back to the way things were between them. Dusty asks her if she would still want to leave if there were a way to make that happen, and Lucy tells him she can't imagine anything making her want to stay. Dusty, holding the ring in his hand, tells her that maybe he can give her a reason. Lucy tells him that even though she loves him she has a lot of growing up to do, and she's always the one doing it for someone else. She tells him that she's never been just her, and Dusty tells her that he'd never try to stop her. She tells him that she's going away to find herself and she thinks she can do that at school. Dusty puts the ring back into his pocket and tells her he understands. Rafael runs into the room and tells her that Craig said she's going away. Rafael asks her not to go.

Julia thanks Holden for taking care of things with Emma so that she can stay there. She tells him that she loves it at the farm, and moving around so much meant she was leaving her history behind. She tells Holden that the farm is like a real home, and Holden kisses her. As the two look into each other's eyes Julia tells him that she's never had a real home, but she always prayed she'd be able to give one to J.J. someday.

Jack comes down the stairs and tells Carly that he's sorry because he didn't know what she had planned for that night. J.J. calls to Jack, asking if the pizza is there yet, Carly grits her teeth when she hears J.J.'s voice. Jack runs back upstairs and the doorbell rings; it's Lily.

She tells Carly that she didn't know where to go. Lily tells her that Luke saw Holden and Julia kissing at the cabin.

Allison and Aaron, playing their checkers game, talk about being a regular couple. Aaron tells her that he hasn't been thinking about anything else. Aaron blurts out that he loves her hair and the way it smells. He reaches over and touches her hair; Allison quickly jumps up and tells him that she's going to take a shower.

Ben tells Jessica that what they had was amazing. His phone rings and it's Aaron, asking him for medical advice.

Aaron asks Ben to define sex, to tell him exactly what is included in the "no sex" limitations that Ben set down. Ben tells him that he can't have too much excitement. Aaron asks him to clarify because he's "dying here." While he's on the phone, Allison comes back into the room in a robe, and Aaron stares at her as she walks back out. Ben tells Aaron that whatever it is he's missing out on right now is not worth dying for. Aaron hangs up, but first he tells Ben that he's not sure how much of that he can believe right now.

Lucy tells Rafael that she was going to call him before she left and that she hadn't even told Sierra yet. Craig walks in and tells her that Lucinda and her mother are on their way home. Lucy tells Rafael that she might be home in the summer. Rafael tells her that he'll miss her. Sierra and Lucinda come in and ask Lucy how this all came about. Lucy asks them to help her pack and she'll tell them all about it. Lucy turns toward Dusty, who tells her to go ahead and that he's fine. Lucinda asks Dusty to wait because she wants to talk to him. Rafael goes after Dusty, pointing at him and telling him it's his fault that Lucy is leaving. Dusty tells Rafael that Lucy is doing this for herself, and if he cares about her he'll back off and deal with it. Craig, hearing what Dusty just said to Rafael, tells him that it looks like he needs to deal with it, too, and walks out of the room. Dusty stares at the ring he has for Lucy.

At Carly's, Lily tells her how upset she was when Luke told her about seeing Holden and Julia kissing. Carly surmises that Holden and Julia are alone at the farm and tells Lily that she needs to get out there right away.

Carly tells Lily that Julia set this whole thing up, allowing J.J. to spend the night with Jack so that she could be alone with Holden. Lily quickly leaves.

Sitting on her bed, Julia tells Holden that it's not fair that all the good men are taken. Holden tells her that she's a wonderful woman and could have anyone she wants. She tells Holden that he's one of the good guys, and for the life of her she can't imagine how anyone could take him for granted. Julia tells him that if he were hers she'd spoil him rotten. She strokes his face and tells him that each night she'd let him know how much she appreciated and wanted him. Holden throws her back on the bed and kisses her.

Allison and Aaron continue to play checkers. Allison makes a move and tells Aaron to king her. Aaron jumps up, pushing the game board aside, and kisses her. Allison and Aaron quickly move to the sofa and are kissing.

Lucy comes back into the room where Dusty is waiting to say good-bye to her. He tells her that there's something he wants to give her and reaches into his pocket and pulls out the necklace she had given him. He tells her that the necklace brought him good luck because it brought him her. He puts it around her neck and tells her he hopes that she gets everything she wants. Lucy cries and tells him that she doesn't want to say good-bye. Dusty tells her, "Then don't." They kiss and say "I love you" to each other. Lucinda interrupts them. Dusty tells Lucy to "knock em' dead," and Lucy leaves the room.

Lucinda asks Dusty if he asked her to marry him, and Dusty tells her that he couldn't. Dusty tells her that the whole world is waiting for Lucy and he couldn't mess with that. Lucinda tells Dusty that it was a gallant thing for him to do and says to him, "There's more to you than meets the eye." Dusty leaves.

Jack comes back downstairs and Carly is slamming things. He asks her what she's upset about and Carly tells him that Lily was just there. She tells Jack that Luke saw Holden kissing Julia. Jack questions if Luke really saw what he thinks he saw. Carly starts yelling at Jack to stop defending Julia. Carly yells that Julia is a lying tramp. J.J. is at the stairs hearing Carly yell at Jack; he starts screaming at Carly not to call his mommy names and runs back upstairs. Jack turns to Carly and says, "Damn it, Carly!" and runs after J.J.

At the farm, Lily is outside the door to the room Holden and Julia are in. She opens the door and sees Julia and Holden in bed. Lily just stands there staring at them; soon Julia sees her, and then Holden does, too.

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