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Allison is helping Aaron pack his stuff to go home when Luke arrives. Aaron questions why he's there, he should be in school. Aaron tells him it's not like him to cut class and asks him why he did it. Luke thinks back to when he saw Holden and Julia kissing at the cabin. Aaron asks if he's worried about their dad.

At Memorial, Julia gets a call from Jack. She hesitates before answering and tells Jack she thought when she saw the number that it might be Carly. Jack tells her he's sorry for what happened, and Julia tells him he should be, because Carly and Lily are trying to get them thrown out of the only stable home J.J.'s had in months. Jack tells her that she's not going to be thrown out of Emma's, and Julia tells him that's thanks to Holden. She wonders what they'll try next time. Jack tells Julia he's coming to the farm to see J.J. and Julia tells him she's not telling J.J., in case he doesn't show. Just as she hangs up on Jack, Holden walks by towards Aaron's room; she stops him. She tells him that she stayed to talk to him about what happened at the cabin. She tells him that making love to him was amazing, but she has no expectations. She tells him not to worry about gossip because she's not going to say anything to anyone. She adds that it was a beautiful night and they're friends, so he doesn't have to worry.

Carly sees Jack putting his coat on and asks him if he's going out. Sarcastically, Jack tells her no, he thought he'd wear his coat to watch T.V. She presses him about where he's going, and then he tells her he's going to see J.J., and Julia will be there. Jack tells her that he's going to do some damage control, although he's not sure what he can do because Carly won't even apologize. Carly snaps back at him that she'll apologize as soon as Julia does the same for kidnapping him. An angry Jack asks her why she doesn't get that she's won, he's there with her and the kids. Jack asks her what more she wants and Carly tells him he knows what she wants, she wants Julia gone. Jack tells her that if Julia goes then J.J. goes and adds that it better not happen, because he's not losing J.J. He tells Carly the sooner she gets that, the happier they'll all be, and he grabs his keys to leave.

At Al's restaurant, Sierra and Craig talk about Lucy and Rafael. Sierra tells him that she thinks Lucy is confused about her feelings for Rafael; they've been friends since they were kids, but now they've been intimate and it changes things. Craig agrees and adds that they're not kids anymore. Sierra tells him that Rafael is clear and that he loves Lucy, but she's in love with Dusty. Sierra is surprised because Craig seems to have changed; he's not doing anything sinister to try and undermine the relationship Lucy has with Dusty. Craig tells her he's sorry it took so long for him to change and actually thanks her for having him locked in the monastery, and then they hug. Jordan walks into Al's just as they're hugging. He stops and stares.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucy pulls away when Rafael tries to kiss her. He tells her that he loves her, and Lucy tells him that it's Dusty. She tells Rafael that she wants to get back together with Dusty. Rafael tells her that Dusty will not forgive her for making love to him, and Lucy tells him that Dusty won't forgive her for loving Rafael.

Lucinda goes to see Dusty at Metro. She talks a mile a minute, telling him she can think of dozens of reasons that he and Lucy should be together. Dusty tells her he needs her advice and pulls out two engagement rings, asking Lucinda which diamond cut she thinks Lucy would prefer. Dusty tells her that he's going to ask Lucy to marry him today.

Rafael is thrilled to hear Lucy say that she loves him. She tells him that he'll always be her best friend, and when Rafael asks her to give them a chance she tells him that she can't pretend to feel something for him that she doesn't. Rafael asks her not to rule them out because she might change her mind. She asks him to leave because she can't talk to him about it anymore. Rafael tells her he won't pressure her and asks her not to push him away, because he knows he can make her happy.

Jordan approaches Sierra and Craig as they hug each other. Craig mumbles about the whole world wondering why they're embracing. Sierra tells Jordan to ignore Craig because he's just been forgiven and he doesn't know how to behave. Craig tells Sierra that he's going to check on Lucy and leaves. As Jordan joins Sierra at the table, Sierra asks why he's frowning. Jordan tells Sierra that he's concerned and Sierra tells him she doesn't blame him for not trusting Craig. Sierra tells him that Craig has changed lately and that she'll never let her guard down, but she's an optimist, and it seems that Craig has really begun to put Lucy's needs before his own. She tells Jordan that for the first time in years Craig deserves the title of Lucy's father.

Carly tries to reason her point with Jack, asking him if it's possible that she's right where Julia is concerned. Jack shoots back that her being right doesn't matter; the fact is Julia is J.J.'s mother and he doesn't have any legal right to J.J. Carly asks him to consider what that means, but Jack is quick to point out that he's got no legal claim to Parker, either. Carly asks him not to compare Parker to J.J., and Jack tells her he doesn't love J.J. any less than Parker. Jack tells her that Julia is angry and Carly is driving her nuts. He tells her that she is throwing fuel on the fire but Carly stops him, telling him that going after Holden and trying to keep J.J. away from Jack is vicious. Jack tells her that he asked her to help him so he could have regular visitation with J.J. Then he tells her that she's too jealous and shortsighted and he makes it clear that he's not going to let her or anyone else come between him and his boy. He stomps towards the door; when he opens it Lily is there. He tells Lily that if she's come to plot and plan against Julia, she shouldn't be there. Jack leaves and Lily asks Carly if he's still mad about the compass. Carly tells her that he is, and it's odd; usually he gets over things quickly, but not this time. Lily tells Carly that she went to the cabin to tell Holden about Aaron and Julia was there. She tells Carly that Julia was decent and accepted her apology. Carly tells her that Julia accepted her apology to score points with Holden.

At Memorial, Holden tells Julia that she doesn't have to do any damage control. Julia tells him that she has no intention of being the "other woman" and she's not worried because they are friends. Julia tells him that she doesn't want to lose his friendship and she doesn't know what she'd do if she did.

In Aaron's room, Aaron tells Luke that he knows it's been rough because Lily and Holden split up and adds that it's not forever. Aaron tells Luke that people take breaks all the time (as he puts his arm around Allison), but that they get back together. Luke acknowledges that it's worked for him and Allison, but not Lily and Holden. Holden and Julia walk into Aaron's room, Holden is surprised and asks Luke what he'd doing there. Luke walks out of the room, ignoring Holden's question. Holden goes out into the hall and asks again why he's there; Luke tells him he came to see Aaron. Holden tells him he should be in school and asks, "What's going on?" Luke then asks Holden, "Why don't you tell me?"

Jordan tells Sierra that he's glad, for Lucy's sake, that she's working things out with Craig. Sierra leaves and Jordan calls for Lucinda, saying he needs to speak with her face to face; he asks where she is.

At Metro, Lucinda admires the rings and tells Dusty to choose the square-cut diamond. Dusty tells her it's amazing that twice in one day the two of them have agreed. He thanks Lucinda for her advice. Dusty tells Lucinda that he's really thought about what life would be like without Lucy, and he knows now that the only thing that matters is that they're together. Lucinda sends him to talk to Lucy, telling him to do his thing.

Craig arrives back at the Walsh mansion and asks Lucy what's wrong. She tells him that she took his advice and spoke with Rafael and Dusty. Lucy can't believe that the man she wants doesn't want her and the man she doesn't want does. She tells Craig that she's miserable, because if she picks either of them she'll lose the other. Craig asks her about her feelings and what she wants, telling her that's the most important question.

Lily gets ready to leave to go to the hospital to see Aaron, thinking maybe Holden will be there. She tells Carly that she shouldn't go up against Julia again. Carly tells her she sounds like Jack. Lily tells her that she's got Jack with her and she shouldn't make the same mistake as Lily. She tells her to listen to her husband and not do something that will jeopardize her marriage, because it's not worth it.

At Memorial, Holden tells Luke that he's been out of sorts since the cabin. Holden tells him it's not like him to cut school and asks why he did it. Luke tells him he doesn't feel like talking about it right now and walks away, ignoring Holden's call for him to come back.

In Aaron's room, Aaron signs papers so he can be released from the hospital and tells Julia and Allison that he could buy a car for the price of his bill. Julia tells him that Dusty is taking care of his entire bill. Holden comes in and asks them if Luke seemed upset to them. Aaron tells him that he did, but he didn't give them any details. Julia asks Holden if she can talk to him and they go into the hall. Julia questions Holden about whether Luke is okay, and Holden tells her that he's not sure what's wrong because he didn't want to talk about it. Julia informs Holden that Emma went away for a few days. Holden smiles, saying that it's just going to be Julia and him; Julia adds, "And J.J." Holden leaves, telling her he'll see her at home, and Julia tells herself, …Unless J.J. has other plans."

Jordan tracks Lucinda down at Metro. Jordan tells her that he found Craig and Sierra together at Al's. Lucinda tells him that he's got to stick close to Sierra the next few days because Craig always does this when he wants something. Jordan puts the brakes on and tells Lucinda that he values her friendship and likes working with her, but he won't spy on Sierra. Lucinda tells him she gets that he's an honorable guy, but Sierra's life is at stake and Craig is a leech. Jordan tells Lucinda that Sierra doesn't see it that way. Lucinda tells him that Craig isn't capable of caring about anyone but himself.

Craig tells Lucy that the answer is not with Rafael and Dusty. He tells her to look to herself for the answers. Lucy tells him about the plans she and Dusty had, how they wanted to move away and start over. She tells him that she was planning on going to school, and Craig asks if she misses school. Craig tells her that no matter how much she loves someone she can't lose track of herself or her passions. She tells him she doesn't know if she can do that and stay there, and Craig agrees with her, telling her he doesn't think she can do that and still be true to herself.

Lily arrives at Aaron's room and asks him if he's sure he doesn't want to come home with her and Holden, and then corrects herself, saying with her. Aaron thanks her but says he's happy where he is. Allison kisses Aaron before leaving. Aaron waits outside the room, giving Lily a chance to ask Holden how he thinks their separation is going, and Holden tells her, "So far so good" and walks out of the room.

At the Snyder farm, Julia is going over flashcards with J.J. when Jack arrives. J.J. is thrilled. Julia tells J.J. that she needs to talk to Jack alone. Jack thanks her for letting him stop by. He tells her that they'll work it out and he'll handle Carly. Julia tells him that she knows how he handles Carly, he drop-kicks her, and she insists that she's not going to let J.J. get caught in the crossfire. She tells him that he should go back to his family and leave them alone. Jack tells her that he knows he hurt her, but he wants to be a father to J.J. because he loves him. Julia says okay, but if that's what he really wants to do he should take J.J. home with him tonight and see if he can really fit into the rest of his life.

At the gym, Allison arrives and finds Rafael weightlifting. She tells him that she's setting up Aaron's physical therapy sessions at the gym. Allison fills him in on Aaron's recovery and apologizes to Rafael for blaming him.

Craig tells Lucy that the last thing he wants is for her to go away, but he wants her to grab the world by the horns. He tells her that if Rafael and Dusty are truly interested they'll wait a year or two. She asks him what she would do if she went, and Craig tells her anything she wants, that she could work, travel, or go to school. She talks about attending Williams College but thinks she's too late. Craig tells her if she wants to attend Williams she can catch up and asks her if she wants him to make the call. He tells her it's up to her because, "Daddy's learned his lesson: don't push the Lucy." Lucy tells him to make the call.

Carly calls Jack's cell phone and leaves a message telling him that she's very sorry for their fight. Carly tells him she's going to do everything she can to help him spend more time with J.J. In her message she tells him that she's getting a babysitter so they can talk and remember how much they love each other. She asks him to come home because she misses him.

At the farm, Julia tells Jack to prove that he can handle Carly. She tells him to show her that he include J.J. in every part of his life, because otherwise she's going to have to rethink his being a part of J.J.'s life at all. She tells him to take J.J. home and show Carly what a great kid he is, and maybe things will get better. Jack wants to wait until the weekend, but Julia insists that they tried that and Carly tried to set her up. Julia tells him that Carly can handle being a little surprised at least as well as she could handle being accused of theft. Jack agrees to take J.J. home with him, and Julia tells him to go let him know.

Lily finishes signing Aaron's papers and Luke walks into Aaron's soon-to-be old hospital room. Lily asks him why he's not in school, and Luke asks where Holden is. When Lily tells him that Holden left with Aaron Luke questions if Julia went along. Lily asks why he's asking about Julia, and Luke tells her that she doesn't want to know.

Carly, sexily dressed, opens the door, thrilled to see Jack, but when she sees J.J. standing there she's shocked.

Lily tells Luke that if there's something going on she wants to know. Luke tells her that he doesn't want to be the one that has to tell her. Lily tells him that no matter what it is they'll handle it. Luke tells her that she and Holden are separated, and he can do anything he wants and she can't stop him. Lily asks, "Stop him from what?" Lily tells him that whatever it is he needs to tell her. Luke tells her that he saw Dad kissing Julia. Lily is speechless.

At the farm, Julia is fixing her makeup when Holden gets home and yells for her. Holden chuckles when he sees her dressed to the hilt with her makeup on and asks where J.J. is. Julia tells Holden that J.J. is spending the night with Jack. Holden comments that it's just the two of them, and Julia says, "Unless you have a problem with that."

At Metro, Lucinda tells Jordan that Craig will weasel his way back into Sierra's life unless they do something about it. Jordan tells her that he's going to respect Sierra's decision and repeats that Sierra believes Craig has changed. Jordan insists he's going to stay out of it and tells Lucinda he can not help her with this.

At the gym, Rafael tells Allison that he and Lucy got closer while trapped in the mine and that Lucy told Dusty about it. Allison tells Rafael that Lucy would be much better off with him than Dusty.

Dusty arrives at the Walsh mansion, holding the ring (in its case) in his hand, he says Lucy's name, and she turns to look at him.

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